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Author: Emma

🎙 Business Clarity | Podcast & Shownotes

Today I’m joined on the podcast by the lovely Jackie Elliott.  Jackie is a multi passioned entrepreneur who was looking for a little clarity in relation to the different markets she’s serving and how she can streamline her businesses in order to ensure that she didn’t always feel like she was fire fighting. As always, with our Q&A/Coaching Call Stylee episodes ~ not only do you get to have a listen in to what’s happening in someone else’s business BUT they’ll also be gold in there for you too. Dive on in and enjoy! Jackie did mention through the...

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Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Content?

^^^ Click Above To Watch The Video ^^^ This week we are diving in and talking about making the most of your content marketing. So many people get caught on the hamster wheel of content creation and are never getting the best of the content they are creating. The main take away points to consider are; Eyes On The Prize  When you put together a piece of content and pop it out there for the first time what can you do to ensure that that you’re cross promoting it on your different platforms and setting that piece of content...

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🎙Why You’re Not Making Progress | Podcast & Shownotes

It’s so easy to get STUCK.  The annoying thing is that being STUCK causes more STUCK.  In today’s podcast we are going to look into the reason why you might not be making progress right now and what you can do about it. Let’s dive in…. I introduced you to Potent Progress during this episode so here’s some more details if you want to find out more…. POTENT PROGRESS  I know that for so many of my Rockstars the last thing that they need is another programme.  They already know stacks and if they just implemented what they already know they’d...

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How To Deal With Copying In Business

^^ Click Above To Watch The Video ^^ Copying is just a big deal in business.  I can keep you incredibly stuck.  It’s time for you to have a strategy to deal with these times. It’d be ace if you’d subscribe to the YouTube channel here too >>click here<< Here’s the link to the blog I talk about within the video… ~ I Know I'm On The Right Lines When..... ~ I hope you found it super useful.  Please do shout up in the comments if you have any questions or there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover...

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