I was taught that this page was designed to prove my “credibility”. I’m not so sure! Am I credible? Well, I think before we even get into that you need to know a little bit more about me, what makes me tick and whether or not you resonate with me.

Who The Funk Is Emma Holmes?

I’m Emma Holmes, founder of Rebels & Rockstars. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am the mum of two lovely (well most of the time) little people, Jack and Maggie, and wife to a professional hero (sounds better than works for the Fire Service PLUS I reckon his ego quite likes the professional hero tag too.).

I’ll let you into a few little secrets about the paradoxical me;

I care A LOT

I’m soppy

I’m intuitive

I’m a butt kicker and a hugger

I’m a geek and a technophobe

I am selfish and selfless

I’m driven and lazy

I’m strong but I can break

I’m a control freak and an outsource advocate

I’m shallow but I’m oh so deep

I’m spiritual but I’m practical


And I’m super ok with that.

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THE best programme I have ever done I have never learnt and more importantly implemented so much in my business – it came at exactly the right time for me and has given me so much optimism for the future of my business

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