Ok, so here’s the thing! I hear it such a lot.  People feel like that are just mastering getting some interaction on Facebook, their general posts are starting to see some traction BUT then the minute they try to drive traffic to their website BOOM it falls flat on it’s butt.

The thing is that the Facebook algorithm wants people to stay on Facebook and the minute that you are trying to send people elsewhere then the algorithm has a warning, caution bell that ding, ding, dings!

Now, this is not to say that you can’t get eyes on your links (regardless of whether they are blog posts or links to free resources or paid for products), it just means that you need to be smarter and more strategic AND sometimes, yes, #sorrynotsorry, there will be occasions when you need to pay to get more eyes on the prize my dear.

So, what can you do in order to make the best of the content you share on Facebook with external links?

Make sure you are posting it to show it off to it’s best advantage is the first thing!

  1. You need to make sure your image with the blog is good and isn’t featuring as a small side image but as an ad sized image.
  2. You need to have a good blog name. Make sure that the headline & exert that is coming over from your blog is showing your content to it’s very best
  3. You need to add some text to the post as a teaser.
  4. You need to have a CTA

Check out this little video to show you how…..

A BLOG POST ISN’T A ONE TIME ONLY POST –  remember that you can share your blog posts at different times of day and see whether or not you can boost the reach on the article.

REMEMBER that you can pay as little as £1/$1 to boost your content to the followers of your page.  Be strategic on the things that you boost and that you want your crowd to get their eyes on.  Remember that you can capture those people on a Facebook Pixel and you can retarget them with other things.

BLOGS/ARTICLES are a great content type to promote to a cold audience too.  You don’t need to just promote your blog content to your followers BUT you can also showcase your best blogs to people who are not yet part of your community.

MAKE SURE your content is EPIC & not to be missed as this will mean that people will be more inclined to click next time they see it.

DRIVE TRAFFIC to the blog from different places too.  Remember that you can also use other Social Media Platforms to drive traffic to your blog and you can also send it out in your newsletter to your existing subscribers.

PEOPLE WILL COME ACROSS IT ORGANICALLY if you get your SEO right and you make sure you are doing the things that you need to do in so far as keeping your blogs visible through the search engines >> click here to read more about how you can improve your SEO 

You can get more eyes on your content and it’ll only take a few little tweaks! Nothing massively complicated, just tweak what you’re already doing!