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Author: Emma

🎙How To Get Visible | Podcast & Show Notes

Welcome to this week’s episode of Rockstar Rebellion.  Today I’m joined by the lovely Karen Palmer from Flourish & Bloom for one of our Q&A stylee/coaching podcast episodes. Karen has been struggling with her visibility so we decided we’d dive into that one…. I also wanted to share this article with you to give you some more ideas about visibility……. ~ Simple Strategies To Standing Out ~ You Might Wanna Also Get Your Hands On The Visibility Bundle…. Social Visibility Bundle An exclusive FREE programme for my gorgeous Facebook Rockstars.  In this programme you’ll find Masterclasses on Visibility, Facebook...

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What’s The Point? | How To Restart Your Mindset & Find Your Mojo

“Ack, what’s the point?!?” I’ve heard is a gazillion times. It’s heavy and it’s sad.  It’s that feeling that someone has been swimming against the tide for far too long.  They’ve been battle against the current and if we are totally honest they are absolutely exhausted.  There’s spurts of work and enthusiasm that are then followed by frustration & a deep feeling of defeat. I could write this blog and simply say ~ “hey, lovely ~ you’re making it harder than it needs to be” BUT that kinda one liner isn’t going to take you any further forwards.  Perhaps...

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How To Make A Sharp Exit From A Pity Party

Oooooooohhhhh the Pity Party.  A party that you didn’t particularly crave an invite to but where you ended up being a host of your very own party in quick sand. What is a Pity Party? It’s a wobble that goes on for a little too long and leaves you feeling low, heavy, overwhelmed and questioning whether or not you can ACTUALLY do the stuff you’ve set out to do. Identifying It Any time you feel super shitty and you’re not able to shack it quickly then chances are you’re there.  Invite in hand, ready to be involved in a really...

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🎙Rifting About Social With Beckie Coupe | Podcast & Show Notes

Today I’m joined by the gorgeous Beckie Coupe from Infinity.  We are rifting around Social Media, what’s current and what you need to be thinking about when you’re bringing together your social media strategy. We have a good chunk of focus on whether or not you can set and forget your Social Media anymore…. Listen in If you love this then you might always wanna check out this….. Get Your Free Social Media Visibility Bundle Social Visibility Bundle An exclusive FREE programme for my gorgeous Facebook Rockstars.  In this programme you’ll find Masterclasses on Visibility, Facebook Strategy & Social...

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How To Love Your Business In The Long Term

If you have wobbles as to whether you love your business ALL the time then you need to watch into this video ^^click the video above and watch in^^  You can also get your hands on… Love Your Biz Journal Prompts If you'd like to get your hands on the journal prompts that will help you to get the bottom of what's feeling a little uneasy in your business right now. As well as getting access to this journal prompts sheet you will be added to the fabulous Rebels & Rockstar Community mailing list, you are free to unsubscribe...

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