Please Don’t Make My Ears Bleed With This Hashtag Talk!

I know that lots of people have this hate/hate relationship with hashtags and avoid them like the plague. What’s the point in them? I don’t get what it’s all about! If I just ignore them then they might go away.

Okay, I get it. Sorry but ignoring them isn’t going to make them go away so let’s look at ways that you can work with them to elevate your business instead.

So, what is a hashtag?


All you need to do is add some words behind the “#” & you have done it, you have created a hashtag. For example #podcast if you are talking about your podcast or #itunes. It doesn’t have to be a word on it’s own, it can be a phrase or a sentence ~ for example #socialmedia or #livingthedream #coachingrockstars. There mustn’t be spaces between the words and if you want to show a difference between each word then you can use capital letters for the beginning of each word as this does not change the search results from that hashtag.

Hashtags started their life over on Twitter although are widely used across Social Networks now although they never seem to have really taken off on Facebook.

The stats re-enforce that you should be using hashtags. Tweets with a hashtag are 26% more likely to be re-tweeted than tweets without. Instgram is hashtag mad and it has been reported that the optimum number of hashtags on Instagram is 15 (really! who uses 15 hashtags on one photo!).

How can hashtags help you to elevate your business then? Let’s have a little run down:-


When you are using a hashtag or looking for content in a particular area then it’s super easy to search Social Media Platforms by searching the hashtag, you will then get industry or topic relevant content in a single search. It also means that people will be able to find you in those searches.


This is your opportunity to play Nosey Nora because you can track the conversations taking place about your business or brand. It’s important that you know what people are saying about your biz on Social Media and this is an easy way to find out, help out and make sure your customer service is stonking!


Searching & using hashtags will mean that you are able to interact with potential customers, authorities in your sector or people you may want to do business with. Using hastags means that you can also see who else is involved in the conversations and connect with them too. Twitter has a series of Twitter Hours where industry specific chat takes place with the use of a hashtag.


Use hashtags and hashtag searches to observe the goings on in your sector/niche. It allows you to see what other hashtags people are using, the dialogue and conversations they are getting involved in and study the way they are using Social Media.

Create A Buzz

Have a new freebie out there to grow your list? A new product for sale? A launch going on? Encourage your crowd to use a hashtag to talk about it on Social Media and create a buzz through your unpaid sales team of happy customers.

Use At An Event

Whether virtual or in real life you can ask your crowd to use hashtags during an event. This will help you to monitor conversations, interact with them during and after the event and again create organic marketing provided by your lovely audience (therefore) spreading the word for you further. You can also start your own event live on Social Media like a Twitter Party or Live Q&A session with the use of a hashtag.

Which Hashtags To Use?

It depends on your business type and the hashtags that your crowd might be searching. It might take you a little bit of research to get this right but once you do it will be MAGIC!

Take a look at the hashtags other people in your sector are using.
Look at the hashtags your clients are using.
Consider the keywords for your industry or business and use those as hashtags too.

Here are some of the hashtags I use…

  • #biztips
  • #totaltechgeek
  • #coachingrockstars
  • #socialmedia
  • #smtips
  • #livingthedream
  • #motivation
  • #inspiration
  • #onlinebiz
  • #podcast
  • #itunes
  • #howto
  • #showmehow
  • #launch
  • #marketing
  • #wineoclock
  • #justforfun
  • #coach
  • #coaching

To name but a few.

For me, the main use of hashtags is on Instagram.  I find that Twitter & Instagram are the main platforms where hashtags are used and searched.  As I said earlier, they never seemed to take off on Facebook and I never use them on Facebook at all unless I am having a little rant and just a #justsaying or a #thatisall kinda hashtag.

Embrace them, play with them, use them and review them off > see what works and what doesn’t for your business.

You can check out the most popular hashtags >>Instagram for some ideas.