Whether you are a tarot, oracle or angel kinda person you can most definitely bring together a profitable business supported by that there skill.

I know that most people who offer a card reading service under charge. They aren’t valuing their worth and they are spending time on each client for pittance.

I wrote an article recently about how you don’t need your business to defined by your skill set and how it’s more important that you define your mission – and then use your skill set in order to help the people you are here to help.

So, given that I know that lots of people who provide readings undercharge AND given that I know that they get wobbly about putting a proper price tag on something that they feel is a gift (and of course how can you ever make good money from a gift – NOTE – actors and sports (wo)men do ALL the time – but that’s a story for another day) what can you do in order to elevate your business.

It’s All About The Know, Like & Trust!

People will book readings with YOU and not just shop around for the cheapest reading if they know, like and trust you. I am not sure anyone jumps on & books a reading with someone purely because it’s cheap. If you are going to pay for a reading it needs to be good so, therefore, you need to book with someone who you have come into contact with already, someone you feel safe with, someone you know, like & trust.

How do you build that know, like and trust? It’s easier than you think as long as you’re prepared to be a little bit brave.

Start to gather your fans around you. You might do it by setting up your Social Media platforms initially and share words of wisdom and inspiration on your social media platforms.

If you are using platforms such as Instagram or Twitter then you might want to dive into using some of these hashtags with your post.

#sacredspace  #moon #moonmagic #moontime #moonsisters #goddess#oracle #oraclecards #yogagirl #spiritjunkie #heretocreate #oracledeck#pickoftheday #instablogger#instamoments
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^^ just a few ideas!

Some fantastic ways to showcase your skill set are card reveals.

You could think about doing these in a number of ways. You could do a daily/weekly (or however often you like) card reveal.

Here’s an example of how the wonderful Kate Spencer does her weekly reveal..

Another option is to do a guidance card. This could be done each day, week or month – where you pull the card and share the message. It can be done with an image and writing or by video. Check out Andrea – The White Witch doing her thing here >>Click here<<

You could do a spread – perhaps for the week or month ahead. Again, you could either do this by video or by photo and text.

I know that I tune into my astrology forecast for the month ahead over on YouTube – you could perhaps do a card read for the month ahead and use in on multiple platforms in order to help more people with your message.

Live video has also made it even easier for us to help more people. The lovely Trudie from Indigo Grace can often be seen popping on Facebook to do some live readings. During these she picks cards for individual people. Be careful to not be caught up in these as they will keep you on for hours and it will really drain your energy.

Check out Trudie doing her stuff here; >>Click Here<<


People will pay much more than you think they will for your skills. Even if you are psychic you aren’t psychic on this one. Move yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone on this one.

Making customers into repeat customers

When I go to my hairdressers she gives me a card for 15% off my next appointment if I come back in in the next 6 weeks – this makes me go back to the hairdressers within 6 weeks instead of leaving it 7-8 and therefore going more times per year. Could you implement something like this? Book your next reading in the next x weeks/months and get x% off?

Monthly readings – could you do a special offer where people sign up to a subscription and get a monthly reading each month? This will secure your income up into the coming months and allow you a level of guaranteed income as you enter each month?

Do you offer other types of readings? For example I could book in for a Tarot Reading and you could then let me know about the fact that I might really love a Soul Path reading?

Other Ways To Make Money?

Can you teach people to read cards themselves? Bring together a programme where you share your skills, your hints and tips?

Can you using your card reading skills in other products/programmes or services?

Can you design and create your own card decks?

Can you make money from recommending certain card decks that you love?

Some great people who are doing great things;

Kate Spencer
Trudie – Indigo Grace
Andrea Lancaster Witchery







p.s. The doors to Spooky School are opening really really soon! If you feel that you need a little more help and support on this one then please do pop your name on the wait list so that you are first to find out more….

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