Lou Reed washes over me with his quite stunning “Perfect Day” as I start to right this little introduction to our first in the series of Entrepreneur Average Days ~ so is it a perfect day?  How do other people work on a day to day basis?

We see all sorts of shit out there as to what “Successful People” do every day/as their morning routine and the likes – the whole morning routine one has been getting HUGE media recently.

J K Rowlings response to “the world’s most successful people start their day at 4am” was “OH, PISS OFF”  – I’m with the Harry Potter genius on this one.

You can read about my take on morning routines here..

But having a little eye into the reality of a day in the life is super useful to inspire/gain perspective and so much more.

So, let’s take a little butchers at my average day – split into 2 camps (depending on whether it’s a client day or a cave day) it goes a little something like this;

I get up (hopefully around 15 minutes before the rest of the house so that I can enjoy that first brew in peace.  I then have 2 kids and a husband to get out of the door, making sure that they have lunch/lunch money to get them through the day, the right kit for activities that are going on and breakfast has been consumed.  Often there’s shouts of “MAM, where’s my……………..” insert whatever it is they’ve lost/isn’t right in front of their nose and rigmarole about some big issue of the day – whether it’s breathing the wrong air, looking at each other the wrong way or being on the stairs when the other wants to ascend/descend 😂😂 In this time I’ve also walked the dog round the block.

I take mini me to school.

I’m usually back around 8.45am.

I check social media and reply to any comments.

I check my email.

I often dive straight into a little Facebook Live before the day takes over and make sure I’ve a little story to start the day on Instagram.

My days vary from here.  Either my diary is chocker block with back to back client appointments and/or teachings within my group programmes or I’m hunkering down for a day of creativity – writing blogs, recording videos, working on projects.

I was a bugger for missing lunchtime a little while ago so I now have a reminder on my phone as well as a packed lunch/lunch arrangements for something quick to grab in advance – this way I’m not snacking on shit and talking myself out of lunch.

I blink and it’s school pick up time.

I now work one evening per week only.

I’ve realised massively over the years that it’s much better to balance your day, take care of yourself, get up from your desk and organise cave days and appointment days to be more productive and profitable.  It’s not about chaining yourself to your desk and just working and working, harder and harder.

Let’s take a butchers and some other Rockstars average days…..

Meet Beckie Coupe 

A day in the life…

What I love about my work, as a social media manager, is that it’s equal parts creative and analytic, which is absolutely perfect for me!

I start my days by checking in on the Facebook Newsroom and catching up on the social media news alerts that have dropped into my inbox. It’s super important to stay on top of what’s going on in the world of social media as it can change quite drastically over night, some times without any prior warning.

Most days there will just be small updates that I need to make a note of and filter down to my groups and 1-2-1 clients but occasionally there will have been something major, such as an algorithm update, that I have to research and understand as quickly as possible in order to inform my audience; there’s always a ton of misinformation flying around when anything like that happens so it’s top priority for me to make sure my followers and clients have the most accurate information and they know what they do, and do not, need to do in response. I’ll then answer any questions or queries that my clients have sent over and check in on all of the social media accounts that I manage, in case there are any comments or messages that need to be dealt with.

That may sound like a lot but most days it doesn’t take long, really it all depends what’s happened since the day before.

Once those check ins are out of the way, I usually work on my most creative tasks first thing. I have set my to do list the day before so if there is anything creative on there, such as writing a blog post, recording a video, drafting website content, then I will always work on that first.

Equally, if I haven’t planned any creative work in but I suddenly feel the urge to write then I will run with it and get it out of my head whilst the ideas are flowing. I’ve tried working in lots of different ways but I generally find that once I get stuck in to day-to-day client work it’s difficult to return to creating content later in the day.

As for the rest of my time, it really does vary!

Some days I’ll mostly be creating content and managing social media accounts for clients, other days I’ll be working with clients 1-2-1 to develop their social media strategies (one of my favourite creative tasks!), and then other days I have my head stuck in spreadsheets, analysing huge amounts of data and writing reports – a job that I love doing as much as any creative task!

Safe to say, it never gets boring!!


About Beckie 

Beckie Coupe works with soulful entrepreneurs to give them the confidence to use social media and truly make it their own. To show up, stand out and shine online. To shout their message from the rooftops, attract their dream clients and create a business and a lifestyle that they adore!
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You can also find a little article written by Beckie about Linkedin….

Meet Sarah Baker – Therapy Biz Coach

The day in the life of a small business owner. I’m not sure I want to be that honest!!! I have been self employed for 6 years and at first I tried to regiment my time. I would work set hours, I would try to do certain things on certain days and if I had to describe my business then, I would have had to say it was like pulling teeth. I didn’t have much passion for what I was doing and everything felt slow and difficult. I watched a lot of daytime TV and procrastinated a LOT.

Fast forward to now and I have to say everything flows a lot easier because I am kinder to myself. Some days I am super productive and get everything done and others I faff and wear my ‘yoga pants’ (aka my PJS) a lot. I realised that I don’t like plans and being regimented. If I’m not in the mood for certain things then I don’t do them that day. If I’m in the mood to write, I write. If I’m in the mood to record content then I do that. If I try to do these things on an ‘off day’ 3 social media posts will take 3 hours but if I’m in the mood then I can write LOADS.

Now, don’t get me wrong, stuff needs to get done, I have clients booked into my diary and things that can’t be moved and I also have a big list for the week that I need to be able to tick off, but now I am much more likely to go with the flow and do what I am in the mood to do knowing that everything that needs to be done will get there.

Business shouldn’t be like pulling teeth – otherwise you may as well work for someone else.  Try to give yourself time and space to work creatively rather than forcing yourself to do stuff and if you can, always say yes to working in your yoga pants!

About Sarah

I’m Sarah Baker. Hypnotherapist, coach, mummy and lover of words, diet coke and my yoga pants.


I help therapists find their words and hone their message so that they stand out in the sea of therapists out there, connect with clients and make them want to book into their diary.


Words transform businesses and make magic things happen and helping therapists find the right ones is my super power.

Part 2 is coming REALLY soon!!

If you’d like to be part of the series then do drop me a little message xx

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