I have been working with Victoria Lofthouse for a little while now, when I first met her she was a total shell of the woman who’s running her business now.  Victoria was stuck in perfectionism, procrastination, she was stuck and she was beating herself up at every opportunity.

I knew (and deep down Victoria knew) that she had masses of potential in her business.  Victoria is a virtual assistant and massively passionate about helping her clients and easing their load BUT what she was doing was making building her business HARD.

I could talk you through the transformation but I reckon Victoria can put it better;

Earlier this year I was stuck!


And not just your run of the mill stuck but wading through treacle kind of stuck!


I was super organised, business was doing okay, I was constantly learning and feeding my thirst for knowledge, I had lovely clients and on the surface of things people saw me as this super together, super organised business woman!


And I was, but I was being mean!!


Mean to myself!


I had totally gotten in my own way, so when it came to producing anything for my own business it would take me hours and conjure up all these icky sicky feelings I was being totally hard on myself…




I had no idea, something was stopping me – I was fearing to put stuff out there for a number of reasons:


I felt that why would someone want to listen to little old me


The thought of doing a Facebook live filled me with dread (it took me over 3 hours to do my first live stream which was less than 5 minutes long)


I was always striving for perfection, the thought of something done well rather than perfect sent me into a cold sweat!


Now I know that the term business coach means different things to different people but I knew I needed help and I didn’t want your run of the mill conventional kind of help either!


I needed someone different!


In stepped Emma Holmes from Rebels and Rockstars


Now, Emma is not your traditional style of coach, in fact, the word coach doesn’t even resonate with Emma.


We had a chat, and there were tears (mine, not hers) although I am certain that she felt every one of those tears with me.


Through her patience, support, guidance (not patronising in anyway shape or form) I slowly, slowly started to be and feel like myself again…


We worked on my mindset and confidence, she helped me rebuild that brick by brick (this felt like it happened quite quickly with Emma in my corner)


And, guess what…


It made a difference in my business and not a small one either…


A flipping mahoosive one!


Emma listened, held my hand, called me on my BS when my self-talk fairy took over and pointed and guided me in the right direction every time, even if that meant a bottom kicking from time to time!




  • More clients gained purely because I am no longer getting in my way and putting more content out there which is reaching the right people. Since working with Emma I have taken on 5 new clients!
  • Being more confident to the point now where I feel super empowered and like I can conquer anything that life puts in my way
  • Helping and supporting more people on my social platforms (and feeling totally comfortable with doing that)
  • Feeling confident that my business goals are now not just achievable but totally within reach (one of which I have already smashed)
  • Understanding that having a positive mindset no matter what being in biz throws at you can make all the difference in the outcome
  • And a good friend…

Because whilst she is all about helping and support business owners to get out of their own way – she totally invests every ounce into getting to know you and your biz!


So, in short, will a business coach help you?


Having a positive mindset is everything in business even though quite often it is overlooked, you become so bogged down in the everyday stuff, that can sometimes make you feel like you cannot see the wood for the trees.


It takes time to find the right coach, you want someone who empowers you to take action rather than just someone to tell you what to do (although sometimes, when your in that place of funk you do need someone to tell you what to do just to enable you to take a step forward, no matter how small)


Do your research – I had been following Emma for a long while and totally trusted her and her knowledge long before we ever started to work together.


Working with Emma is the best thing I have ever done for my business, it has allowed me to grow not only my business but also myself in ways I could never have imagined before we started!!


So, if you are looking to move forward or are in that place of drowning in that icky sticky stuff like I was, Emma Holmes is totally your gal to knock those self talk fairies into next week and get you on your way to a super successful business and a more confident you!!


So, here’s the thing ~ getting out of your own way can totally unleash a new way of working, a new zest for developing your business and a total change in your world.


Be like Victoria – Be A Rockstar

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