So here’s one I hear A LOT!

  • BUT my crowd don’t interact with me.
  • My subject is such that people don’t want to get involved on a public platform.
  • I don’t seem to be able to get my crowd talking.

Well, Here’s The Thing….

You’re probably going about it in all the wrong way.

Yes, I understand that the majority of people don’t want to spill their guts and vent their woes on a public platform and I totally get that – I wouldn’t either.

People don’t wanna say that they are shit at business and failing, that they don’t have any sales, that they can’t conceive, that they suffer with overwhelming anxiety, that they don’t feel good about themselves, that they have children who are struggle (or whatever it might be) AND THAT’S OK!

People don’t seek to draw attention to their plights.  This is to be understood & respected.  I know you know that!

So, what can you do?

Open The Door To Communication 

If you are talking about subjects that you know might hit a nerve with your crowd or that might leave them feeling like they’d like to reach out then open the door to communication.  It’s ok to say within your posts “I know you might not wanna leave a comment on this public post but please do feel free to message me via my Facebook Page or email me add in your email address.  

Giving them an opportunity to communicate with you in another way allows that door to be open wide and they can then make a decision as to whether or not reach out.

I know that those doors are open in any event but highlighting them and directing people into taking that action will rid them of their fears and make them more likely to open dialogue with you.

Ask Easier Questions 

This one is often frowned upon by some as being interaction for the sake of interaction but I strongly disagree with that.  I feel that if you can start to open the doors of communication with your crowd then you can start to build a community.  The answers to the questions will allow you to profile your crowd too (which assists when you are looking to bring together detailed targeting for Facebook ads and the likes).

Some of the easy questions you can ask;

  • Where in the world are you?
  • Let’s have some Netflix recommendations…

you will find 101 ways you can get those questions rolling in the book Social Media With Soul – How To Rock Your Facebook Marketing >>click here<<

These are questions that people can answer without falling into overthinking, without feeling like they might get it right or wrong, without any fear of judgement.

Make Sure There’s Something In It For Them…

This could be by way of a competition or it could be about your crowd getting something in return from their comments.  I posted a Facebook Post along those lines recently…

I see it work really well for those who read cards and do a card reveal weekly or asking people to comment up for a mini card read.

Ask Your Crowd For Help..

People LOVE to help! If you’d love a little help from your crowd to shape your content, products or direction.  Getting direct feedback from your crowd is good for you BUT will also allow you levels of engagement.

Here’s an example of one I’ve done recently…

It’s so valuable to get your crowd to help you shape your business and asking them what they’d like.

I also ask what people would like me to cover too. Helping me to help them!

SO, open the door and allow your crowd to interact & engage with you. It creates community and it elevates the know/like and trust factor.