I am reving into school holiday mode.

It’s the last couple of days of term here at Rockstar HQ, coupled with it being the last couple of days as Boy Child Rockstar being a primary school aged child.  He’s ready to start a new adventure into secondary education, a big boy all of a sudden ~ but we ain’t here to talk about that just now.  Change might be the topic for another day.

School holidays.

They are what you make them.

When I first became self employed the whole school holidays thing was a thing! It was a thing because I’d allowed it to become a thing.   It was a frenzy of people telling me that I needed to be super prepared for the next six weeks and that I most certainly needed to have my shit together if I was going to be a successful entrepreneur over the summer.  I would need to a Mary Poppins kinda mother, a cut throat kinda business woman, as organised as the most organised PA you’ve ever experienced in your life.  I needed to be the facilitator of fun (shits & giggles) and also be able to do everything I did in term time too.

I needed strategy and systems coming out of my ears.

My right brain loathed the very idea of it.

My left brain thought it was a good idea.

I made it into a thing!!

I’d try to ease into that perfection state and I’d work most evenings as well as trying to wedge work time into little slots of time during the day.  I tried the getting up early thing but Girl Child seems to be attached to my body clock like a jump lead and she would immediately start the day earlier too.  I’d tell myself the story that I was “behind.”  What exactly I was behind I’m unsure and I would make all my work time bathed in an anxious energy of getting shit done.

Ack, well ~ a couple of summers went by that were heavily charged with this kinda energy and now I know that I need to do things differently.

It doesn’t matter what kinda energy you put into a circumstance or situation it is what it is.  Actually that’s a lie.  Untruth!!!  It does matter what energy you put into a situation in terms of how you experience that situation.  You can make it worse or you can make it better.  The actually situation remains the same but your experience of it shifts quite dramatically.

If you wanna make school holidays (or any period that isn’t the norm ~ going away on a trip, Christmas, downtime ~ whatever) more difficult then add those difficult and heavy thoughts and feelings to it.  Make it into a thing.  Tell yourself it’s overwhelming, it’s difficult, you’re juggling, you’re behind, you’re a fail ~ you know, whatever’s coming it for you OR decide that actually ~ it is what it is ~ and look at ways you can make it much more fun.

When I was in corporate world I had tasks that I would allocate as “between Christmas & New Year Tasks.”  We would work skeleton staff between Christmas & New Year and everyone took their turn.  These were tasks that needed to be done, with no particular time scale.  I now have Summer Holiday tasks.  They go a little something like this;

Tasks the kids can get involved in and help with ~ giving them a little glimpse into what it’s like to work, a  bit of ownership an responsibility.  I’ve obvs only included this one since they got older.  I started my self employed journey when Girl Child Rockstar was a toddler ~ that would have obvs brought about quite different results.

The no-brainer kinda tasks.  What can I do in those slices of time when the kids are having a bit of down time, whether it’s device time, watching a movie or they have their friends around.  It’s that time when they need me around but don’t really want me around 😂.

Where can I get child care and free up some more productive work time.

Where do I commit to NOT be working.

Work time | Kids time | Fusion time 

Then having focused tasks to do within each slot.

I don’t have to work every night if I prioritise the progress tasks, let other things sit until I have more time and just lighten the fuck up a bit.

Don’t waste your summer, some people are desperate to be in the position you’re in.

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