Me, you, a group of other awesome heart-centred, soulful entrepreneurs for peer support and 6 months to transform your business beyond all recognition. Fancy it?

I get it, you’re dreaming of building that business, you know you can genuinely help people and make a difference in their world BUT you just don’t seem to be able to join all of the dots right now. You’re doing ok but you know you could be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. You could help more people to rock their world and you could make this business an amazing success.

Yeah, ok, there are some doubters out there that you can make this big but you know, you have a fire in your belly and a passion in your soul. You are going to be a Supernova Rockstar, you’ll make a difference, you’ll make some stunning profits and you’ll have such fun doing it all!

BUT we’re back to being bloomin stuck aren’t we?! How are you going to do this? How can you turn this from fairy tale to fact? How are you going to be seen in the market & get yourself out there in a HUGE, BIG ASS way (ok, so we don’t want a big ass – but you get what I mean!).

We’re going to get into Business Supernova.

Now, you’ll need to move quickly because we only open the doors twice per year

AND there are limited places each intake.

It’s not for you if you aren’t committed to making a mega difference in your world, if you are looking to “get rich quick” at any cost, if you don’t want to work with the highest of biz ethics and integrity, if you want to hide or be average.

This programme is for committed soulful entrepreneurs who have values and ethics, who want to grow a brilliant biz, change the world of others and make a stonking profit along the way. They are happy to stretch their comfort zones, be brave and get stuff done.

This isn’t a programme for gathering dust.This is programme for implementing and seeing your biz fly. This programme will accelerate your biz growth and the only limits on your success and income will be the limits you put there.

If you're serious about creating a sustainable business and shifting up a gear, then I'd highly recommend you take up this opportunity right now! Not only has my income rocketed over the past 6 months or so but I'm constantly being approached by others who want to collaborate with me. Terrific resources and massive support from Emma as always.

Gilly Woodhouse

Gilly Woodhouse


Tell me more about the programme you say?

Ah ok then!

This programme will be delivered to you over a 6 month period, we keep the groups small so that you have a true support group of peers taking this journey with you (no getting lost in the noise of big groups) BUT you can also become part of the overarching Supernova Community too (getting the best of both worlds) modules are all available when you sign up because I don’t think it’s right to make you wait for a particular topic until my agenda says we should talk about it and we will also be getting together fortnightly for a Q&A/Problem Busting Session.

What Will We Be Covering?

Module 1


Mindset & Fear

I’ve brought in a couple of friends to help you in this module.  We have helping getting over the fear using EFT and help with mindset using Law of Attraction & other spiritual principles and meditations. 

Sorting Out That Mindset

Side Stepping Fear 

Your Resolve 

Your Outlook 

Your Attitude

EVERYTHING you need to up level that head ???? 

Module 2


Your Business Structure 

We not talking about the boring legal entity or set up of your business here BUT we are getting down to the essence of your business and what it’s really all about.  Time to work out;

The Money 

The Mission 

Principles & Ethics

Positioning & Perception 

Opportunity Analysis 


Module 3


Your “You-Ness”

We need to get you in that there business of yours and we need to make sure you are totes showing up within your business, that your business reflects you & you are part of it. 

Who Are You 

Sorting Rid Of Your “Stuff” 

Finding Your Voice 

Boundaries & Burnout 



Prioritising What YOU Need To Do 

Module 4


Social Media 

We are going to be looking at Social Media from a much more soulful perspective and this module will also be updated with with IS working in REAL TIME to keep you up to date.  We will look at the use of indivual platforms as well as the strategy and concept behind your social media activity

The Energy in Social Media (and using it to your advantage) 

Relationship Cycles 

Primary & Secondary Platforms 

Content & Re-Purposing 

Scheduling & Automation 

A Look At Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn & Instgram 

Your Website 

Lurkers & Spam

Module 5


List Building & Emarketing 

Building your list is super important and part of the relationship cycle with your fans BUT I know that it’s one that lots of heart centred entrepreneurs avoid because it’s often taught with such icky strategies – NOT HERE!

Listbuilding – the big ass class 

What The Marjorie Duck Freebies 


Passive and pro-active list building 



Open Rates



Module 6


Content Marketing 

What’s content marketing all about? It’s about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that you put out there.We’ll take a special look at Blogging & Guest Blogging and how you can use them in your marketing in order to enhance relationships and propel your business forwards 

Content planning

Cross pollinating

How many ways you can use your content

Writing blogs and articles

Using Content To Establish You As An Expert 

Enhancing The Content You Already Have 

Using You Content To Bring New People To Your Business 

Being Found & PR Introductions

Module 7


Product Suite

Let’s look at what you are going to be selling and how it all needs to fit together in order to build your business 

How to work out your product suite inclusions 

How to know where to start & where to focus 

The considerations you need to give in order to achieve the longevity of the plan 

Brainstorming & refining product ideas

When products need revamping 

Module 8



Time to look at funnels BUT we ain’t going to be doing the icky, cattle herding type funnels here – must more soulful than that 

What are funnels 

How to implement them into your business 

Retro-fitting Your Funnel  

Inclusions & Considerations in the funnel 

Funnel costs & Return on Investment  

Design, Implementation & Trouble Shooting

Module 9


Advertising & Marketing 

We are going to be looking at the best ways to get your message in front of the people you were put on this planet to serve

How to advertising, marketing & sales is all COMMUNICATION 

In-depth (beginners to advanced) Facebook Ads 

Twitter Ads 

Other advertising platforms 

How to use imagery to catch attention 

The overall message 

Module 10



We are going soulful (BUT VERY EFFECTIVE) selling in this module, no pushy, no icky – heart centred and attraction selling

What is selling 

Why you aren’t selling as much as you should be 

Sales pages 


Positioning and Pricing 

Selling In The Relationship Cycle 

Module 11


Team Building 

totes adore #teamrockstar and when you are building a big business – yes you can do it alone BUT you can’t do it all by yourself

Working Out Team Dynamics 

Who Needs To Be Part Of Your Team 

What Tasks Need To Be Done 



Smooth Team Work

Module 12


Planning & Reviewing 

The art of taking a step back in your business and re-assessing and seeing where you are going 

The Assessment Process 

Who To Involve 

How To Consider Opportunities 

Where You Need To Focus 

How To Make More Money & Help More People 

I promise you that this is a program like nothing else out there. It's going to help you to get from scared to savvy in no time flat if you are willing to jump in and apply what Emma has to tell you about building a business. Emma has got the heart, vision and passion that can help you to move even the most mountainous blocks. She'll hold your hand and help you to shine your light brightly on your own path to illuminate your purpose. Working with her has changed everything in my business and therefore everything in my life, and the best part of all is that I am here - on task and on purpose, helping the people I am here to serve. Supernova changes lives - not just yours, but all of the people that are waiting for you to get your shit together and get out there in a big way.

Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer


Woah, Woah, Woah!! That’s NOT ALL!

Perfectly Podcasting

Should you podcast, what to do if you want to start one, how to structure your shows and what you need to think about. I’ll take you through, step by step the launch of a podcast show

Limitless Launch 

This programme takes you through, step by step, everything that you need in order to be decide on a digital product or programme topic/theme, through development, all the way to launching it out there into the big world! This programme has retailed at £97 independently

Soulful Social Media 

A huge, whopping, Social Media programme that I developed with the gorgeous Beckie Coupe from Infinity this bad boy will absolutely elevate your social media strategy.  We share with you the hints and tips that I use in order to continue growing my social media platforms and take you step by step through implementing them.  This programme has retailed at £297 independently

Revive Your Money Moxie 

Need to get back into making money quickly?  Got a bill hanging over your head or just simply lost your money making mojo?  This mini programme will take you through and navigate the mindset and money momentum strategy you need in order to see a positive impact on your bank balance.  This programme has retailed (without any support) for £10.

This programme is one kick butt, comprehensive guide, with group support to grow your BIG Rockstar, Supernova Business and not settle for ordinary

I've been on Emma's Supernova Programme for the last few months and it's a programme that has massively moved me from a place of being stuck into really seeing my business blossom. Emma's teaching and content is so engaging and thorough (but yet all bite sized so it doesn't overwhelm). Plus being part of a supportive community of amazing business buddies has been so valuable and made me stronger and feeling like a proper business person now Do not miss this chance to work with Emma. She has poured her heart and soul to this programme. It's the perfect mix of business training and mindset mastery. If you are sitting on the fence jump off now and go for it, you won't regret it xx - Claire Brett

Claire Brett

Claire Brett

Designation website

As always, I’m not going to promise you that the moon in made of cheese or that you will be a trillion/gazillionare by the end of this programme but I do promise you that if you implement all the steps then you’ll see massive results.


Let’s Do This!

"With hand on heart I can say that if I hadn’t of followed Emma’s guidance my business would be closed by now. It’s tough, especially when you’re a spiritual entrepreneur. You want to do everything from a place of love and money, admin work, business in general can feel really, really icky at times. Emma gave me the opportunity last year to join Supernova, and if this opportunity is in front of you right now then I strongly suggest you take it. You will never get the level of content anywhere else or the support for that matter. Supernova accelerated my growth and it’s given me the tools to cope with the icky side of business."

Trudie Core

Trudie Core


The Investment?  

The investment on this intake is just £597 (which can be split down into 6 payments of £99.50 per month OR 12 payments of £49.75 per month) <<< How AWESOME is that.  All that content, an amazing peer support group (small and perfectly formed so that it’s a fabulous place for you to grow) and fortnightly group calls with me #totalnobrainer



I also have 2 places available to upgrade the Supernova programme and include 1-2-1 support with me.  We will work together over 3 months, with fortnightly calls, my eyes directly on your business – keeping you moving forwards and keeping you completely accountable.  The investment for this is £2,250 (or it can be broken down into 5 payments of £450 or 10 payments of £225)



"I honestly don't know what I did before Supernova! It's completely shifted my mindset, upleveled my business and having support from such an amazing group of women is worth its weight in gold."

Beckie Coupe

Beckie Coupe


Why Work With Me? 

I Want YOU To Shine

From being a little girl my big dream was to be a lawyer.  I achieved that and my corporate career was one immersed in Family Law and I loved it, it was no Ally McBeal but it was pretty awesome and every day was different.  It hit my happy buttons as my work was truly making a difference in the lives of others.  It was a fabulous career until it simply didn’t fit anymore.  I had my kids and I was stuck in a guilt trap.  I would spend Sunday evenings until Friday evenings pretty much feeling guilty.  Working part time didn’t help either as I then felt guilty if I was at work because I wasn’t at home and guilty when I was at home that I wasn’t at work.

Life had provided me with a memo a few years before and whilst colleagues stood around the water cooler bitching and wishing I decided to take action – if it was working then something simply had to change!

I became self employed.

I did some stuff that, in hindsight, was never going to work.  Despite my corporate days, my ability to network and my grasp of the basics of marketing my initial venture into the world of self employed work was fatally flawed.

I knew that my desires remained the same as in my corporate days.  I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

In September 2014 I decided that she had a mission to undertake and laid down the gauntlet to spend 2015 growing a 100k business, without it ever feeling icky, without any tactics that weren’t completely aligned with me and without any of the ridiculous rubbish that seems to be increasingly the norm in online business. I was curious to know if it could be done without the cut throat tactics that I was seeing out there.  I was curious to know if in fact there was any “secrets” (<< there isn’t) and I wanted to move away from the whole – you can make a gazillion pounds working 3.6 seconds per week malarkey that was becoming the norm in the coaching world.  The Launch Queen was the brand platform for the mission. 12 months, 1 challenge, 1 result. The result? Building a 100k business, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

BUT, that business simply didn’t feel right.  It didn’t fit with my personality, it didn’t allow me a freedom to be myself.  I felt caged and suffocated.  In order to shine my light and be myself I needed to change and that’s where Coaching Rockstars was birthed.  Coaching Rockstars isn’t about me (despite this whole about me page), it’s about you, my Rockstars! It’s about the people that I can help and support and it’s about being a hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul >>find out more about what Coaching Rockstars is all about here<< 

AND so it is!

I have a wealth of experience in helping heart centred, soulful entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and build ridiculously big businesses and have help lots to launch online products and programmes to increase their income even further.  I have worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project which we achieved with knobs on! BUT it’s not about making stacks of money REALLY quickly.  Lots of back work goes into achieving these results and they don’t come with a grab it and go strategy #sorrynotsorry.  I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cut approach or one size fits all here.

I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club as well as being an accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist, Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.

It's a fabulous programme, amazing support and a really high vibration. Emma is as always on top of everything and knows her Supernova's inside-out and what they need.If you feel it's time to step up and take your business to another level then this is for you.

Catarina Brandão

Catarina Brandão


I have been on this programme too. The course material is comprehensive, but is broken into sensible chunks with different ways of learning (video, presentation, workbooks, exercises) to suit all styles. It covers mindset as well as "how to" which is HUGELY beneficial. And the private group has been like it's own mastermind group with support from Emma and all the other members - they are my biz family now. 🙂

Kathy Payne

Kathy Payne


So, now’s your time – whilst the doors are open there’s no sitting on the fence because there are only limited places available during each intake.  A bespoke mastermind community is formed and you will get lots of help & support from me along the way.

Time To Make It Happen?


OR Upgrade To Be A VIP