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🎙 My Mindset Journey ~ Podcast & Shownotes

Welcome to today’s podcast where I am talking about your uniqueness, life filters and the lessons that I brought forward from a big hard bitch slap from life. It’s personal, it’s unfiltered, it’s real, raw & nothing more…. I would be so bold as to say that mindset can be the difference between catapulting off into success or staying stuck. I find that it's often the biggest differentiator. I know that lots of people see it as "guff and fluff" or mantras and affirmations - stuff that makes them feel silly BUT I want you to look at it...

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🎙Instant Insta – Podcast & Shownotes

In this episode I’m talking Instagram. I feel that Instagram is in fact three platforms in one.  I explain more in the podcast! You can follow me >>here<< on Instagram!  Podcast Exclusive Freebie! You can get your hands on my 2 FREE ~ Plan Your Insta PDFs which you can download and use to get planning that grid (if you’d like to) and your content! Name: Email: Find More...

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🎙 Social Media ~ Keep It Hot | Podcast & Shownotes

Today on the podcast we are talking SOCIAL MEDIA. I am going to chat to you about the most important metric you need to be thinking about AND how to improve your results in that area!    We have a FABULOUS Rock Your Biz quarterly magazine that you can get your hands on TOTALLY FREE!! Sign Up Now To Get It Delivered To Your Inbox. Name: Email: You’ll also be lucky enough to get #RockstarFusion Friday can be delivered directly to your inbox – fusing business advice/strategy, with mindset & motivation, musings, spiritual principles and no cookie cutter...

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🎙Evolution | Podcast & Shownotes

Welcome to the brand spanking new look & feel podcast! It’s gorgeous to have you here.  In this episode I’m talking about how & why you sometimes need to evolve things in your business ~ what you might want to be thinking about and how you can embrace that change! Enjoy… I’d love to hear from you if you’ve listened in & your feedback means the world! Shimmy Over To Listen In To More...

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Perfectly Podcasting

iTunes, podcasting ~ a market that you have yet to tap into? Does is feel super duper complex & complicated? I passionately believe that audio is a super under utilised tool in entrepreneurs toolboxes.  It’s so easy to consume audio content on the go (dog walking, at the gym, on the school run, in the car) and you could be reaching a whole new audience if it was one that you could tap into easily. My philosophy is all about making podcasting EASY. So, you have thought about podcasting but it’s been a fleeting thought because you have NO...

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