People talk about getting in your own lane.  There’s this nagging feeling about whether you’re in the right lane and there’s even one I use A LOT that’s “even when you’re in the right lane if you don’t continue to create movement then you’ll simply get run over.” 

BUT WTAF does it all mean?  What’s it all about and what do you need to know.  

Let’s Start With Where Peeps Go Wrong 

No wonder comparison is such a big ass issue! It’s actively fucking encouraged in so many ways isn’t it.

I remember a fair few years ago having one of those icky, super pushy discovery calls and I was drilled about who I aspired to be like.  My dream would be to be like………<< fill in the blanks or my business would be like…………..<<< fill in the blanks.  I kept my resolve at the time and said that I absolutely didn’t see myself as being like anyone other than me and that my intention was to grow my business in a way that worked for me any my customers.  That obviously didn’t tickle their closed way of thinking and despite constant efforts and citing names like Marie Forleo I wasn’t budging.

If you’re actively encouraged to aspire to be like someone else then no wonder you get stuck in comparison.

My view?  You should seek inspiration in a whole wrath of areas and then use that inspiration to create your own version of awesome.

Why’s this important to being in your own lane???

Let’s take it a step further then…

People talk about finding your own lane AND the reality is that you’re not seeking to “find it” you need to create it! 


Creating Your Own Lane

You do you and I’ll do me!

Your lane is yours, uniquely, bespokely and utterly deliciously YOURS!

Stop looking at what others are doing.

Stop comparing yourself to what’s happening in the “market.”  You don’t need to “bench mark,” you don’t need to worry about “missing a trick,” and you don’t need to be concerned about micro-labelling what exactly it is that you do.

Your lane needs to be as unique as your finger print.

Yeah ~ there’ll be people working in a similar space to you or taking on a similar journey to you BUT they aren’t you.

Firstly, you have no idea of what their dreams and ambitions are for their business nor do you have any clue of their motivating factors or anything going on within their life and business (aside from what they decide to share on social media).

Secondly, if everyone is an apple then what will happen is is that people will only ever be able to make a choice based on price.  Why be an apple or get involved in the world of apple bartering when in fact you’re a juicy mango/passion fruit/coconut << whatever fruit you want to be.

Thirdly, a lane with other traffic in it is a lane where you’re not the only one dictating the variables.

Why create your own lane?

1️⃣  You have utter control – you get to plot the route, you get to carve out the path, you have a clear vision of what’s ahead and you get to dictate the speed, terrain and assents and descents – essential ~ your rules, your route, your way, your speed.

2️⃣ People aren’t captivated by the same old same old

3️⃣ Don’t make price your only differential.

4️⃣ It’s a shit tonne more fun

What do we need to do to make sure you’re doing your thing rather than a diluted version of something you once saw….

Practical Steps To Take

Stop Looking 

The biggie here is to change your eyeline.  I don’t follow anyone else that works in a similar space to me.  I don’t need to see what they are doing.  

COPYING ISN’T cool.  Some people copy because they believe that there’s a winning formula right there.  Some people are sold a winning formula and run with it because it’s “proven” and some people are enthusiastically “inspired” by what other people are doing.  

Always ask yourself “what’s my version of that” rather than ever blinding doing what someone else is doing.  Not only do you not want to copy BUT you also need to be fully aware of the fact that success leaves clues but never tells a full story.  

Listen In 

The question “what’s my version of that” is half the story here.  YES, absolutely run that one whenever you need to.  Adapt things that you are taught to create your own version.  

I never teach a cookie cutter approach but talk through the principles with my gorgeous Rockstars, give ideas of how they may look for them and then we formulate a plan together that creates their own bespoke blueprint. 

You also need to be listening in to yourself.  WHAT DO YOU WANT??  What do you want to do?  What do you want your business to look like?  So many people follow a path that feels uncomfortable because everyone else is doing it or because it’s “what’s done in order to scale” or it feels like their only option.  If you ever feel like you’re doing ANYTHING in your business for any of them reasons then STOP!!! 

You also need to make sure you’re listening to your audience.  CAVEAT ~ not making up a fucking dialogue around this one.  Stop letting your ego tell you what they will and won’t pay for something, whether they will or won’t buy something or exactly what they want from you in terms of content.  Ask them and ask them often! Make is easy for them to reply too with A, B, C, D kinda options. 

Write The Story 

This is your story, written in your way.  Grab a notebook and brainstorm some words and phrases that describe the essence/values and vibe of what you’re doing.   

What’s the mission – scribble down what your business mission is.  What is it that gets that fire in your belly?  What is it that gets you excited/passionate and we wouldn’t be able to shut you up? 

Those 2 things create your core essence.  

Those 2 things – coupled with paying absolutely no attention to what others are doing and listening in to your own thoughts and feelings and asking your audience theirs creates your lane!!! 

Get Support 

Sometimes we are too close to make sense of every bit of what we or our business is all about.  Sometimes we need a little assistance to navigate it.  

Make sure you look for support in the right places.  You need to be getting a little help to meander through this from someone who’s super conscious and “gets it.”

Sooooooo – go forth and create your own lane!!! 

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