I had a conversation this week with one of my Rockstars.  One comment I wrote through an exchange on Facebook Messenger was;

People can be so hostile to change 

I think change is really important.  I think it’s important that we grow and we develop and it tied in with a quote I had shared this week too;

I know that with change always comes a level of resistance and that when we feel that resistance we mustn’t view it as a negative.  That resistance is there in order to make sure we think things through and that we don’t blindly sprint off into change for changes sake or change which is motivated by fear or desperation.

The resistance kinda works as a filter in order to ensure that we don’t charge forth without forethought.

I know that when I spend a little bit of time in consideration and contemplation my thoughts are always around – how can I do that better?  how can I reach/touch and help more people?  how can I improve?  I have written an article before about how I am super critical of my own work but why that’s a good thing – you can read that here –

This week I was considering my newsletter.

The purpose of my newsletter isn’t to “keep top of mind” and isn’t just a juggernaut of sales messages.  I want my newsletter to provide TRUE value and be something that you want to fall into your inbox.

Every Friday I bring together an email full of #rockstarfusion good stuff (so it includes business strategy, practical business tips, mindset, spiritual principles and much more) and on a Monday I have an injection of mindset and motivation, delivered to those who want that additionally, to start the week off in the right way (if you don’t already subscribe, I’ll let you know how to at the end).

I LOVE my newsletter and do get epic feedback on it BUT I made the decision that I wanted to make it EVEN BETTER.

I wanted to share with you the thought process I go through whenever I feel like something needs a little change;

✔️ what is that that doesn’t feel like it flows right now?  what could I do better?  where am I perhaps playing it safe?

✔️ write down what comes to you. Don’t be overwhelmed – if you have a list of things then that’s a good thing because it means that there’s loads of areas in which you can make progress.

✔️ choose ONE – yup just one.  Even if the list feels long then focus your effort and attention on just one area.  If you focus your attention on one area then magickal things can happen.

✔️ brainstorm – sit with a brew and write down what you “could” do in order to change it up a little.  Sit with it.

✔️ get some external input – I asked some of my Rockstars what they would like to see in this newsletter and took onboard their thoughts and comments.  The caveat here is try to get that external input from your crowd, you may well be thrown off piste if you ask people who don’t “get” what you do.

✔️ make some decisions – filter through the information you have to hand now, you have your own notes and input from people who love what you do. Remember – just because I could doesn’t mean I should AND keep it SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT.

✔️ Implement – ideas are nothing if you don’t take action on them!

Rebels and Rockstars Emma Holmes

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