Guest blog from the lovely Jo Bendle Productivity Coach and Mentor. She is talking about working towards your best month ever.

Now let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of the word ‘AVERAGE’…..

It’s certainly not something I strive for in life!  And I am guessing by the fact you are also building your own empire that mediocre isn’t on you radar either!

But bear with me on this as today I’m sharing a philosophy that both myself and my clients are not only experimenting with, but also getting massive results from.

First let’s look at what’s likely happening at the moment:

You have BIG PLANS and heaps of exciting ideas for your businessAND you are going to nail them all……at the same time!

So you head into each day with a To Do list that’s totally overwhelming, get distracted easily, feel annoyed for being distracted, then feel frustrated for not working as productively as you know you are capable of.

More often than not, you get to the end of the week (and month) not feeling like you accomplished as much as you had planned to…despite working really crazy long hours.

This is where I think you may be going wrong, striving to be exceptionally awesome is actually setting you up for failure.  

How about if instead you headed into each day and week aiming for ‘average’ (I know, there’s that word…again.  It triggers me too!).

What does an average day even look like?

Probably you take 1-3 priority tasks (MIA’s – Most Important Actions) into the day, do them with ease (before you tackle the less important tasks), because you have a clear focus and you don’t have to spend time choosing which tasks to do from the epic sized To Do list AND then you end the week feeling really satisfied with your achievements.

Then you rinse and repeat nailing an average week every single week and in 4 weeks’ time you are looking at a very different outcome. You have achieved loads and it was EFFORTLESS too.  Sweeeeet.

3 months’ worth of average weeks has the potential to be LIFE CHANGING. 

That’s the biggie with this aiming for average thing.  Do it consistently and you will achieve BIG, massive stuff. With ease

I’m so in!

Are you with me that this is actually the perfect and only time to aim for average??! 

Heres to aiming for average with our weekly workload so that we can achieve more, without feeling overwhelmed.

Otherwise known as ‘effortless productivity‘.  Which is really what excites me.  This doesn’t have to be so hard.

This was a bit of an AHA moment for me, and when I stopped trying to be superhuman by trying to do everything, I actually achieved way more – and it was a lot less stressful too.

Can’t wait to hear what this does to your business and stress levels!  Pls do let me know,

Jo x

About Jo….

Jo is a Productivity Coach and Mentor who helps smart women get more done in their business, in less time. Through guiding women to work fast, work fun, and work on target, Jo has coached women all over the world to ditch overwhelm, overcome productivity blocks, and achieve their big goals. She’s fun, she’s sassy, and she will challenge your beliefs about what you can truly achieve. She does all this whilst traveling the world and living a location independent lifestyle.

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