Growing your business is reliant upon you bring together lots of individual fans into a crowd of raving fans.  Making sure you nurture that crowd is sooooo important in your online business.

So who is your crowd?

Your crowd is made of your fans.  Lots of individuals who come together who LOVE what you do.  You know, the people who follow you on Social Media, read your blog and receive your newsletter.  They are the people who are interested in what you do, how you can help them and what you have to offer.

The First Step Is To Define Who You Want In Your Crowd.

This is the ideal client concept.  If you have not heard about it before it’s important that you define who it is you are talking to in your business.  If you try to market to everyone the end result will be that you are talking to no-one.  Try to shout to everyone who could possibly use your products or services, who might just benefit will result in you just being too generic.  You will end up having a crowd that does not resonate with you, they don’t get you, you are just noise.

So, it’s important to get really clear on who you are talking to in your business.  Super clear.  Who is your perfect client?  Who would you love to work with all day long?  Who can get the most benefit from what you have to offer?

No, really who are they?

I hear people with really wishy washy definitions of who they are talking to.  They are talking to women who want to have good accountants – really!  Don’t all women in business want to have a good accountant.  No-one sets out in business to find a bad accountant!

Becoming super clear on who you are talking to will not only allow them to resonate with you, have a higher interest level in you and ultimately be the perfect people to buy from you but it will also result in everything in your business becoming so much easier!  Say what!!  Easier!  I am in for a bit of that!

Because you know who you are speaking to then you will be able to write newsletters, social media posts, free content, blogs etc with ease.  You know who you are speaking to, you know what they are struggling with and you know how to help them.  You can give them invaluable hints, tips and advice to get them unstuck and to make their world a better place.   It will also allow you to make marketing decisions with ease – will this marketing get me in front of my ideal client or not!  Would my ideal client even be on Linkedin?  No?  Then don’t waste stacks of time on that platform in your marketing.

I was discussing the whole ideal client concept at a networking meeting and whilst lots of the lovely women business owners had never heard of the concept before there was one lady who was using ideal client concept extremely successfully.  Her great hint was that when she needs to write for her business she sits down at her dining room table and envisages her ideal client being sat opposite them (I know, sounds a little crazy right!).  She would ask the question, out loud, “what can I help you with today.” What that does is get’s her brain into the ideal client mode, and allows her to start to  think about putting herself in their shoes.

So let’s dive in to the 5 things you can do to grow your crowd:-

1. Make sure that everything that you do in your business is aimed at your ideal client.

Speak to them directly and allow them to see themselves in what you are saying.  I often advise my clients to work with their audiences pain points, whilst that sounds really mean people will resonate with the difficulties they are experiencing.  I am not asking you to make your audience feel bad, guilty or bring up negative emotions BUT you showing them that you get their struggles and know how to solve them will spike their interest very quickly.

2. Take their ideal client profile and use that as the basis of targeting for ads on Facebook.

You can define the target audience of a tag to your particular niche.  It means that you aren’t paying for your ad to be placed in front of people who would not be interested in what you have to offer.

3. Give lots of free content.

Not only should you be sharing lots of free content on social media but you should also have a fantastic freebie giveaway for people in exchange for them signing up to your list.  I have heard it referred to as a sign up bribe but I like to think of it as a sign up present.  At first, giving away content may feel quite uncomfortable but it’s essential to increasing your audience.

4. Work on the “Know, Like & Trust” factor

Let your audience know a little bit about you and the way that you work.  I am not talking about spilling your whole life story but what it’s a good idea to let people know a little bit more about you.  People ultimately buy from people and love stories so let your crowd know a little bit about the fab person behind the logo!

5. Always nourish your crowd

Never (ever, ever, ever) abuse your email subscribers by bombarding them with sales emails or spam.  It’s important that once your crowd is gathering around you that you nurture that crowd, look after them, continue to add value to them and continue to build that relationship.

Remember that your business is made up of lots of individual relationships with your fans, your crowd is the collective term for all those individual relationships.

Your business will thrive when you bring new people into your crowd (if you forget about this element then your business will stagnate), nurture those relationships, engage those fans and then offer those fans an opportunity for further help & assistance from you.  It’s all about the Relationship Enhancement Combobulator.

Happy relationship building.







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