I know that we are all inherently incredibly nosey and we like to see what others are doing and how they are doing it.  This can inspire us and whilst watching or reading about someone else’s success it can also make it abundantly clear that actually we CAN do this too.




A story of someone who used to hide away behind her business and brand TO someone who is more than comfortable being visible in her business. 

A story of someone who hasn’t ever found the tech easy and has accomplished all the same. 

A story of someone who’s gone from survive to thrive. 

A story of someone who’s passionately pursued her purpose. 

A story of growth. 

A story that has taken place over the last few years and as she’d say “we’ve done ok for a couple of fat lasses with laptops.”  

Kate’s Story

Let me introduce you to Kate Spencer.

When I met Kate Spencer things were very different for her.  I met her back in 2013 for the first time and she was waiting for the very first printed copies of her book Twelve Lessons to be delivered.

Here’s a little interview I did with Kate recently.

If you don’t have time to watch in (or you’re more of a reader than a watcher) then here’s a little synopsis;

✔️ Kate started her self employed work as an eBay seller

✔️ Kate’s success on eBay meant that she was able to make a good income from Oracle Card readings

✔️ Kate had great feedback

✔️ Then one morning eBay CLOSED it’s metaphysical category.

✔️ Kate opened The Lightworkers Academy

✔️The Lightworkers Academy HAD to go through a name change for legal reasons

Kate has built her business in spite of being scared at times, in spite of what could be percieved as knock backs and bumps in the road.  Despite that at times life kicking her hard.

During the time I’ve worked with Kate she’s;

👉 Dealt with legal issues surrounding the name of her business

👉 Been totally scared of live streaming & tech (but done it anyway)

👉 Moved house

👉 Her husband has suffered sight loss

👉 She’s helped and supported her parents through ill health, hospital appointments and much more

👉 She’s been the mum to a gorgeous daughter as she’s entered her teenage years.

WHY do I tell you this? Because I think that so often we look on at people and assume that it’s easy for them because of X,Y & Z.  We make our story one that’s much harder than that that others are navigating and we think that those we look up to are untouchable from life’s curve balls.

Kate does this whilst living a normal human life.

Kate does this even when she’s got other shit going on.

Kate does this even when she’s scared.

How Kate’s Business Has Grown


💡A Facebook Page with around 50,000 followers

💡An email list of around 1K

💡Income of around £2,000 per month

💡 An inspiration Facebook Page



💡 A Facebook Page (as at the time of writing this article) of 447,993 (796% increase)

💡Email list of 16,732 (1573% increase)

💡 Income that, whilst it fluctuates, has 10x-ed some months (annual income up around 500%)

💡An authority based Facebook Page

I know that some days Kate will look at her figures and feel that she could achieve more, I know that some days Kate will look at her figures and be proud of how far she’s already come on the journey.  I know that when we are so close to our own businesses that we often can’t see the growth.



✔️ Total Clarity On Sandra ~ Kate’s “ideal client” is called Sandra and we have spent hours upon hours really getting to know Sandra and we both have a huge level of clarity when it comes to who Kate is talking to in her marketing and how Kate helps them.

✔️Strategical tweaks ~ we’ve done STACKS of these over the years.  I want you to know at this point that it’s not about one grand leap, one grand gesture, one thing.  We’ve kept making small changes to Kate’s strategy so that they’ve always been implementable and never overwhelming.

✔️ Consistency ~ Kate used to roll her eyes when I asked her to deal with blogs/articles and newsletters.  Initially she felt that they didn’t make an impact.  Now, they are consistent and allow Kate’s crowd to access so much more information and build a deeper relationship with her (which not only is massively beneficial to Sandra but in turn shortens the buying cycle).

✔️ She’s done the stuff that scared her.  I’ve encouraged, cajoled and at times even bribed Kate out of her comfort zone.  When we first started working together Kate couldn’t think of anything worse than live streaming videos.  She was totally scared and I took the 90 mile round trip to sit with her as she conquered them.  Now?  Now she’ll happily jump on live straight out of the shower (she does get dressed first 😱).

Kate’s Most Recent Launch

The Life & Soul Academy has been Kate’s baby whilst she’s grown her business.  Starting it’s life as the Lightworkers Academy and evolving in many ways including it’s name over the years.

It’s a subscription product.  Let me just include a little note here.  Subscription products are, more often than not, the hardest product to sell within any business.  People are scared to make the commitment to a subscription and whilst stacks of my Rockstars see a low price entry subscription product being the easiest place to start in business that’s not necessarily the case.

Initially there was 12 monthly modules that people worked through, from their time of joining and everyone was on different pages within the process.  We have now evolved to the “Life & Soul Library” which has a HUGE archive of teachings, meditations, personal development exercise and more.


In October 2017 Kate’s Academy stood at 323 gorgeous souls.  It’s always been important to Kate that the Academy should help as many people as possible to navigate real life in a spiritual way BUT it’s been equally important that the groups don’t get overwhelmingly large.  Sandra doesn’t want to be lost in a sea of noise, overwhelmed and unavailable to part of a community in a meaningful way (that’s why we’ve ensured that the groups are kept small, it does bring more work but it’s totally worth it).

We scheduled in a promotional period for the Life & Soul Academy for Spring 2018 to ensure that the message of the Academy reached as many people as possible and we were able to showcase what it was really all about.

We spent lots of time prior to and throughout the launch plan making sure we were able to articulate both the tangible and intangible benefits of the community and giving people an opportunity to see whether it was for them or not, with clarity.

We worked on a focus but fluid launch plan (jeez I love those three words when we are looking at launch plans ~ focused but fluid.  It’s so easy to set & forget but you’ve gotta be involved in your launch and you’ve gotta make sure you continue to steer the ship that is launch communication in the right directions).

As with any launch, it was also important that there was an end date to the promotion period.   Kate was going to work her butt off and get really sick of talking about the Academy towards the end of the process and we needed to know where that end point was.  That allowed Kate and her audience to know that this wasn’t going to go on for forever and that this was a focused period of time so that Kate could give it her all.

The period of time that Kate was within launch wasn’t without incident.

I know that lots of people give up on launches if;

✖️ they don’t get the reaction that they had anticipated

✖️ life throws them a curve ball

✖️ they get sick and tired about talking about their product

BUT, when you are going into launch phase for 3-6 weeks then it’s unlikely that every element is going to go according to plan.  Life happens during that time and things you didn’t expect to happen do happen.

I really want you to know that.

I want you to know that despite what you see on the outside people are going through real life during their launch periods too.  I don’t say it for sympathy for anyone I’m working with who does experience life curve balls during their launch ~ I say it to inspire you to know that you can still launch & life can be happening too.  I say it because on the outside it often looks like people are having a smooth ride and you feel like you’ll never get that opportunity ~ it’s not always true.  I want you to take that and know that you can handle it.

We closed the doors to the Life & Soul Academy on exactly 600 members.  600 gorgeous souls who can be helped and supported by Kate & her team of mentors.  An 86% increase!!

What Can You Take Away From This?

What are the learning points to take forwards?

✔️ Kate Spencer is awesome (she made me say that)

✔️ Consistency is key

✔️ You don’t have to be fearless to build a business

✔️ Being committed to Sandra is essential (Sandra doesn’t wanna be used & abused ~ she needs tender loving care).

✔️ Stepping into your authority is very important

✔️ Despite curve balls you can do it.

✔️ Occasionally taking stock at how far you’ve come is ACE for reflective periods

✔️ Launches should be focused but fluid

✔️Strategic help will make growth easier and quicker

I love working with Kate and here’s to the next growth period! She’s lighting up the world and helping lots of gorgeous souls navigate their life, this time round.

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