😜 A Prayer To Keep The Knobs At Bay 😜

Dear Universe,

I’m here to help ~ I’m here to serve, 
I know this client attraction thang might be a bit of a learning curve,
But I set the intention & want you to know,
I want my gorgeous business to grow

I gotta get specific ~ I know you too well,
I have to add meat to this magnetic spell

You need to know that whilst growth is the aim,
I certainly don’t want you to play an awful game.

I set the intention for growth that is true
To serve & support both existing & new
But please be aware ~ don’t send me no knobs
I don’t have time for those who create a mound of jobs
I don’t want those who are arsey or mean
To serve those who suit me I’m really rather keen

I shalt only attract those who are a perfect fit,
Please don’t send any that make things feel shit

I’m grateful for growth and happy to work,
I graft and showing up I certainly won’t shurk.

Just remember dear Universe I don’t want no knobs
Because that simply makes my business feel like a job.

Love & light (& all that shite)
Me xx

(c) Emma Holmes – Rebels & Rockstars 2017


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