Let me introduce you to Kat Reynolds.  Kat is an insanely talented entrepreneur who is (and I believe has always been) a dab hand at website development & strategy.  A rare gift of both being a truly creative whimsical muse coupled with an absolute tech geek Kat not only creates beautiful websites but she creates beautiful websites that WORK.  

I have worked with Kat for a number of years and she has also worked with a heap of my gorgeous Rockstars.  One of Kat’s website currently has a bounce rate of less than 2% (yup, that’s not a typo, TWO percent) on a consistent basis.  

So, she can design the website (that looks pretty & works) but injects the strategy to ensure that your website thrives and is pivotal in your marketing strategy and business progress.  

Take a watch of her wee video….

Kat has been in business for around 8 years as The Business Beautican and has encountered some trickier times to navigate over recent years (which she explains in the video) that have lead her to burnout, losing her confidence and her business in need of a little CPR.  

Fastforward ⏩ 6 months and everything has changed.  

✔️  Confidence rocking (it’s palpable in the video) 

✔️  Income resurrected 

✔️  £10K + launch in the page 

✔️  An easeful path to her next launch 

✔️  A nicer attitude towards herself when things come up and she needs to place her attention elsewhere 

✔️ Only taking on work she adores 

✔️  Helping more people 

✔️  A plan for continued growth & development 

The transformation is huge (but not unexpected 😉).  Let her story show you what’s possible, inspire you to know that you don’t need to hustle and churn and compromise yourself.  

Step by step to success! 


In A Wee Bit Of A Kerfuffle Over Your Business Growth?

You don’t have to do it all by yourself! It’s not about struggling through, then beating yourself up, then becoming apathetic and then the cycle recommencing.  

Check out how you can get a wee bit of help..

I have followed Emma for about 3 years and started working with her at the beginning of January 2020.

I had big plans and someone with a no BS approach to help me with weekly accountability to move forward. You can be so busy working IN the business that you do not take the time to work ON the business. Accountability is incredibly powerful as it is amazing what you do when someone is watching.

Emma is a power house is incredibly intuitive and gifted with knowing the right thing for you and your business at that time. She is also a Life Path 1 in numerology 🙂 so she gets me on a deeper energetic level.

With Emma’s support I am moving forward in my business by keeping an eye on the bigger prizes. Emma is insightful, quick, supportive and makes sure you look after you when you need to! her inner circle mastermind is a supportive place to ask anything and someone knows the answers – saving lots of time so you can move forward. Thank you for all your support. Jo Soley

Jo Soley

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