So, here’s the thing ~ I do love a good free resource or offer to give as a present to those that sign up to your email list.  It’s a great incentive for people to sign up and it also keeps you in fab exchange.

The exchange for the email address = the free resource.

People are super precious about their email addresses now.  Once upon a time, we would give away our email address willy nilly if it meant that we didn’t have to hand over our phone number BUT then we worked our that the space inside our inboxes is precious real estate and our inboxes should be a sanctuary of stuff we want to see in there (if it’s not that way for you right now then you might wanna go on an unsubscribing campaign – is a fab resource to help you with this).

BUT sometimes we focus too intently on this that we forget the simple steps that we can take that would bolster our list building prowess.

So, here’s my 7 little things that you might be missing;

1. Sign Up To Stay In Touch 

We always complicate it with the free resource and the free resource can sometimes be so specific that the visitor to your website doesn’t want or need it or so generic that it’s speaking to no-one.  Sometimes people simply want to know that they are going to get your awesome newsletter falling into their inbox every week/fortnight/month. Offer them that opportunity.  A simple ~ sign up to stay in touch ????

2. Talking About Your Newsletter 

Mentioning your newsletter when you meet people in real life or on your social media.  You can screenshot your computer as you work on it, you can talk about the things that are included this week and invite people to sign up if they’d love to get their hands on it.  Actually talking about your newsletter dropping into inboxes can spark lots of lovely interest.

3. Change a Piece Of Content Into A Downloadable 

If you are creating blog posts then think about whether or not you could change that content into a “download & keep” kinda deal.  Lots of people read blogs and then wish they’d remembered where they’d read that thing, you know that thing that you need RIGHT NOW!! A listicle kinda blog could become a checklist, the information blog ~ an ebook or cheatsheet or you could have some resources that compliment the blog itself.  Think about how you can re-use that blog in a way that helps and supports your list building.

4. Magic Action Box 

This is a fab little WordPress Plugin that you can use to provide sign up opportunities at the bottom of your blogs.  It communicates with lots of e-marketing/newsletter packages.  This means that you can have a constant reminder at the bottom of your blogs to sign up/get that free resource etc.  You can also have multiple action boxes across your site so it doesn’t have to limit you to a single free resource.

5. Call To Action Button 

On your Facebook Page you have the ability to add a “call to action button” which means that you can direct people straight to a place of your choosing ~ why not use that to direct people to one of your list building opportunities OR even better, create one page that holds your free resources (if you have more than one) and direct them there.

6. Facebook Headers 

I know that this sounds really bizarre but stacks of people click on Facebook Headers ~ edit the post (as Facebook create a post when you add a new header) to include links to other places.

7. About Sections 

Make sure you’ve filled out your “about” sections on all of your social media platforms and add links that direct people to the places that you want them to go.

AND a little Brucie Bonus tip – ASK FOR THE SIGN UP, people often need the “not so subtle” direction and when you ask people to take a particular course of action then they are more likely to take the action as opposed to when it’s simply inferred.

Hope that list has given you some ideas and got your cogs whirring.

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