I’ve known the gorgeous Beckie Coupe for around about 2 years.  Beckie’s a Rockstar! By way of full disclosure Beckie is now part of #teamrockstar and helps me to develop and evolve the social media strategy for Rebels & Rockstars.

I remember, casting my mind back those 24mths, that I was really impressed by the information that Beckie shared.  It was (still is) next level social media strategy but it was delivered without any of the ego and pomp that often goes with people who are promoting themselves as social media “gurus.”

Beckie had the knowledge, had the passion but wasn’t quite hitting the mark when it came to developing her own business.  She was the builder with a half finished house and, if we were really honest here, the confidence to work on her own house wasn’t quite tip top.

Motivated to make a change she became part of the Rockstar Community and my programme, Business Supernova, caught her eye.

But then she got scared.

She sent me a little message.  I totally got it.  I sent her a message back to say that she could absolutely have a refund if it wasn’t right for her and we also arranged to have a quick chat.  She agreed to give it a go and see how she got on.  For me it was about giving her the confidence of being in a peer community of people who were moving their business forwards and also being able to access stuff that I absolutely KNEW would help her to grow and develop massively.

She got her teeth in.

This was the result

Beckie has grown MASSIVELY (not in that way although she is a super tall Amazonian-esqe kinda gal) and has found a whole new level of confidence.  She’s about to release her book and I’ve had a sneaky peek and I gotta say it’s ace.

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do in Rebels & Rockstars without Beckie’s support and strategically input/sounding board for my whacky ideas BUT more than that she’s blossoming her business massively.

We had this quite fabulous idea about an innovative way that she could include another product in her offering.  It was SIMPLE but SIGNIFICANT and it has allowed her to grow her confidence, customer base, income and possibilities to a whole new level.

Investing in yourself is all about investing in your future self and allowing the future you to flourish into being quicker.

I let Beckie have a little read of this article before putting it out there to the world and this is what she said,

You know what a biggie is for me. You’ve somehow taught me or helped me to trust my own decisions. I was always asking for advice on every little thing or looking at how other people were doing it, and basically staying stuck. Now I know when to ask for help but also when to trust myself, make decisions and follow through



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