The lovely Kathy Payne has written a beautiful piece for you following our recent VIP Accelerator Conference. Take a little look at what it’s like to spend an inspired day with lots of lovely Rockstars…

Bog Roll, Balloons and Breakthroughs

  • a VIP Accelerator Day by Coaching Rockstars with Emma Holmes

In a nutshell. The VIP Accelerator was about bog roll, balloons and breakthroughs.

Not your average biz conference, eh?

Calling it a “course” or “conference” doesn’t come close to describing it though. My best description would be “A Powerful Exercise in Letting It All Go”.  It is the most powerful biz event I have ever been on. I’ve racked up quite a few.

It was hosted by Emma Holmes of Coaching Rockstars, who is my biz coach. And Kate Spencer who is Practical Spirituality Coach.

There were about 20 other women business owners on the course.

Bog Roll

The day got underway with an exercise in emptying your shit cart (sorry about the sweariness, anyone who doesn’t swear).

That burden of old wounds, past disappointments, toxic people, deep-seated fears … that is still being carried and weighs you down. We were given a handful of toilet paper and asked to scribble them all down on the sheets.

I scribbled frantically, already blinking back tears. I used many sheets.  Like YOU, I’m a work in progress.  In life. In business.

When we’d stopped writing, we listened to that song from Frozen “Let it Go” with closed eyes and feet planted on the vomit-patterned, hotel carpet and we imagined all those fears and hurts flowing out of feet and into the earth…let it go.

Even thinking about it brings back the tears that rolled and rolled down my face, totally ruining my make up and making my top all soggy…let it go. I wasn’t the only one.

Then I did let it go. I flushed all that shit down the loo, written on the toilet roll. A massive weight was lifted. I felt reborn.

Different? A little. Simple? Definitely. Crazy? Maybe. Powerful? Hell, YES.   Go on, you know you want to. Let it go.


Feeling lighter, our thoughts turned to hopes and dreams and we all agreed that it was sometimes too tough to make yourself a vision board of a gazillion pound house with a swimming pool – for example – and really FEEL that it’s possible for you.

Or change career.

Or make 6 figures.

Or take your kids to Disney.

Whatever. The. Big. Goal. 

The gap between that and where we start maybe is just too big? So we talk ourselves out of it, we give up, we stay small.

But NOT if you break your vision into stepping stones. We all pondered on our next stepping stone and what that looked like, felt like and wrote it on a tag.

We tied the tag to a balloon and LET IT GO.  Carrying our hopes and dreams into the sunny Manchester sky. With 20 other wonderful souls encouraging us to make the dreams come true. To the strains of Enya. It was so uplifting. Cue more floods of tears. Joy this time.

Different? A little. Simple? Definitely. Crazy? Maybe. Powerful? Hell, YES.   Go on, you know you want to. Let it go.

Apologies to any eco warrriors who aren’t keen on the balloon idea – biodegradable paper washed out to sea or let go on a windy day would have the same uplifting effect I know.

Who knew you can get such powerful, personal breakthroughs with a roll of bog paper and a balloon? Oh and some appropriate music.

Let’s not forget the other A-M-A-Z-I-N-G women in that room. All very different ages, locations, backgrounds, interests, circumstances… and all supporting, encouraging and offering help to one another so we can all achieve our life’s missions.

Powerful, powerful stuff, the sisterhood.

Lead by Emma.


Enlightened Emma, who encouraged us to be ourselves. To follow our passion and to make our mission to serve, our business. To really show up and shine.  The rewards will follow.

Her approach is inspired – no cookie cutter, one size fits all, sheep dip.

She spookily gets inside your head and biz and works with that to help you build the biz of your dreams. And we all have different dreams.

My main takeaways were…

  • Work on emptying your shit cart. 
  • Follow your dreams across the stepping stones.
  • Be at one with the sisterhood. You are never alone.
  • Business is as much about working on yourself and your own development as it is about the actual business …scratch that. It’s MORE about that.
  • Make your mission your business. Show up and shine.
  • And LET IT GO. 

Emma has arranged her next course when I’m away with the husbo.

Love, Kathy x

Kathy Payne is a Calmer of Hormone Havoc and Soother of Modern Life Madness with Women. She’s a Women’s Natural Health Coach.

Her mission is to help women take back control of our health, hormones, fertility, energy levels and wellbeing, naturally! So that we can live the happy, healthy lives we want. We can have harmony, not be all hormone-y.

Her special interests are cycles, fertility, hormonal conditions like Endo and PCOS, stress, weight gain, pre menopause, energy, menopause.

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