Guest blog from the very wonderful Kate Spencer.

You can have the best product or service in the world, but unless you are telling the right people about it in the right way – you won’t be a success.

Ask yourself this – Do you want to be your own best kept secret?

If you are reading this I am guessing that the answer is no!

I know through experience that it makes no difference how awesome you are at something, if people don’t know that, then they can’t make a decision to buy from you.

And then they are missing out as well as you.

Like me, you will have your own personal genius.  It could be a message, a service, a product or a combination of all of these things.  Because you are unique, so is what you do, and you have been gifted with everything that makes up you for good reason. It came to you because it’s up to you to share.

Now don’t go into fear about being all salesy and pushy, if your ego is on that bandwagon – pull in and ask her to get off at the next stop.

Trust me, YOU have something that people are waiting for!

People are looking for what you offer, but they probably don’t know about you or what you do yet because you are in fear of getting out there and shouting it from the roof tops.

Look at it this way, what do you have in your life that has made a great difference to you?

For me it’s some little LED lights that my mum bought me on eBay.  They were in a 3 pack for £11.99 and they are about the size of a socket cover, a little white boxy thing that you can carry around and put anywhere you like.  They are motion sensitive and when you walk past they come on for about 30 seconds and then go off again….now you probably think that it’s sad that I love them BUT my husband had a stroke 3 years ago and went blind in one eye. He struggles with stairs because he cannot see the depth of the drop anymore, you need two good eyes for that. We have moved into a house with a split landing and between him and the bathroom are three stairs, at night this was hugely hazardous without the small lights. Now he doesn’t have to fiddle and faff on with the big landing light, wake every one up or worse – have an accident.

Now why am I telling you all of this?

Because the people that sell these lights HELPED me hugely. They solved a massive problem for me and I am super grateful to them.  I would gladly have paid even more for these little gems that mean that my husband is safe.

Do I feel sold to?

NO!  I feel blessed, rescued and happy!  Thank God they didn’t sit on a warehouse of these fabulous inventions and think “No one will want them” or “What if people think it’s lame” or “I’m scared to sell to people”.  They got out there in the right place, with the right message and BOOM!

And that’s the key.  They knew they could help people, but they had to find the right people with the right message of how they could help to solve a problem or add value.  This formula works time and time again with a diverse range of services and products.

You need to work out what you are offering, who can you help and how can you reach them – and by reaching them I mean REALLY reaching them.

Show up where they are and speak to them in their language, and solve their problems.

By helping them, you help you.

Love Kate x

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