I was chatting to one of my VIP Rockstars recently and we were talking Social Media Strategy, we were talking about her feelings about Social Media and how we can improve her platform, reach, connection & relationship building.

She said something that totes resonates with me – I don’t want to be doing the same old shite.  I asked her to look through her newsfeed and tell me how’s posts she enjoyed seeing, she could only name a few.

Social Media gets VERY samey.


Because everyone’s default setting is to share any old post simply to fill the silence on social media.  Criticism?  Nope, we all have that default.  That panic induced period of time when inside your head there’s a yelling voice “share something, share anything, fill the silence nnnnnnoooooooowwwwwwww.” I’m sure you’ve done it.  I have (raised hand in the air).

I have exactly the same feelings as this lovely Rockstar – the thought of being samey fills me with feel.  The thought of peddling the same old shite on my social media platform makes me feel sick.

The other side of the coin is that Social Media can’t and shouldn’t become a time drain.  Yes, it’s VERY important because it’s the way that I connect with my audience (along with my weekly musing newsletter) and it’s the way that I have an opportunity to form relationships, nurture relationships and help more people.  Now, I won’t do that if I’m being samey now will I?

I wanna stand out – in a good way and not a show off kinda way.  Not in doing stuff simply to get a reaction (<<not my style).

I wanna be there to help and support my fans and provide them with lots of good stuff via my platforms.

So, what’s a Rockstar to do when the thought of become samey scares the pants of you? 

  1. Remember that Social Media is Social
  2. Know who you are talking to. What do they need to hear from you?  What problems can you help them solve? Where do they need a little direction or some hints/tips?
  3. Content mix should include posts that education, inspire/motivate, make people laugh (we all love a little humour) and interact (get your fans talking back to you and don’t simply broadcast).  Driving people to your website and serving people directly on the platform needs to be balanced.  Getting people on your list.  Selling solutions to their problems.
  4. Shine your own light and include yourself in your Social Media – who is the face behind the brand, who are they listening to.  I’m not going to form a loving relationship with a logo now am I?
  5. I’d rather see less posts that are fab quality than more posts that are samey. If you need to initially pull back the amount of posts per day in order to stop filling then do that.
  6. Use video – no-one else can be you.  Go for a Facebook Live or a YouTube live or pre-record some videos.  Relax, be yourself (mannerisms, talking with your hands it’s all fine) and connect with your crowd where they can see & hear you.
  7. Initially you don’t need to get overly caught up in the numbers – go out there and serve.  Even if you help just a few people at first then that effect will ripple.
  8. When you know who YOU are and how you are showing up in your business, you know who you are talking to and what they need help with, you mix up your content types, you don’t overly analyse the numbers (initially) and you got out there and bloomin well serve – with all your heart & all your passion THEN MAGIC THINGS WILL HAPPEN
  9. What do you need to be on Social Media?  Real, Raw & Nothing More.
  10. Are you up to it?  Hell yeah, of course you are! Go take care of your brood.

We’re not talking about being different simply to shock people into noticing you.  We are talking about not being samey and that’s kinda different.  Get out there, shine your light and be a beacon to the people you are here to serve.