Business Supernova

Shine Like The Freakin Supernova You Are Here To Be

I see you, I hear you & I know how super frustrating it can be to be in business at times.  Your heart beats for serving and supporting people with that epic thing that you do BUT right now you feel like you’re simply not getting it right.  The pieces of the puzzle feel fragmented, jumbled and chaotic.  Your don’t feel like you’ve achieved your flow.

Lots of entrepreneurs tell me that they LOVE & are ace at that thing that they do BUT the businessey bit just feels like it doesn’t make sense and that they have no idea on how to get hold of their business and make it the gorgeous, profitable, exciting, vibrant nurturing thing that they want it to be.  Instead they feel like they are growing a beast, there’s loads of things that are kinda half in place and they just wanna give it all a really good shake.

I want you to know that we can absolutely shift those feelings of frustration, fragmentation, angst over income and the deep feeling of unfilled potential and people left unserved.  We can break through these things and it’s absolutely possible, in a VERY short period of time to have clarity, confidence, flow, strategy, consistency, visibility, connection and an increase in sales.

The dream can be real..

FLOW ~ you know who you serve (and I don’t mean in that unclear, quick ideal client excercise kinda way ~ I mean you REALLY know), you’re connected, you’re tuned in and your creation mode is firmly switched ON.

CLARITY ~ now following on from the one above, you’re not randomly creating stuff, throwing it out there and hoping that it sticks.  You’re going to have a really clear picture on what you’re creating in your business and not just doing it to fill silences and because you’re panicking that you didn’t share something that day.

CONFIDENCE ~ just imagine for a moment, imagine that you go through the days and weeks not second guessing yourself, not overthinking everything, not scared.  You ARE standing in your power and ROCKING your thing!

STRATEGY ~ whoop whoop to no longer winging it.  Having your road map, that’s unique to your business, that means that the fragments join together very quickly and create consistency, cohesion and a business that you control rather than it controlling you.

MORE TIME ~ this clarity is going to mean FREEDOM.  Freedom in the way you work, freedom to create and freedom to not work such ridiculously long and laborious hours.  Making a BIGGER IMPACT in LESS TIME, now what’s not to love about that.

MORE INCOME ~ let’s see those graphs rise as you start to make the right offers to the right people and they bloody bite your hand off to work with you.  Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

What is it?

I get it, you’re dreaming of building that business, you know you can genuinely help people and make a difference in their world BUT you just don’t seem to be able to join all of the dots right now. You’re doing ok but you know you could be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. You could help more people to rock their world and you could make this business an amazing success.

Yeah, ok, there are some doubters out there that you can make this big but you know, you have a fire in your belly and a passion in your soul. You are going to be a Supernova Rockstar, you’ll make a difference, you’ll make some stunning profits and you’ll have such fun doing it all!

BUT we’re back to being bloomin stuck aren’t we?! How are you going to do this? How can you turn this from fairy tale to fact? How are you going to be seen in the market & get yourself out there in a HUGE, BIG ASS way (ok, so we don’t want a big ass – but you get what I mean!).

Coaching, Clarity, Community, Action, Accountability AND Results

90 Days to make HUGE Shifts

Confidence & Mindset Shifts

Visibility & Messaging

Strategy & Consistency

Income Clarity, Consistency & Growth

Before We Go Any Further

Are We Perfectly Matched? 

I work with entrepreneurs to help, support, guide and provide strategy which will allow them to achieve their awesome ~ increasing their income, stepping into their flow, implementing a strategy that works for them and feeling ease & grace with their work that impacts their world, the world of their clients and the world as a whole.   I’ve worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project, €1k in a day, £10k extra income from one idea, £2,270 per month recurring income in 30 days and a whole stack more.

I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cut approach or one size fits all.

I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, Mememe as well as being an Accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.

The stuff I’m going to teach in this programme is the stuff that I work with my 1-2-1 clients on and we are going to be approaching your business with gusto, with commitment, with progress & success being top of mind.

I created this programme based on what YOU NEED to know & implement in your business.  It’s holistic, it’s whole view and it’s intuitive ~ what does that even mean?  It means that we will craft and create your own Flow Plan, Your Profit Plans and your Business Strategy that fits you, your business and your crowd.

It’s gonna be hands on, it’s gonna be fun and it’s going to be SO worth it.

So Let’s Get Super Focused..

For the action takers, for the dream seekers, for those who absolutely know that they want to make a bigger impact, grow their business and make more money then let’s dive right into what this is all about.



It’s not for you if you aren’t committed to making a mega difference in your world, if you are looking to “get rich quick” at any cost, if you don’t want to work with the highest of biz ethics and integrity, if you want to hide or be average.

This programme is for committed soulful entrepreneurs who have values and ethics, who want to grow a brilliant biz, change the world of others and make a stonking profit along the way. They are happy to stretch their comfort zones, be brave and get stuff done.


MINDSET ~ not only will you have a mindset bundle that dives deep into what’s keeping you stuck in your business, where you’re getting in your own way and the practical tools to make HUGE shifts in how you think, it’s about aligning your mind to growth and making HUGE shifts into the business owner you are becoming.

CLARITY & STRUCTURE ~ rather than feeling like you’re winging it, running from one thing to the next and feeling confused and unclear, it’s time to embrace that beautiful thang that is clarity.  Clarity means that you can work with ease & grace.  Imagine never doubting the direction or actions you need to take ~ this is where we’re going.

EMBRACING YOU ~ no more hiding, no more worrying about what being yourself means in business.  Diving into how you’re showing up in your business right now, the stories you should be sharing and how you can stamp your uniqueness on EVERYTHING you do.

PROGRESS ~ Focusing on progress and not just going through the motions ~ what’s not to love about that.

I’m super excited to help you to dive DEEP into your business through the 6 months we will spend together.

The Juicy Bits

CONTENT ~ I am going to teach you my content webby methodology (this will impact your social media, your blogging/articles, your website copy, your list building & e-marketing) and will also allow you to create a system that you can continue to nurture and grow BUT that will help you to acquire more QUALITY followers, leads, and ultimately, CLIENTS.

SOCIAL MEDIA  ~ I love Social Media and I also know that it can be the BIGGEST headache for lots of entrepreneurs.  We are going to stop being a slave to social, we are going to look at the kinda content that connects with your audience and that has a purpose within your business.  No more random posting, no more posting for the sake of posting.  Imagine having a SUPER CLEAR structure and plan for your social media, be able to write your posts with ease and actually seeing a return on your social media efforts ~ YUP, that’s what we are doing!

LIST BUILDING & E-MARKETING ~ again, CLARITY & PURPOSE.  Not random freebies just to hit the freebies hole in your business.  We are going to create your free resources on purpose and have the clarity of where we are leading people with our list building and e-marketing whilst simultaneously providing the most amazing value to your crowd.

PRODUCTS ~ What do you sell? It’s time to make it irresistible to your audience.  This module is going to help you to get FOCUSED, CLEAR and bring together a product or product suite which is going to be hugely impactful for your crowd AND for you in terms of impact & income.

SALES ~ Sales with ease and grace!! YUP it’s possible and I am going to be showing you different models for sale techniques & strategy that you can use within your business (depends on the product, your audience, you and the impact you want to make).  I’ll be sharing tried and tested strategy that’s made my Rockstars five figures per launch AND hit six figure years in their business.

TEAM BUILDING  ~ As you grow you CAN’T and SHOULDN’T do this all by yourself.  It’s time to learn how you can pick the right people, start to hand over your baby and what the steps are to achieve a productive team that will help you to stay in your own lane and concentrate on the magic you create.

SUSTAINABILITY  ~ Lots of people worry that when they achieve a level of success it will implode and crash down around your ears.  Let’s look at your plans and execution moving forwards.  This stuff is GOLD.

What do you actually get?

CONTENT ~ you get a comprehensive members area with videos, tutorials, workbooks, cheatsheets and a whole stack more.

GROUP COACHING ~ there’s no hiding here.  We will be getting online, face to face on the screen and we will be reviewing what’s coming up for you in each module, cementing your clarity and making sure you have the action steps lined up and that you’re getting shit done.

COMMUNITY ~ a peer group that’s full of other inspiring business owners who will be your biggest cheerleaders, support network, collaborators and much more.

ROBUST SUPPORT ~ yup, I’ve totally got your back.  I’m going to be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY in this programme.  This ISN’T just an education kinda programme (yup, you will learn stacks) BUT it’s about truly TRANSFORMING your business.

Module 1  ~ Welcome In, GET SUPER CLEAR on wtf you actually do and who you do it for.  Think you’ve done this work before?  Think again because we are going to get a level of clarity here that’ll blow your mind.

Module 2 ~ Take Stock, what have you got in place right now.  What are we going to dump/ditch, revamp/reinvigorate and what pieces of the puzzle are missing right now?

Module 3 ~ What do you sell?  Stop trying to make things stick and lets get super clear on the creating something sticky!

Module 4 ~ Content Marketing ~ including your message and positioning as well as how to cascade your content to get the best from it and how to create content webs within your business.

Module 5 ~ Marketing ~ social media, e-marketing and much more will come into this module so that you have a strategy that fits you & your business and no more random posts, content constipation and sticking something out there simply to fill a silence.

Module 6 ~ Sales ~ we are going to talk about all sorts of models you can use for sales in your business.  In particular we will look at a variation on the traditional launch model which is going to stop the peaks and troughs in your income and the boom and burnout

Module 7 ~ Business Phases ~ understanding where you are right now in the seasons/phases of your business and what you need to be concentrating on in order to optimise your growth.

Module 8 ~ Team Building ~ who do you need around you in order to fast track your success?  How to bring together an awesome team, look after them and be mutually invested in one another’s growth.

Module 9 ~ Sustainability ~ how to create a sustainable plan to take this forwards in your business.


Mindset ~ SUCH A BIGGIE and we will be tackling this one head on.  No dilly-dallying around it.  This module will help you to achieve a HUGE hike in your mindset, confidence, self belief and will let you get out of your own way with ease.

Progress ~ this module is about how you actually get shit done in your business.  A real, hands on, module which is going to show you how to get your eyes in on the progress you want to make and how to be more productive and make it happen.


I’ve been working with Emma for the past year and it’s safe to say she’s helped me to completely transform my business!The business was doing well but it felt static and I knew that I was hiding in the shadows. Through Emma’s programmes and coaching I’ve been able to strengthen the foundations and get myself in a position where I’m ready to uplevel. I’m now part of Business Supernova which has pushed me to a whole new level.

The support from Emma and the others in the group is invaluable and the content in the Supernova programme is awesome. It’s not something you do once and then forget about! Business Supernova is the first place I look whenever I need to tackle something in my business.Recently I’ve been working with Emma to give my business a big push forward and the results have been fantastic! Over the past month alone I’ve launched new products, attracted new customers, grown my crowd and achieved my most profitable month of this financial year.

What makes Emma special is how much she cares, I really feel like she is invested in my success and, of course, she knows what she’s talking about! She’s also brought together amazing communities.

I have met so many people through Emma, I now have such a strong network of peers and friends, I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Beckie Coupe


I promise you that this is a program like nothing else out there. It’s going to help you to get from scared to savvy in no time flat if you are willing to jump in and apply what Emma has to tell you about building a business.

Emma has got the heart, vision and passion that can help you to move even the most mountainous blocks. She’ll hold your hand and help you to shine your light brightly on your own path to illuminate your purpose.

Working with her has changed everything in my business and therefore everything in my life, and the best part of all is that I am here – on task and on purpose, helping the people I am here to serve. Supernova changes lives – not just yours, but all of the people that are waiting for you to get your shit together and get out there in a big way.

Kate Spencer

It’s a fabulous programme, amazing support and a really high vibration. Emma is as always on top of everything and knows her Supernova’s inside-out and what they need.If you feel it’s time to step up and take your business to another level then this is for you.

Catarina Brandão

Yup, investing in your business is a scary thing.  I’ve done it throughout my business journey and I know the kinda things that come up for me every time I do it.

Am I making the right investment? You’ll know whether this is for you, trust yourself.  If you want to make that forward leap and not stay stuck then something is going to have to change and you are at the helm when it comes to ringing those changes.  Your bum might squeak a little when you make investments in your business and in yourself but without changing something nothing changes.

Will I fail?  This isn’t the kind of programme where the logins are going to gather dust in your inbox.  This programme is hands on.  I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and I have brought together a very delicate blend to ensure that the support is robust, but that you take responsibility for building your business.  It’s important that you have time to do your work as well as work on the future of your business.

Who Is It For? 

✅ coaches, authors, speakers, creative entrepreneurs, lightworkers, visionaries, leaders who want to embrace flow in their business

✅ you are ready to embrace change, step up, step in and take action

✅you are prepared to feel the fear and do the thing ~ you don’t have to be fearless but you do have to be prepared to embrace it

✅ you want your message to be heard LOUD & CLEAR

✅ you’re ready to step into your abundance and make more money, money isn’t icky and shouldn’t be a thing 

✅ you’re prepared to do the work, take responsibility for your business and enter a whole new phase of service & growth.

✖️ You’re invested in your stuck

✖️ You’re not prepared to make changes

✖️ You’re not ready to take responsibility

✖️You don’t want to make an investment

✖️ You want a cookie cutter strategy to just be handed and to implement ~ I work with you to create a bespoke strategy and YES it’s more work but it’s massively more impactful too

✖️ there’s no judgement but you’re simply not ready.

What Kinda Businesses Do You Work With?

Coaches, authors, speakers, creative entrepreneurs, lightworkers, visionaries, leaders who want to embrace flow in their business, who are bored of the BS that comes with lots of business advice out there and want to run their business in a way that feels SUPER NOURISHING rather than their business run them ~ whatever tag you have to place on your lapel, you are an awesome human that has something significant to share with the world and the blessing and gift is that that’s your business.

When Will I See A Return On Investment?

That’s down to you gorgeous Rockstar.  It depends where you are right now in your business, whether you put the work in and whether you’re prepared to do all the pieces (even the bits that scare you).  A return on investment is absolutely possible within the programme’s timescale if you step up and make magic happen.

How Do I Access The Course?

The course is run through our Membership Partner Platform Simplero.  You will get access to the modules on a weekly basis through the programme and be able to dive in as and when it suits you.

The live elements of the programme and the support will be run through our private, members only, Facebook Community and you will be able to submit elements of your homework for checking through a system we use too.

Can I Join At Any Time?

You can absolutely secure your place at any time for the next round of Supernova but as we work in such a robust way then everyone will start week one together.  You can register your place in advance but you’ll get started when the next round kicks off.

Do I Have To Show Up Live?

We totally understand that you have other commitments and that you won’t necessarily be able to make each and every live stream.  Recordings will be available for you to watch too.  You will get out of this programme what you put in.

How Do I Sign Up?

There’s lots of gorgeous PINK buttons on this page where you can sign up for the next round of Business Supernova

Are You Bored Of My Questions Now?

Absolutely NOT.  If you have any questions and you want to make sure you are making the right decision for you then head over here >>click << fill out the contact form, starting it off with SUPERNOVA SUPPORT and we will help you.

OK, so you’ve read the stuff and it’s now time to make a decision as to what you wanna do to move your business forwards.  I know that you’re ready to embrace the change and evolution in your business and NOW’S the time to take action.

We keep the intake limited on this programme because I wanna give you BIG ASS support and not spread myself too thin.

It’s a deep dive into your business, it’s transformational, it gets results.

“With hand on heart I can say that if I hadn’t of followed Emma’s guidance my business would be closed by now. It’s tough, especially when you’re a spiritual entrepreneur. You want to do everything from a place of love and money, admin work, business in general can feel really, really icky at times.

Emma gave me the opportunity last year to join Supernova, and if this opportunity is in front of you right now then I strongly suggest you take it.

You will never get the level of content anywhere else or the support for that matter.

Supernova accelerated my growth and it’s given me the tools to cope with the icky side of business.”

Trudie Core

I’ve been on Emma’s Supernova Programme for the last few months and it’s a programme that has massively moved me from a place of being stuck into really seeing my business blossom.

Emma’s teaching and content is so engaging and thorough (but yet all bite sized so it doesn’t overwhelm). Plus being part of a supportive community of amazing business buddies has been so valuable and made me stronger and feeling like a proper business person now.

Do not miss this chance to work with Emma. She has poured her heart and soul to this programme. It’s the perfect mix of business training and mindset mastery. If you are sitting on the fence jump off now and go for it, you won’t regret it

Claire Brett

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