You know that feeling?

That feeling when there’s someone else suddenly sprung up in your niche?

It kinda feels like there’s a predator in your domain.

When It Feels Like A Predator Is About To Strike

It’s one I deal with an awful lot! The wobbles of my lovely Rockstars when someone else seems to emerge within their niche.  It really can feel like a predator is about to strike and move in on all of your crowd, leaving you wounded.  The fear can feel very very real.

I know that it makes people question everything about their business and fear that they are going to be left behind in a cloud of dust with next to nothing left.

Let me first reassure you if you are feeling like this right now – it’s ok! 

Most often you will be told that there is enough business for everyone and that it’ll be fine and whilst that’s the truth, there is enough work to go around and enough people to serve within most niches not only does it not bring any comfort but also it feels like one of those general shrug offs.

Let’s delve a little deeper.  You are happily chugging along on your boat and suddenly it feels like someone is going to take it all away from you.  Some might say it’s a good thing as it will force you to evaluate, potentially step outside of your comfort zone and crack on BUT in amongst it you feel petrified.  It’s completely normal to fear the change and to fear what the “competition” might bring to the market.  BUT it’s none of your business.

You need to keep your eyes firmly on your own business and not get distracted by anything that may come from another direction.  You have no control over what they do or how they present themselves to the market.  Your energy will be wasted by looking over your shoulder and taking your eyes off what you are here to do.

I saw a quote on Instagram the other day about how business is a competitive sport and that there is always someone seeking to take your title away from you and that you need to be on your toes.  It kinda made me feel a little bit icky because business doesn’t need to be that way.  You don’t need to be fearing the competition and trying to outrun anyone else.  Your business is your business, you will be right for your crowd and whether or not you are seeking to attract the same market niche as a world you will be doing it in different ways.  No-one else can be you.  No-one else can deliver things that are exactly the same as the way you do it.

This is why I always impress upon people that they need to bring themselves forth in their business, that they need to do things there way and not to blindly follow a set of rules.

When you are a heart-centred, soulful entrepreneur you want to serve your fans and you want to do it in the most supportive and amazing way you possibly can.  Get distracted by others and you will take your eye off this ball.

You are in charge of your business destiny, not the actions of any other person.  You can decide whether you are going to put all of your energy into growing your business and serving your fans or whether you are going to get in a funk and wobble about what someone else is doing.

It’s a choice.

Your choice.

Yes, there’s enough work for everyone.

You are unique and some people will love what you do and some people not so much and that’s absolutely fine.

You must keep showing up and doing your thing. 

Avoid the distraction, stop following those people who make you feel wobbly, get off their email list.  I’m not saying that you bury your head to anything else that’s going on within your niche but I am saying that it’s important that it doesn’t catch you off guard and send you into a funk.  Take the time to do your research when you are feel resilient.  Don’t ever copy as copying ISN’T cool and don’t worry if people appear to be following your head.  Remember that you will always be one step ahead.