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This week we are diving in and talking about making the most of your content marketing.

So many people get caught on the hamster wheel of content creation and are never getting the best of the content they are creating.

The main take away points to consider are;

Eyes On The Prize 

When you put together a piece of content and pop it out there for the first time what can you do to ensure that that you’re cross promoting it on your different platforms and setting that piece of content up for success.

How Many Ways Can You Use It

One piece of content can become LOTS of different pieces of content if you just take your time and think it through.  A good “content cascade strategy” will mean that you’re using your content in as many ways as you can.


Make sure you’re grabbing the content and recycling it.  It shouldn’t just get an airing once or over one week.  You can re-use timeless content over and over again.

I hope you found that useful.

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below, whether you feel you’re currently getting the best from your content or not and whether there’s any questions you’d like me to cover to help you further.

Emma Holmes Rebels & Rockstars