You might be ready to head into the brand spanking New Year with a roar or equally, you may feel a little flat after all the festivities.  Either way here’s some things that you need to know about the year ahead AND how you can optimise your business over the coming months. 

RIGHT ~ let’s get this bad boy out of the way first.  Your results are dependant upon the action that you take on a consistent basis – NOT what you do on any one given day, week or month.  You will not rise and fall by having a good day or a bad day.  

It’s important that you are setting yourself up for longevity and that you aren’t racing out of the starting block, like a whippet, at an unsustainable speed.  One of the things that I am a bit of an expert in is support business owners back from the brink of burn out or navigating their way out of the pit of full on burnout.  Burnout sucks and you certainly don’t want to be popping that bad boy on the agenda for 2020.

In order to be in a position to work at your optimum and to ensure that you are managing your energy then it’s a good ideas to; 

⓵  Have a look at your diary and before a whole stack of commitments and obligations start to wing their way in there I Rockstar Dares you to schedule in some time off.  I went to a seminar a few years ago where a super successful entrepreneur was talking about the fact that before he entered each year he scheduled in 100+ days off work.  I have a Wednesday scheduled in as a regular day where I don’t have client appointments and usually have the day off.  It’s also important that there are weekends that are set aside as non-working weekends and holidays.  You can kinda give yourself a holiday allowance like you would have if you were employed and pop your holidays in (remember, there’s no need for them to be approved by anyone 😉). 

⓶  Consider your working hours.  It’s really easy as an entrepreneur for work time to become all the time and particular if you work from home there’s no separation between the two naturally.   Granted there’s going to be times when you are busier than other times and might do the equivalent of “overtime” if you’re working on a project or something needs a little extra attention BUT on a day to day basis what are your working hours going to be?  What would it take to stick to that?  What difference would that make to your life?  Chances are you’ll get more done, and do less procrasti-faffing if you are tighter on your working times too 😃

Business Plans

Please don’t panic is you haven’t got your shit together and got a plan laid out, all pretty, for the next twelve months.  I know that you’ll be seeing stacks in your sight line right now about planning and planners and making the most of the year ahead but you ain’t gonna fail in 2020 if you don’t have a plan right now today. 

If you do that’s ace too. 

Insofar as planning is concerned I find that a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck in the planning stages within their business.  They enjoy coming up with all the plans but the execution is a different matter all together.  It might be that it feels like actually bringing it to life is scary or hard/outside of your comfort zone or stepping into the unknown.  I get it.  

When it comes to planning I LOVE (like with everything) to keep it super simple.  

I have an overarching plan for the year – not detailed, more of a broad brush sweep across the year.  I find that if you micro plan too far in advance it means that you become a little blinkered to opportunities, get bored, avoid any form of pivots and (if I’m really honest) it becomes a bit dull.  

I have a sketched plan for the next 6 months ~ so I have an idea about what I’m going to do when and what it will take for me to get prepared to roll into each month etc. 

I have a decent plan for the next three months ~ with more task oriented details included. 

I have a micro plan for the month ahead.  

A really good place to start with thinking about what you want to do across the year and to make sure that you actually have actionables to take away from it is a little 10 minute exercise that I’ve popped together for you.  You simply sit down with a brew and work through the stuff you need to start, stop and keep doing in your business.  You can get your copy here…

When it comes to deciding what you are going to be doing within your business then you need to be in constant consideration of; 

  • Crowd building (introducing new people to your business). 
  • Relationship forming (having those people become invest in your message and wanting to stick around)
  • Nurturing (continuing to support your crowd and deffo not taking them for granted) 
  • List Building (bringing those lovely peeps over to your email list) 
  • Conversion (taking fans through to being customers) 

It might be that at times you are looking at an individual element of the above as being your focus for a given period of time.  It might be that on occasions you are working in more than one area.  

BUT keep all 5 ideas in mind as you’re working on what needs doing in your business. 

Communication is key.  You have permission to ditch the word “marketing” if you’d like and instead swap it for connection & communication as this may just set you free to develop and evolve the relationships you have with your audience.  

I will do specific articles to support you with the different areas BUT if there’s something particular you’d like a hand with quickly then dive into the comments below and I’ll point you in the right direction 😉


I am a HUGE advocate of person centric business and that you are the biggest asset within your business. 

You are the heart of your business. 

You are what makes it tick. 

You are the difference. 

You are the magnet. 

YOU have a responsibility to make sure you are in tip top condition so that this business can thrive. 

If you’ve not had your hands on it yet then you might just wanna get hold of the Tip Top Energy Checklist to make sure that you’re taking that there responsibility to look after you seriously. 

So, here’s to the year ahead. 

I am here to support you every step of the way.  As always do shout up if there’s anything particular you’d like me to cover. 

Here’s to a stonker of a year 🙌

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