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Pricing Palaver

💰 Do you find yourself discounting your prices before the original price has even left the tip of your tongue OR do you avoid selling because you simply don’t want to talk about pricing? 💰   You’re not alone. Lots of people find the whole money/pricing/selling thing so super uncomfortable. It’s squirmy and it’s sweaty and it feels so intertwined with your self worth that it’s ridiculous.   I hear you!   Pricing is a filter. Pricing allows you to filter your raving fans and to value the time & products you have for sale.   It’s about fair...

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Do You Feel Like A Total Fraud?

I know that it’s a common one, people feel like they are out of place in their market place.  The self talk fairy wades in with; Why would anyone listen to you? You don’t know what you’re doing anyway? What if you can’t? You’ll be a big fat FAIL!!! Ok, so steady on there with your own, one person self assault.  It’s time we take a little step back and look at this one a little more logically.  Give your self talk fairy the rest of the day off and let’s get started with what’s going on here. Firstly...

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Be Like Kate – Be A Rockstar | Case Study

I have been working with Kate for about 2 ½ years now.  When I first started working with Kate, by her own admissions, she was petrified.  She had had an Ebay business reading cards and when Ebay closed down the metaphysical category overnight her income was gone.  One day a thriving Ebay card reader, with terrific feedback and repeat customers, the next day NOTHING. Kate had set up her online business and branded it as the Lightworkers’ Academy.  She had an income stream in place but she knew that there was much more in her business and that the...

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