I have been working with Kate for about 2 ½ years now.  When I first started working with Kate, by her own admissions, she was petrified.  She had had an Ebay business reading cards and when Ebay closed down the metaphysical category overnight her income was gone.  One day a thriving Ebay card reader, with terrific feedback and repeat customers, the next day NOTHING.

Kate had set up her online business and branded it as the Lightworkers’ Academy.  She had an income stream in place but she knew that there was much more in her business and that the potential was bigger than it’s current reality.

Kate was scared of coming out from behind the Lightworkers’ Academy logo and I’d spent quite a lot of time, having conversations that were uncomfortable with her about the benefits of this.  She was resistant and that resistance steamed from fear.  It’s really normal to feel that fear and to be concerned about whether people are going to judge you, be mean to you, attack you (through the interwebby or otherwise).

We started off by working with where she was right now and adding new income streams into her business.  VIDEO was a biggie for Kate and we did spend some time together to nail the art of video.  I would drive 45+ miles to sit with Kate when she went live so that she felt the security that she needed in order to feel the fear.  You would not recognise her now, she’s now the girl that jumps on Facebook Live, straight out of the shower, with wet hair, every morning to do a live card of the day.

As Kate was finding her feet, her confidence was growing BUT the Universe was about to FORCE her to reconsider her branding.  She was going to need to embrace a new brand because the term “lightworkers” is a trade marked term (yeah, I know, I know).  There wasn’t any need for us to procrastinate over it, we knew it was her little shove to get on with it.  She came out LOUD & PROUD as KATE SPENCER ~ woooooo hooooo!!!

Kate would say that the biggest shifts that have occurred from working with me have been down to her mindset and confidence.  She doesn’t get stuck inside herself anymore, she doesn’t burn out anymore, she has the ability to show up and support her crowd without feeling scared and that there last one is where the magic happens.  Kate can now be authentic and relatable.  People can get to know her, she is able to truly touch their soul.  She is able to speak her truth without feeling compromised or scared.  She is able to help and support a huge number of people by doing this.

Kate has a platform of almost ½ million people now.  She had 1,000 Lightworkers in the beginning (yeah I’ll use the term).

Kate has multiple income streams.

Kate is now the CEO of her business rather than “kitchen table Kate.”

Some months Kate has 10 x her income from that she was making when we first start working together.

Be like Kate, Be a Rockstar

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