So I am using this series in order to lift the veil a little bit on the stuff that we do here at Rebels & Rockstars and the thought processes that I go through & how things happen in real life. 

In this article it’s all about the Social!

I work with the gorgeous Beckie from Infinity >>click here to find her Facey page<< because I have found that a second pair of eyes on my Social Media is absolutely vital for me to achieve progression and a balanced view on what’s going on, what I’m doing and where I can improve.

For me, my Social Media is all about it being supportive, it’s about creating a community, it’s about sharing a whole fusion of advice that takes a 360 view on developing yourself & your business (I am passionate about helping you with business strategy, infused with mindset development & spiritual principles as well as empowering you to trust yourself, believe in yourself and know that there’s not a one size fits all in business). It’s important to me that my Social includes an element of real life, actionable advice, as well as things to get you thinking, things that make you life, things that motivate and inspire you and things that make you feel part of something bigger (because being a business owner can feel quite lonely at times).  I will not share content that’s purely there to spike reaction BUT content that means something to me.  I will always make sure there’s purpose behind everything that I post (less is more if more is just space filling shite).

Here’s some of the words that I work with when it comes to my social;

  • creative
  • empowered & empowering
  • no BS
  • more than guff & fluff
  • thought provoking
  • action enhancing
  • liberating
  • interesting
  • community
  • conscious
  • action based
  • inspiring & motivating
  • funny

You could perhaps take a couple of minutes to write down some words about how you’d like your Social Media to be, what words do you want to bring to the top of the tree when it comes to how you consider your social media and how your crowd receive it.

Social constantly evolves too.  You can’t think “ah, I’ve nailed that now time to move on.”  The landscape is ever changing and evolving and I could talk about algorithms (if you’re not sure what that is the read >>>this blog<<<) and adapting your strategy for a million years BUT I wanna focus on the thought paths here.

OK, so it constantly evolves and what that means is that it needs to be constantly nurtured and cared for.  I am SUPER critical of my social (as with all parts of my business) and there’s no harsher critic of what I do than me. BUT being a critic of your own work isn’t a bad thing (>>>there’s some further reading on that here<<<) as it means that you are constantly assessing your platform to ensure that you are providing content which your crowd want to see.  I suppose that I am mindful of my social media strategy on a daily basis.  I’m not planning too far ahead and I am always looking to mix my post types as well as the categories of posts that I am sharing.

If we look at post types you can consider;

  • An Image lead post
  • A Text based post
  • A Video post (either live or pre-recorded)
  • A Note based post
  • An Event/Offer (<< post types available on your Facebook Page)
  • A Link Post (so there’s a web link within the post sending people off to a different place)
  • A Shared Post (ethically shared from someone else’s page)

I then look at the types of content that I am producing – so this is more the substance within the content and includes;

  • Memes
  • Mini blogs (a longer FB post that’s almost article length)
  • Conversation starters
  • Vlogs
  • Personal/Behind The Scenes
  • Free Resources
  • Paid for Products
  • Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Podcast Promotions

^^^ to name a tiny selection.  I want to make sure that the platform doesn’t get stale and boring and that there’s a good mix of content on there for my Rockstars to get their teeth into.

I am looking at the stats regular in order to recognise what’s working, what didn’t work so great and asking myself how I can improve the content that I am sharing.  I also look to Beckie for further input as we see trends or if I think I’m too close – that’s coupled with a monthly report from Beckie about the strategy of the month overall and the impact of any new additions.

It makes it sound a little cold and clinical as I type this but it really isn’t.  We are in constant development mode to ensure that we can help the people I am here to serve and work with the Facebook algorithm rather than against it.

Here’s What Beckie Says…

We begin each month by taking a good look at the stats on the Rebels & Rockstars Facebook Page to get a feel for how Emma’s strategy is progressing and the areas we can improve or tweak to help build the Rebels & Rockstars community.  Although we take note of the key stats, such as the number of followers, reach and engagement, and how these numbers compare to previous months, the real magic happens when we dive deeper into the data.

I export the data from Facebook Insights into Excel, as this allows me to analyse it more closely and identify trends. I also spend some time adding more context to the data.  In particular, I label each post with a content category.  This tells us more than just what type of post it is (i.e. video / link / status / image, which is the information Facebook provides).  There are currently more than 20 categories, including things like mini blogs, conversation starters, video blogs, tips, competitions and testimonials.  We also add to and tweak the categories each month.  Adding this extra layer of information to the stats is really valuable because it allows us to pinpoint which content is performing best, what Emma should be doing more of and where there is room for improvement.  So instead of just saying, video is getting the best organic reach and engagement, do more video, we are able to work out exactly what type of videos perform best. Is it video blogs or video tips? Do shorter or longer videos work best? How do pre-recorded videos perform compared to lives?

Having analysed the data, I prepare a report for Emma that summarizes my findings and gives recommendations to consider.  The key thing here is that we have to put the data into the context of Emma’s social media strategy and the bigger picture of what’s happening on social media.  For example, we often find that link posts get the lowest organic reach.  On face value, we could take this as a sign to stop sharing links on Facebook.  However, driving traffic to the Rebels & Rockstars website is an important part of Emma’s strategy, as is helping her crowd with the content that’s she’s sharing from her website. What’s more, we know that the reason for the low reach is because the intention behind the Newsfeed algorithm is to keep users on Facebook as much as possible.  So rather than ditching link posts, our focus is instead on finding ways to get more eyes on them and make the most of click throughs.

This deep dive into the stats is a great way to start the month as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on how things are going and make strategic decisions on how to move forward.  If spreadsheets aren’t your thing, or even if they, you don’t have to plough through the data on your own.  Working with someone else means that not only do you have someone to do the analysis for you, but you also get a second pair of eyes on your social media.  You’re invested in your Facebook Page because you’ve been creating the content and engaging there but an outsider can take an objective view and spot things that you may be too close to see.

Being a second pair of eyes for Rebels & Rockstars also helps Emma to keep making progress during the month, not just when the report drops into her inbox. She’s able to ask me why something has not performed as well as expected and, vice versa, why something might have done exceptionally well. I can tell her if there’s been an algorithm change, how her stats compare to other Facebook Pages right now and we discuss ways that she can stay ahead of the curve.

I hope that’s been a super useful look for you at what we are thinking about when it comes to the Rebels & Rockstars social media journey ????






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