Whether you are totally avoiding using video in your business or you are scared witless each time you force yourself into it (which is infrequently) or if you’re super uncomfortable and that doesn’t seem to be going away then I TOTALLY hear you AND you certainly aren’t alone.

Video is a popular and very effective medium in the marketing world right now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon (GOSH, that sounded like a sense out of a REALLY dull blog didn’t it) ~ video is ace and it’s here to stay.

So, what are the benefits of video?

It accelerates the “know, like & trust” factor like no-one’s business. 

Business is about making connections and forming relationships and creating and nurturing those relationships means that you have to create a connection with your crowd.  It’s lovely to see the person, the mannerism & listen to the person behind a business.  It allows you to self select and decide whether or not that business owner is a good fit for you.  Insofar as service based businesses are concerned this is REALLY important because it allows people to see you, have a little taste of your style and create a real and genuine connection with you.  If you are a product based business it also makes you much more recognisable and memorable than a faceless business and if you’re a local business you can use the medium of video to create connections and let people feel connection to you, again, making you stacks more memorable than the faceless business.

It allows your personality to shine 

People get to see your individuality and uniqueness ~ an extension to above because that will allow you to attract the right people to your crowd and will naturally filter out those that aren’t a good fit.

It’s a great way to re-use content 

Have a blog?  Why not make a video out of the same content, I have some gorgeous Rockstars who read their blog on video and therefore create an additional piece of content from the same work.  People consume information & learn in different ways, some people love to watch, some to listen and some to read.  Take your blog content, longer and meatier Facebook posts and articles and turn them into video content.  It’s always good to make the most of the content you have.

You can add them to YouTube 

YouTube is the second largest search platform only behind Google and the third most visited website only behind Google & Facebook.  If you create video content on your business then you can add those videos to YouTube and open your business up to a new audience.

Lots of Social Media platforms LOVE video 

Facebook does love video content and has even indicated that they want to encourage people to enhance return viewers to their live streams (making it a little like a TV programme that people come back to watch over and over again ~ at Rockstar HQ we call that the “Bake Off Factor” ~ people tune in, they know when it’s on and don’t want to miss it).

Instagram loves video, in particularly in their stories.

Twitter has a live video feature through Periscope (which was the first platform to really throw out live streaming on social media in a big way)

Linkedin allow you to upload video now.

Video is the big consumable now and there’s stacks of different ways we can use it within our business

I know that that all makes little difference if you’re still petrified of them so let’s look at ways you can become super comfortable with video’s in your business; 

  1. Have you camera at the right height.  Don’t look down at the camera because it makes you look like you are looking down on your viewers.  Top tip for if you want to avoid a jowly look is to have you camera slightly higher and point it down > it talks lbs off you.
  2. Get your lighting right.  It can be as simple as having a desk table shining towards your face or invest in an cheap umbrella light from Amazon.  I think mine cost about £20.  You don’t have to invest in anything fancy dan.
  3. The likelihood is that the camera and microphone on your computer is sufficient – again, you don’t need to invest in any fancy dan equipment.
  4. Eyes on the camera rather than on yourself.
  5. Smile.
  6. Relax, yes I know it’s easy to say ALTHOUGH can be more difficult in real life.  The trick to this one is just doing it a few times. Once you have done a few videos you will soon get over yourself and relax right into it.  I find with lots of my Rockstars that the fear usually switches into enjoying videos and finding them MUCH easier than writing.
  7. Think you’ll forget what you are going to say?  You can use a teleprompter app and have it on a tablet device beside you or alternatively you can pop the key points you want to cover on post it notes and pop them on your screen to remind you of what you want to cover.  I don’t script my videos but if I have certain points that I want to cover I use the olde post it note technique.
  8. Remember, you are judging yourself much more than anyone else ever would.  If you don’t do them then you are robbing your crowd of the opportunity to get more help from you, you are not capitalising on your relationship building and you aren’t utilising the opportunity of fantastic reach that video can achieve so it REALLY is time to get over yourself!
  9. If you are using videos on Facebook then don’t use a YouTube link, always upload them directly into Facebook.
  10. Remember to add your videos to YouTube as it’s the second largest search engine in the WORLD and you can then have your own little TV show
  11. Leverage your videos.  A single video can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube and then shared on your website, on Pinterest, on Twitter and popped in your content library to use over and over again
  12. Batch record your “pre-recorded” videos.  For whatever reason (and I’ve never been accused of having OCD), I record in 5’s.  I will record 5 videos at a time, simply by changing my scarf, re-arranging my hair or changing my top no-one would ever know.
  13. You don’t have to head into live streaming straight away, practice with sharing some pre-recorded videos first.
  14. If you are still filled with dread about the prospect of video why not think about recording you doing something, or a screenshare kinda video walking people through how to do something until you get more comfortable with your face being on camera.
  15. If you need a little time to bed into video content then record 10 videos, just you and camera, without any pressure (don’t decide whether you’ll use them or not), just crack on and record them so that you get a little more comfortable in front of the camera.
  16. Avoid watching your videos back if you can.  I never watch my videos back.  We are always hyper critical of ourselves and often fall into being super mean to ourselves without just cause.
  17. Remember to recycle your content, turn videos into blog posts, use the same video on different social media platforms, turn your blogs and articles into videos ~ recycling is GOOD!
  18. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE >> be yourself, don’t worry if you stumble on some words here and there, don’t panic about chatting through things, just pretend you are having a chat with a member of your crowd.

I reckon that once you start doing them you will start to LOVE videos!

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