Vicki Nicolson is the brands (and beauty) behind Branding Therapy.  When I first started working with Vicki she was absolutely doing ok BUT she knew that there was stacks more inside of her.

Vicki is soooooooo creative.  She has a shit tonne (a real life metric measurement) of ideas BUT what was happening was that they caused her huge overwhelm, she had no idea where to start, which to implement or how to take them from concept to reality.

Vicki was also working on a time for money basis, which, with the best will in the world was limiting her income.   She had (has) amazing branding packages and works her magic on branding businesses, which in turn installs more confidence in entrepreneurs and allows them to elevate their visibility.

Throughout 2017 we implemented a “one thing at a time” kinda strategy so that she could start to see the wood for the trees.

We worked on the path of least resistance and we worked on ACTION.

It was time to remove the blockages in Vicki’s mindset AND to take some of those awesome ideas (which were helping no-one whilst they were sat in her head) and make some sense of them.

I introduced Vicki to a way of journaling and capturing her ideas which she wasn’t doing before.  She was effectively working with a full storeage inside her head and wasn’t able to see the totality of what she had in there.

We then worked on one thing at a time.

I encouraged her to put the time aside and to look at her digital products as clients.  To give them the attention that she would give one of her branding clients.

One of the projects we worked on was her Canva course ~ empowering her crowd to be able to bypass the graphic designer and to make stunning imagery for their business themselves.  She put a day aside, she recorded the videos, we created a launch plan and she’d sold 14 places within the first couple of days and 37 places in just 2 weeks.

Here’s what Vicki has to say;

Vicki made £10k + out of launching her digital courses and is now set to make multiple thousands per month from her digital products/programmes.


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