Be Like Karen – Be  A Rockstar

I first met Karen when things felt like they were all going terribly wrong for her.  She had had a stack of stuff going on in her personal world and as a result her business wasn’t feeling in great shape.

Her Ebay shop had closed and she needed a way to get back into business and fall back in love with what she was doing as it had become tiresome, heavy and quite frankly quite scary.

Karen took part in my Supernova programme, she made EPIC connections with other entrepreneurs in there and not only did she turn her business around but the personal development journey she has gone on over the last year has been transformational and it’s been truly amazing and inspiring to see Karen blossom and reclaim herself as well as a profitable business.

The shifts that Karen has had in her mindset are amazing, she now trusts herself, she has a whole stack more confidence in her own abilities and is therefore able to take action and make things happen.

Karen opened up new marketplaces and possibility selling her products by embracing Amazon as a selling platform but also by really ramping up her own website.  She worked tirelessly to get both both the website and the external selling opportunities up and running and in doing so fell back in love with her business.

Just before Christmas I got this little message from Karen.

Karen will continue to grow and develop and has crafted a business that works for her and that now makes her money!

Be like Karen, be a Rockstar!

You’ll find Karen here >>click here<<

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