When we talk about the various strategies that we need to employ in order to build our business people will often dismiss it as “tried that,” “yup, done that” but it’s often that they really haven’t.  Now, I’m not calling anyone a liar, liar pants on fire here because they think that they have actually done the stuff that they needed to, they have followed the recipe.

The first thing is that there is NO RECIPE! 

Business is not one size fits all.  I very often see people being herded down paths that make them feel incredibly uncomfortable, using strategy that really doesn’t suit them or their business, blindly following the step by step guide because that’s what someone told them they needed to do in order to build a big business.

Call me a maverick, rebellious or whatever you like but I’m not a rule follower and I’m not a teacher of rules.  Rules hem people in, rules make people feel like they have no options, rules make people blind to opportunities and rules are so often used as a stick to beat yourself up with.

I am about loose structure of the things that you need to have in place put building bespoke action plans that support you and your business.

Did You Really Do That Stuff? 

So, like I said this ain’t a call out of the liar, liar pants on fire persuasion.  This is because people go through the motions.  People pop something out there once and call it a failure if it didn’t immediately light up their audience, people give up, people hide whilst trying to do stuff and people do stuff that they are not in resonance with.

What Effects Your Outcome?

Only ONE thing – YOU!

What Effects The Way You Do Stuff? 

You are completely unique (I’m not using inverted commas there, I mean it!) Your vibe attracts your tribe – #truth.  So what is it that effects the way you do so?  It’s all about the circumstances you find yourself in, your previous experiences (both inside and outside of business), your mindset & attitude and what’s important to you.  None of us react to stuff in the same way.  I always tell my boy child Rockstar, there are only 2 things you can control >> your attitude and the way you react to stuff, other stuff is pretty much outside of your control BUT you will see massive differences in your outcomes if you are positive in the attitude & reaction stuff.

What has gone before shapes who we are, it shapes the way we think about stuff and the way we react to stuff.  We can’t change what has gone before but we can change the behaviour that we have put in place as a result of those circumstances.  It’s simply learned behaviour and any behaviour we have learned we can unlearn.  I know it’s not as easy as it sounds.  I know that we can put together patterns of behaviour that become automatic reactions.

Equally we can also react to circumstances in the way we think we ought to.  I saw this one recently. My website was down.  My brain said that I really ought to panic about this one.  I really should be super stressed and anxious about the inter-webby issues I was experiencing, people’s reaction was one of sympathy for the stress, concern and empathy for the hard time I was having.  I wasn’t having a hard time, I decided that it was a none issue.  I decided that I would do the stuff that needed to be done in order to get the site live, I would get my techie geeky gorgeous members of #teamrockstars on the case and I would simply let it be.  My worry wasn’t going to bring the site back any quicker, raising my blood pressure and getting angsty wasn’t going to trigger a series of events which would result in a public facing website magically appearing.  I made a choice to just let it be.

Limiting beliefs is the other little blighter.  I like to think of it as the wobbles and it’s effectively your self talk.  It’s the excuses that you make even before circumstances arise, it’s why you CAN’T do something or get the outcomes you want.  It’s that you AREN’T good at something and label yourself as “aaahhhh well, that’s simply not my thing so I shan’t even try my dear.”  Yup, you can give yourself that label if you like but if you wanna do it then that limiting belief doesn’t need to stop you.  I always say that if the wobbles are reverberating around in your head then the best thing to do is to write down what they are saying (this steals from them all of their power), then play a little game of truth or big fat lie.  Is what that wobble is telling you the truth or is it merely a fictitious story that has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Summary – so it might not have worked for you before BUT that limiting belief does not need to hold you back.  Take a look back at whatever didn’t work for you and ask whether you truly gave it your all, whether you showed up and whether or not you were comfortable with the strategy you were looking to execute (if you weren’t then you might have been playing out with paradoxical intent >>click here to find out more<<)  Once you’ve have a little assessment then check in with your mindset and attitude (because your business is all about what you bring forth >>click here to read a little more<<<) AND then commit to making it work for you, your way, with your energy and your vibe <3