Let’s talk energy.

If you are working with clients/customers or generally working with other people having an energetic influence on you throughout the day then what happens is that you sponge up lots of other people’s energy.

What happens is that taking other people’s energy builds up within you and has a heavy and drawing effect on you.  It’ll accelerate burn out, will wear you out and will make you feel, at best, a little bit off.

When you are a lightworker, therapist, healer, mentor, sensitive/empathic you take on people’s energy like a sponge.  I know that over a week I will work with so many different people and so much energetic input.  I give lots of my energy to other people BUT I also take on a lot of their energy too.  In an average week I am dealing with BIG stuff, life stuff, business stuff & so much more.  The impact of this is you sponge up that energy and that energy sits within the sponge – it’s important that you ring out that sponge before it leaks into your own energy or that energy leaks into the energy of your next client.

If you don’t do anything about it then you are remaining plugged into each client (#draining) and you are “contaminating” each client with the last’s angst.

It makes so much sense that you are mindful of this and you do something about it.

The gorgeous, & super straight talking Andrea Lancaster (check her out on Facebook here OR her website here) has a fab video which is dealing with this & giving you tips on grounding & disconnecting that you can do quickly and easily between calls/appointments/treatments or throughout the day generally.

So, as Andrea says, there’s no excuse not to be doing this and making sure that you are protecting YOUR energy and the energy of YOUR CLIENTS.

Don’t be a leaky sponge! ????

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