A guest post from the gorgeous Kathy Payne – Kathy is the queen of all things hormones and natural health but she’s definitely not the food police, she has such a beautiful zen like energy and never judges (even when I’m drinking too much coffee – ok, well maybe she gives me a look ????).  She’s wrote you a very gorgeous letter…

Dear Biz Owner,

I know what it’s like.

You crawl out of bed – bleary eyed some days – to screams about needing an ironed shirt, a mountain of washing up and dog barf on the doormat.

You gulp down a coffee as big as your own head and somehow manage to herd your family out of the door with your skirt tucked in your knickers and sporting “bed head”.  You mop up the barf and walk the dog. The dishes can wait!

Fuelled by 2 wedges of toast with Nutella (it’s nuts, so it must be healthy, right?) and another pint of coffee you crash down in front of your computer ready to start.

After an hour shuffling papers, making lists and watching hilarious YouTube videos of “talking” dogs, the munchies strike and you head downstairs…grabbing more toast, biscuits, cake, crisps, chocolate, crackers, an out of date yoghurt, a handful of shriveled raisins…. not all at the same time, usually.

And THIS is how your day goes.

Bit of work, snack, bit more work and Facebooking, snack, client call, snack, snack … until the work day is done. And you wore a trail between the fridge and your office chair.

Maybe the snacking carries on into the evening?

So why all the snacking? Is it snacking or craving or bingeing or mindless eating?

I work with women to improve health and hormone balance and happiness.  And I believe it’s important to understand why we crave what we crave and why we eat what we eat.

If you suffer cravings (I know I have and still do sometimes) you probably feel they are a mahoosive problem.

And they are challenging when they are affecting your weight, hormones, health and self-esteem.

The fight with your muffin top.  But it’s okay you can wear lounge wear at home, right? Even though you long to squeeze into skinny jeans.

Riding the rollercoaster of energy, mood – tired to wired, Mary Poppins to Scary Mary. Your nearest and dearest ducking for cover.

Feeling pretty disappointed – disgusted even – with your eating habits, but you can’t seem to change.  Actually, you can.

You see, I see cravings differently. Positively even.

I think they are valuable bits of information. Puzzle pieces. Keys to unlock us.

They help us understand what our bodies, mind and spirit needs. Really needs.

Our bodies are “speaking” to us all the time. Giving us critical information.  That’s what signs and symptoms are. Information about dis-ease or imbalances in our bodies and minds and lives.

Our bodies are smart. They tell us when we’re are not feeding them properly.

Our minds are smart.  They tell us when we’re not “feeding” them properly.

Our emotions are smart. They tell us when we’re not filling our cup with joy.

It has nothing to do with willpower. Or weakness.

It’s a matter of playing Detective and working out what’s really going on.

So, let’s ask again, why all the snacking and scoffing, dear biz owner?

Is it:-

  • Hunger?
  • Food cravings?
  • Hormonal?
  • Boredom?
  • Habit?
  • Some unmet need in your life?

To start, I suggest you keep a Craving Chronicle.

It’s simple but powerful.

For one week, keep a journal (excuse to buy a pretty notebook!) of foods you crave or quaff every day.


Food craved/snacked/binged: what food/drink

Craving score: score 1- 10, with 10 being strongest.

Time of craving: obvs, but for women it’s good to note the day of their menstrual cycle too

Type of craving: why you think you may have wanted it

My thoughts: any other thoughts and feelings

And be honest with yourself. There is no right or wrong. There is never guilt, shame or blame on my watch.

Understanding the driver, is the first step to tackling the issue.

I have some excellent tools to help you deconstruct your cravings. And deal with them.

But you have to understand your “why” and work on that.

For example, if your body is craving nutrition, introduce the right foods.

If you’re bored and craving entertainment, the answer never lies at the bottom of the biscuit tin. It will require some other life changes.

Reach out if you’d like support with curbing cravings or healthy eating for hormone balance, weight management, fab skin and hair and general health.

Deets below.

Love, Kathy x

Kathy Payne is a Harmoniser of Hormones. A Booster of Fertility. A Soother of Peri/Menopause Symptoms. Naturally.

So that women can live the lives they choose in harmony, not be all hormone-y.

She uses food, supplements, lifestyle changes (simple and surprising ones!) and complementary therapies to calm hormone havoc and modern life mayhem with women.

But she’s not the Health Police.  More Wellbeing Fairy Godmother.

Reach out if you’d like support with period problems, fertility struggles, weight management, hormone imbalances, peri/menopause sucky symptoms, stress, low energy, nose-dived sex drive and more.

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