Quite a niche title for today’s blog, I think you’ll agree. 

One I wanted to share with you is about the impact that #hikeclub has had on me over the last few months.  I jointly founded a monthly adventure that is #hikeclub with the lovely Sarah Cornforth, Magickal Creatrix earlier in 2019.  I suggested that we went walking one day and, in usually Holmesy style I decided that it needed a whole personality and that even moved on to a tag line. 

Hmmmm, yes, that’s all lovely BUT what’s in this on for you?? 

Well, as an entrepreneur I’m guessing that you have found that an large amount of your time becomes utilised by being sat in front of some form of tech or another running your business.  For the majority of us that also includes being inside AND being sat on our butts.  

❎ You didn’t get into the whole being self employed malarkey in order to chain yourself to a desk, in an artificial lite room and beat yourself up that you weren’t doing “enough” now did you? 

Being outside is good for us, we know that, you don’t need me to tell you that.  From the gorgeous sun providing us with Vitamin D to a whole stack of nature therapy, cobweb blowing and moving our bodies we get sooooo many benefits from outside space.  Add to that, the concept of #hikeclub and adding in good company, business brainstorming/coaching and problem solving then you’ve got a heady mix that hits mind, body, spirit & business.  

✔️ a instant calm 

✔️ fresh air 

✔️ wonderment & curiosity 

✔️ nature (using all the senses) 

✔️ exercise 

✔️ connection 

✔️ exploration 

✔️ adventure 

✔️ reduction in screen time 

✔️ disconnection 

✔️ space 

✔️ inspiration 

✔️ quiet 

✔️ contentment 

✔️ sense of achievement

You can soon see the positive impacts it has on you.  Physically, mentally and socially #hikeclub is hitting lots of boxes.  Insofar as business is concerned then the impact just as fabulous.  Moving away from the coal face is super important.  You’re ideas and inspiration aren’t getting an opportunity to grow and develop if you’re simply working harder and harder.  Sometimes, you can’t see the wood for the trees.  Giving your mind space to wander and wonder is VITAL.  

Here’s what the lovely Sarah says about #hikeclub too….

Hike club is a promise to myself that I never fail to keep. This promise is evidence that I can take time out from my business, challenge myself, and watch my health and fitness improve as a result.

Building an evidence base of success is important to tap into during the times when I don’t feel quite so motivated or strong.

And with the added bonus of an awesome hiking budding hike club hikes are often a form of walking therapy where we both get time on the couch – metaphorically speaking. I always reap the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits for days after.

What Would It Take For Me To…….

THE best journalling prompt that will support you in soooo many areas of your life and business is “what would it take for me to……” 

So what could a #hikeclub or equivalent look like in your world? 

✔️ taking meetings outside, instead of meeting for a coffee why not met, walk and talk.  It doesn’t have to be long or strenuous.  Grab a brew to go and GO! 

✔️ walking networking.  I think that there’s stacks of place to take your networking into the outdoors.  

✔️ connect with some peers and implement a #hikeclub date in your calendar on a regular basis.  

You don’t have to climb mountains, you can walk in the park, discover local footpaths, meander by the river/on the beach or visit somewhere new. 

So, I’ve got some questions for you 🤔 dive into the comments below; 

➡️ are you inspired to get out in the big wild & wonderful world


➡️ would you like to walk with me?  pahahahaha 😂 written down that looks quite tragic! If I were to arrange some pop up #hikeclubs would it be something you would be interested in (and if so, where are you located?)