I’ve been working with the gorgeous Kate Spencer for a few years now in the capacity of her “Business Manager” (we will go on to what that even means in a minute.

In the time that we have worked together we have seen her business grow exponentially – her Facebook Platform has grown four fold and now sits with 426k likers.  Her income has hit over 5 figures on lots of occasions (from about £2k per month) and she’s HELPING STACKS MORE PEOPLE.

When I first starting working with Kate she was branded as the Lightworkers Academy.  This was a beautiful brand but she was absolutely hiding behind it.  It was really important in those early days to bring her out from behind that logo and allow her to share her truth without being scared anymore.  It isn’t a process that happens overnight and the Universe give her a great big shove to help her along the way.  I know that lots of people now look on at Kate & her platform and see an amazing woman sharing an amazing message and let me tell you there’s absolutely no fakery there.  She is exactly the same in real life as she is on her Facebook Page.  She brims with confidence but she will always be quick to let people know that it wasn’t always that way and she still sometimes feels the spikes of adrenaline when she’s about to live stream.

Kate hated video when I first started working with her and the prospect of live streaming anything brought about an outbreak of hives (metaphorically speaking) and rushing to the loo ( #truth).  I would take an hour and half’s round trip to sit with her and support her whilst she took the steps to get out of her own way and share her message.  She has grown in confidence and blossomed into the absolute superstar she is now (she was a superstar then, just a scared one).

So, what’s this Business Management malarkey then?  I’m with Kate every step of the way.  We rift ideas and talk more than once each week and we are in daily contact via messenger.  I am there to brainstorm, to look over things, to get her unstuck, to get her beyond wobbles (we all have them, don’t even be surprised ????), untangle the tech stuff, work on strategy and showing up, call her out, send her to the library to write a book (I’ll now take full credit for Twelve Lessons Later as I nagged her all the way ????).  I’m basically her right hand woman and helping steer the big ship KS.  BUT ultimately Kate is at the helm.  She’s the one who makes the final decisions on everything and she’s not forced into anything or manufactured to be a certain way.   We go through ideas, we see what does and doesn’t sit right and we craft bespoke KS strategy and we make sure it’s implemented.

Right, let’s get to the point of the article Holmesy!

I’m taking you a little bit behind the scenes of a business strategy meeting we had this week.  We meet at a central point and as Mums on the School Run we both set off after school drop off and we are both home for school pick up.  We spend the day going through our lists.  We both bring a list of things that we need to talk through and things we need to work out plans and strategy for.  We iron out any issues, we talk through any concerns.  We also bring together totally actionable plans that will make progress until the next time we meet.  We do this about once per month.  (we also have nice coffee and a “proper” dinner).

This week I buckled up and set off up to met Kate, me and my little Betty Blue – Fiat 500 chug off up the motorway.  I had a bit of a Sliding Doors moment on the journey as there was an accident on the road just ahead of me >>I talked about that here<<

So this month’s strategy meeting was ALL about The Happiness Map – Kate’s amazing new life enhancement programme which she is delivering with her gorgeous sister, Emma Thom.  We were looking at ways that we could reach as many people as possible with this life changing opportunity.  These discussions weren’t money or income centric, they were about the paths of least resistance to be able to help as many people as possible.

We sat with notebooks and scoped out 2 1/2 weeks of promotion time around the programme, we moved from our loose ideas to an actionable list of things that needed to be done (by both of us) and when they needed to be done.

Now, this map of promotion isn’t rigid or fixed, it’s fluid – we don’t blindly follow it for the next 2 weeks but it’s provided the framework upon which we can hang other things, share more help and support with her crowd and be reactive to what people are asking for.  I will keep plugged into the metrix to allow Kate to focus on the service and delivery.

We have 3 x plans for 3 x platforms with daily activity attached to them.

So how did the day roll?

????School Drop Off

???? Car Journey to meeting hotel

???? Big Hug & coffee

???? Downloading and going through the general to do list

???? Strategy rift, ideas, input of the types of action we could consider

???? Decisions

???? Launch Framework nailed

???? Lunch

???? Download of any further info and framework full refined and photographed so we each have a copy

???? Card reading ????

???? Drive Home

???? Quick Live

???? School Run

It’s important that you take time out to be able to reflect and take an overview of your business and be, both, objective and subjective.  I periodically do this with my business too and I’ll share how I do that separately.

Consider yourself having had a sneak behind the scenes.

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