Community – it’s one I always bang on about.

Community is really important in my business.  My business isn’t about me, it’s about the Rockstar Community and what a bloody awesome lot they are.  I know that community and belonging is utterly important to people and has been cited as the major reasons behind lots of businesses success.  In the fitness world F45 & Crossfit (two types of class/participation in groups exercise establishments) have become VERY popular as a result of people feeling part of something and the community aspect and vibe that’s goes on behind their 4 walls.


Can every business create community?

The answer is YES!

It’s about human connection, a common purpose, belonging and standing for something.  There’s so many ways that that can be part of a business.

I’ve picked some businesses that I’m personally interested in to showcase how community works within their business and do a bit of a mini case study on them.

Virtual Racing UK 

Sam & Vicky (a sister pairing) run the company Virtual Racing UK.  Their about page on their website goes a little something like this….

Well we are two sisters who forged our P.E notes at school (sorry Mum!) and never particularly enjoyed athletics until we were adults…late blossoming !
We certainly aren’t natural athletes and although we could both ride a bike and swim (of sorts), running and the idea of entering an organised run was certainly something we wouldn’t have done. Then we completed a Charity Power Walking Marathon together in a ‘not too shabby’ time of just over 6 hours and we started to think, “mmm can my legs go any faster?”.
The thing we absolutely love about Virtual Racing UK is the community it has created.  Our entrants are supportive, caring and driven.  We get so many emails and messages every day, telling us how you are getting on with your challenges and feedback on the bling.  
It is also amazing to see how this community supports each other across our social media channels.  Providing stories about your own experiences, words of encouragement and help when and advise when its asked for. 

There’s multiple layers to the lovely Virtual Racing.  There’s a sense of getting involved in something even if you can’t physically be somewhere at a certain time and date.  You can enter their challenges and sign up for their virtual races which you can participate in in your own time, in your own way, with no pressure whatsoever ~ it already feels mega inclusive doesn’t it.

You then have the desire for people to share their achievements along the way.  That allows Sam & Vicky to showcase their wonderful athletes and a support community envelopes around that with others cheering them on.

Add to that their Facebook groups for both their medals/challenges and their activewear which again is run in a way that’s connecting, engaging and super inclusive means that people can forge support networks, make friends and feel like they belong ~ even in a virtual world.

THEN the next layer is their support of charities.  We all like to get involved with things that have the added bonus of charitable donations.  From their entry fees (and some of their products) 20% of the fee is donated to charity.  A win/win situation and with the girls passion for supporting not just the big charities but those smaller charities that rely on fundraising then that’s an absolute HIT!!

The girls have done a great job of having a product based business (essentially retail) and creating a movement of Virtual Racers who have found connection and identity with the brand.

Love it!!! ❤️

You can find the girls here;

~~ Website ~~

~~ Facebook ~~ 

~~ Instagram ~~ 

Nudge Jewellery

Motivational jewellery made by the wonderful Gemma.  Gemma set up this business as a result of inspiring others and realising that she often used little quotes along the way.

A byproduct of Gemma creating such wonderful items has been people’s joy in sharing them, her engaging social media and lighthearted and totally relatable style.  The Nudge community want to get involved with what she’s got going, want to interact and engage with her work and want to see what she’s making.  This allows the word to spread quite organically.  I know that I’ve shared some of my Nudge Jewellery and friends and the Rockstar Community have become purchasers too.

The Community, I feel, feel hugely connected to Gemma, feel that her products are a massive inspiration in their world and therefore that connection runs deep, are happy to share their purchasers and tag her in and are also super supportive.

This is a community support that works for both the followers supporting one another and supporting Gemma along the way.

I ❤️ it.

You can find Gemma here;

~~ Website ~~ 

~~ Facebook ~~ 

~~ Instagram ~~ 


Taken from their website…..

TrueSapien is the lifestyle movement for those who challenge themselves to be the best they can be by releasing their inherent traits as human beings.

TrueSapiens reject mediocrity and refuse to be average, believing that a life lived in the comfort zone is a life only part lived.

Be TrueSapien and Challenge Life!

Modern technology means we no longer need to hunt, gather or fight to survive (well not literally anyway).

But are we in danger of actually DEVOLVING? By becoming creatures of habit, taking the easy road or path of least resistance at every opportunity, by following the crowd and languishing instead of striving as though our very lives depend on it, we are losing the innate abilities that made us what we are.

We should be inspiring future generations into action!

‘TrueSapien’ is the aspirational, omnipotent version of every one of us.

It is achieved by consistently challenging oneself to be better and by aligning with our natural traits, instincts and abilities as HomoSapiens to be at one with but also master of our chosen environment.

TrueSapiens use this high ground not for selfish gain but to lead by example, to inspire and encourage others, fearlessly, passionately and grittily to unleash their own TrueSapien.

A TrueSapien’s desire for improvement isn’t one that is egotistically driven.

A TrueSapien compares them self to their past self. Competition is advocated as a fantastic way to celebrate our capabilities but not at the expense of camaraderie. Encouragement is paramount.

We should be challenging ourselves to break through personal barriers rather than just taking what life offers us as we drift aimlessly along.

We should free ourselves from preconceived limitations. Set targets as high as we dare to dream.

Aim for the stars so that if you miss, you may hit a lofty mountain.

Now what a bloody rally cry that is!!! It’s a roaring and rousing call to action.  It’s a call to lead a life less ordinary and to embrace where you could actually go and achieve.  Anyone who knows me will know that this is a message I super resonate with.  This is a message I try to spread to each and every Rockstar I come into contact with.  It embodies my ethos massively and the fact that I resonate with it probably won’t come as any surprise whatsoever to you.

The fact that they state that ‘TrueSapien’ is the aspirational, omnipotent version of every one of us means that it feels that we too can be part of that movement.  We can be inspired to take that next step, do that next thing and not become sheep that follow along as life simply whips by.  

The fact that it’s based in a rally call and call to arms is absolutely central to this brand.  The provocation to (I hate this saying but it articulates it so I’m not going to sit here massively overthinking it) live our best life empowers.  A community is created around the common objective to show up and be all in.  It brings together people who want to challenge life.

Again, their community want to share themselves going all in, showing the qualities of a Truesapien and love to inspire others to step up and do the same.

~~ Website ~~ 

~~Facebook ~~ 

~~ Instagram ~~ 

Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

I’m aware that the businesses I’ve featured here aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’ve used business that I love and that have been part of my world.  There’s stacks of examples out there and if you have a certain business/niche/sector you’d like me to look into then shout up in the comments at the bottom and I’ll dive on in there.  BUT I wanted to show you some of the things that you can learn from these businesses when it comes to creating community.  Note that all these business are product based business (usually the type of businesses that are first to tell me that community doesn’t work in retail).  They ARE NOT the big boys with a marketing team and huge budgets to stick out there for advertising.

What Can You Learn Here Then?

🌟A common purpose allows people to come around you and creates community

🌟Encouraging your crowd to share what you do creates community

🌟Sharing what your crowd have shared makes them feel included and part of something

🌟A rally cry is a goodie

🌟Standing for something means a lot to the right people

🌟The people behind brands connect with the audience

🌟People ultimately buy from people

🌟 Connection and humanity goes an awful long way.

🌟 People being in a position to resonate with you is HUGE

🌟 Prioritising your crowd feeling part of something more than just them means that they feel included/part of something/supported/buoyed

🌟 You have to be super CLEAR! What do you stand for?  Who are your crowd?  How can you get them involved?  What can you do to create a supportive enviroment?

That’s lots of goodies that you can muse over.

My question would always be for you what’s my version of that?  You shouldn’t seek to be like other brands, you should ask how these principles can be done your way, for your audience.

The results of creating community

➡️A very different vibe in your business

➡️Your crowd willingly sharing you meaning word of mouth sales, greater organic reach & getting in front of more people.

➡️ Staying top of mind with your audience

➡️ An invested crowd are more likely to purchase from you

➡️ your products will be showcased by others

➡️ Money can be saved on advertising as they will be your silent sales force

➡️A warm fuzzy feeling for you that what you do matters

I hope that’s been super useful for you.

Shout up in the comments if you have any questions!

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