Websites can be a right royal pain in the ass. They are a never ending project and they feel like they are never “done.”

It’s important that you think your website through as well as continue to review the site as you grow as an individual and as a business. Keeping your eye on the home of your business online is really important.

What are the most important elements that you need to consider?

Look & Feel

Does your website look and feel like your social media platforms? Is there consistency and continuity across your platforms? Do I feel like I am in the same place? For example; if I click through to your website from Facebook does it look and feel the same? Do your Social Media posts reflect the look and feel on your site? Are you using the same imagery types? Same fonts? Same colours? Same language?

People need to feel like they are in the right place when they find your website.

  • Is your website congruent with your message?
  • Does your website have a personality?
  • Are you happy with the site on the basis that it might be the first impression someone has on your business?
  • Have you written your page with your crowd in mind?
  • Will they resonate with it?


Is it easy to find your way around your site?

Take a look with fresh eyes. Does the navigation make sense? Can people find what they want? I have seen some sites where people have tried to be unique with the labels on their navigation and it’s ended up being confusing.

Can I find my way around with ease?

Are things in the right place?

Do the drop down menus make sense?

Look at your site objectively and ask others to take a look at it too and give you some feedback.

About Me Page

This is an important part of your site and is so often neglected. I’m guilty of doing this in the past too.

People want to know more about you.

Let rip.

You don’t have to focus on proving your credibility in the whole of the about me section.

Let your personality shine.

You can take a look at mine here >>click to take a read<<


Can your crowd find super valuable resources on your website? Are you blogging and providing articles that help and support them?


Can I buy something whilst I’m there? Is it obvious where to go to buy something? I know, I know, it’s such an straight forward one but you will be amazed at how many people hide away the things they have for sale. Only the other day I was talking to a lovely lady who has an amazing programme but there was no way that anyone could buy it because it was hidden away in her Dropbox folders.

Sign Ups

Can I sign up and get on your list to receive your e-newsletter? (if you are thinking “what the heck she talking about?” here then take click and I’ll give you some more deets) Is there an obvious place to pop my email address in? Are you offering some funky presents in exchange for that email address? (again – not sure on this one >>click here<<)

Is the process easy?

Not only are these great questions to ask when you are bringing together a website but they are also really useful for when you review your website and web presence.

The lovely Naomi from Branching Out Online (part of #teamrockstars and works with me on my site) has a fab website planner for FREE >> click here to get hold of it >> 


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