What is it that makes a Coaching Rockstar different to an ordinary coach?  There are a number of factors but if you want to build a BIG business then you need to be able to do the following:-

1. Get Stuff Done

It’s all well & good for you to have a plan but if you do nothing with it then you will make no progress.  I know that it sounds super obvious but it’s important that you get stuff done.  Stop procrastinating over it, stop seeking perfection.  Get stuff done and get it out there.  Take action.  Make progress.  Stop getting in your own way. What can you DO today to move your business forward?

2. Believe That You Can Build A Big Coaching Business

Do you know that you can build a big coaching business? Are you prepared to do what it takes?  Are you aligned to building that business.  I know that this one sounds a little bit woo woo but it’s so important that you know, deep down, that you are capable of building this business, that you have what it takes, that you are prepared to do what it takes.  If you are unsure then you will keep getting in your own way, you will stop yourself from achieving the big things that you are capable of. Believe it! Keep checking in with yourself, ask yourself if you are making the decisions that a big coaching business owner would make, make sure you are absolutely sure that you have this in you. This is one of the questions that I ask my VIP clients at the very beginning of our time together and most of them say that they believe it but at that point they are not 100% in on that belief. Success is subjective and you need to define what success and a BIG business means to you and be sure that you can envisage yourself achieving that.

3. Daily Money Making Activities

Asking yourself every day what you can do in order to serve your crowd, build your list and develop your business.  I keep a post it note on my desk to remind me to keep taking action, not just any action but positive action that’ll develop my business and serve my audience. Do the stuff that matters!

4. Build Relationships

It’s important when you are a coach that you build relationships with your audience and that those relationships are super important in all that you do. You need to make sure that you aren’t being a people pleaser but that you are looking to form relationships with the right people, the people that you are best able to help & serve. It’s also a great idea to build relationships with other entrepreneurs – we’ll talk about that one in a minute. ** note that this does not mean that you have to go shlepping out to networking meetings all of the time or have to meet everyone face to face.  The majority of your relationship building can be done online.

5. Delegate Stuff

You can’t do everything yourself.  You shouldn’t do everything yourself.  It’s important, if you are going to build a business, that you start to build a team of support around you. Delegate the stuff that you aren’t good at, that is a time drain in your world or stuff that doesn’t need your direct input.

6. Be Seen

If you are hiding then you won’t be seen.  Hiding won’t cut it. You need to be prepared to put yourself and your business out there and do the stuff that others aren’t prepared to do.  Make those videos, be everywhere, promote yourself and your business.

7. Stop Being Cheap

When you first set out it’s super scary to make the financial investments in your business.  It’s the difference, at times, between you being able to pay yourself and not being able to pay yourself << I know, I’ve been there. There comes a time though when you need to make the leap, you need to make the investment, you need to stop playing small. It might be that you need to invest in a customer management system, in outsourcing, in membership software, coaching or a social media scheduling tool.  Remember to think about these investments as investments and look at the time and money that they will save you in the long run.  You’ll often find that the investment that you make will free you up to being super productive and able to get on with money making activities.

8. Spend Time With Other Successful Entrepreneurs

This might be as part of a Mastermind Group, a group attached to a programme you have purchased, an accountability partner or people that you already know but being around other people who “get” what it is that you do and why you are doing it is super important.  Couple that with peer support and ideas generation and you will have a winning recipe. I love Jim Rohn’s quote >>

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Make sure that some of those people are successful people.

9. Continue To Learn & Develop 

This applies to so many things in your business but when you stagnate you & your business become stagnant.  Continue to learn new things, look at new strategy and hone your skills.