The birthing of this article is the absolute definition of a creative entrepreneur.  I sat down at my desk with the intention of having a good sort out of my website.  Making it work better for YOU. 

Instead I tied myself in a wee bit of a knot, got a touch frustrated, made a brew and decided to write this instead.  My creativity wasn’t wanted to be quelled into something very logical right now.  It wanted to roam and do other things.   

Now, I’ve got all of the epic strategy up my sleeve that will ensure that the website is sorted expedisiously but I listened to my creativity in the moment and decided that it was ok to create this article first. 


What Creative Entrepreneur Isn’t…

I’m guessing that if you felt like the title “creative entrepreneur” was absolutely you then you wouldn’t be reading this article.  You won’t be diving into “am I a creative entrepreneur.”  You’d already know it.  BUT that little niggle of being unsure doesn’t mean you’re not a creative! 

A creative entrepreneur isn’t; 

➡️  just someone who physically makes something 

➡️ only a visual creator i.e. a graphic designer

➡️ only business owners who identify as right brained

➡️  someone who’s business fits into a certain box. 

Being a creative entrepreneur is much more about YOU than what you sell or who to!  

So, Who Is A Creative Entrepreneur? 

Let’s start with some common traits for a creative entrepreneur; 

✔️  You adore your work 

✔️ There are tasks within your business that you identify as those you love and tasks within your business you resist, dislike or downright hate (usually involves sales, marketing, social media & accounts ~ but not always all of them)

✔️ You don’t have a shortage of ideas.  You have LOTS of ideas.  BUT you also know that ideas don’t pay the bills. 

✔️  You can be distracted easily by something new & exciting 

✔️ Equally, you get bored easily once you deem the creative bits of the project to be finished 

✔️  You know you’re not always getting the best out of the work that you do

✔️  You frustrate yourself 

✔️  You often talk yourself into just going with the next idea to see if that one sticks instead

Nodding along?  I could go on and on and one with these but as you’ll see it’s a lot more about you than the type of business you run.  I work with creative entrepreneurs who are accountants and could be seen as being the absolute epitome of a left brain, logical business and I work with artists who would absolutely be identified as creative AND lots of different business owners inbetween.  

The way your brain works ~ may, in your opinion right now ~ feel like an entrepreneurial curse.  You feel like you can’t just settle down, crack on, work to a plan and get the results you know your creations deserve.  BUT I know it’s your superpower and I know exactly how you CAN & WILL be able to harness it to be the catalyst to epic outcomes.   


The Rockstar Vault my free training & resources library and it will help you to make huge shifts in your business. 

Yeah, let’s get specific ~ there’s videos and cheatsheets and checklists and pro-formas, from Launch Plans to List Building Sheets, whole ebooks on Websites, Your Energy, Creating Change,  as well as packs to support you to Work Flexibly and checklists to help you to create converting Sales Pages and MUCH more! Yeah, there’s stacks BUT it’s not overwhelming, you get ongoing access and simply grab what you need, when you need it! 


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