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Author: Emma

What Should I Call My Coaching Business

Eeeekk!  This one can be a BIG HUGE headache.  What should I name my coaching business?  Should you go for a snazzy business name or should you just use your own name? So here’s the thing – it’s not massively important. What is important is that if you are going to go with a business name then you make sure that it’s a name that is going to resonate with your audience and it kinda says what you do.   If you are going to go with a business name it’s important that you also get your own name known....

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Splitting Up & New Beginnings | A Review Of Postcron

Updated ~ June 2018.  I am not using postcron anymore BUT there’s a whole stack of information in this article which is still truly relevant and will help you to move forwards with your social media strategy.     It was time to break up and break ups never feel like easy things to face.  You sit with it a little too long.  It constantly niggles away at you and you feel like it’s sucking all the energy from you. It’s those little things, the niggles, the stuff that left untapped becomes a HUGE, BIG, COLOSSAL deal to you...

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