One of the questions that passes people’s lips when they speak to me is “Am I Missing A Trick” or “I’m deffo missing something” or “what am I missing??”  They are working bloody hard, they have got a great product, they get good results for their clients/customers yet they seem to have just got a piece of the puzzle that isn’t slotting into place. 

The missing trick they are generally asking about they believe is some billy big bollocks fancy dan strategy.  The mystical strategy word comes up a lot.  They think they don’t have a strategy, spolier alert ~ they generally do but they haven’t recognised it as a strategy as they usually believe it’s a inferior strategy to the kinda strategies other people talk about.  

The thing that they generally believe they are missing is a marketing strategy, a platform, a type of posting/connection. 

🤔  Should I be on Tik Tok? 

🤔  Do I need to be doing reels? 

🤔 Do I have to be doing all the things on all the platforms?

🤔 Do I need some kinda software that someone is talking about (ssshhh, usually because they have an affiliate link) that just does funnels or webinars or whatever? 

🤔  What am I not seeing??? 

Well, let’s just do a quick whizz through theses;  there’s no need to be on Tik Tok if the people you are speaking to aren’t hanging out on Tik Tok.  You don’t have to do reels yet you can also use reels that aren’t just voicing over other people’s audio or dancing a wee jig.  You don’t need to be on all the platforms.  You don’t need a million different softwares if you already have software that serves your purpose.  AND what are you not seeing???  Well, usually, it’s the MISMATCH…….. 

The mismatch is the most common mistake I see! 

It’s a messaging mismatch that’s costing lots of business owners lots of sales.  

It’s all about matching your messaging and your connection with the right people to purchase from you.  What often happens is a business owner has an extremely GOOD and STRONG offering but that the type of content that they are putting out there really isn’t speaking to that person.  The type of content they are creating and the strategy they are implementing isn’t bringing the right people to their business.  Yup, those who have come across their business may well purchase from them because they have experience of their prowess but bringing new people to their crowd is difficult.   It might be that they are bloody ace at converting enquiries into sales or that they go to speaking events and bag a shit tonne of clients or they do a masterclass/webinar/tutorial and they secure buyers ~ again, because people then experience their awesome but they struggle to get people to line up for these things or their Social Media marketing and getting their message out there doesn’t get the same results.   

Let’s be a little blunt here.  We all gravitate to easy content.  We all have those things that are easier to, perhaps, blog about or create social media posts around.  It’s the no brainer content. 

Perhaps this content creates a barrier to purchase.  Perhaps we gravitate to content that means people don’t need to purchase from us i.e. there’s enough within the content that people don’t need anymore or that the content is so overwhelming that people don’t think they’ve be able to get anything from purchasing because they are so overwhelmed by what’s put out there already. 

Other times the content is not at the right level for the people who would be perfect to purchase the products.  So, for example, you could be popping beginners content out there when you’re actually looking for experienced people on your topic to help/support/develop.  OR, the other way round, your content could be more advanced for your beginners which mean that they would feel silly/out of their depth/inferior and therefore wouldn’t be able to make the purchase. 

Matching messaging to purchaser is essential. 

The other way there can be a mismatch is through mistake!  Mistakenly believing that your purchaser is someone different to who they actually are.   You’ve crafted and decided who your ideal client is and you’ve created a bloody epic product or  service.  You’ve ran into marketing it with a super charge of clarity.  You know what you do, you know who you’re selling to ➡️➡️➡️ whoosh, off you go.  Then you get disillusioned that you don’t get the results that you want.  The problem?  You’ve mismatched the product & purchaser.  A wee tweak of messaging can mean that the product you have can find it’s market (and then you can look at the purchaser you had previously defined and develop a product for them). 

Mismatches stifle sales. 

Shout up in the comments if this is something that you think you might wanna dive deeper into as I’m bringing together the Marvellous Messaging Mastery Mastermind so that you can get this totally nailed…..      

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