If you have a fantabulous idea for a business but have been sat on it for ages waiting to get all of your ducks in a row then this article might be super useful for you. We will look at the things that you do and don’t need in order to get started.

A 10 Year Plan

Okay, okay, I am all for having a BIG ass dream and for looking into the future and the ways that you can start to implement the steps that you need to take in order to achieve that BIG dream BUT whatever you do don’t get caught in over planning. You DO NOT need to micro plan the next 10 years. You don’t even need to micro plan the next year. If you have a mission and a message to share then get on and get it done. Get started. Take action. Things will become much clearer as you do.

The Bees Knees Of Logos

Yup, we can procrastinate the pants off this one. We can get caught up in logos and to be honest it’s something that will grow. Lots of people use a logo as something to hide behind and if you have nothing to hide behind then chances are you won’t be hiding. Rather than kissing a gazillion frogs on the cheap design sites looking for your perfect logo why not wait until you have got started and then invest in an amazing graphic designer to work with you on your whole brand and the look and feel of your business moving forwards.

A Website

Yup, your website is your homebase BUT I know lots of business that get started before they have a website. Websites are on of these things that are never finished anyway. They are a constant task which constant updates and upgrades that you can bring to them. Getting clear on what you want on there is the most important thing >>check out this article for some hints and tips<<< and then get started. I recommend a WordPress website and there’s some more recommendation on getting your site up and running here >>click to read the article<<

A Stack Of Marketing Materials

Loads of leaflets and flyers and business cards. I know that it’s super duper tempting to get lots of lovely stuff printed about with your product or services on there. Chances are you won’t need half the things that you think that you do at the beginning. Hold fire. You’ll work out what you need as you go along.

A Degree In Tech

Yup the tech can seem super scary. It can overwhelm you and make you feel ridiculous. There’s always something new to learn and you don’t know whether you have the brain space to make it happen. I promise that I felt the same way at the beginning. I would have never labelled myself as techie. I won’t have said that I would be that person. I have learned on the job. I have tackled one new bit of tech at a time and I have embraced learning it step by step. It’s never as daunting as it seems. Tech is simply a step by step thing BUT like children and animals – don’t show it fear or it will exploit it!!

Fearless Pants

You don’t have to be fearless in order to build a business. So often we see references on social media as to how we must be fearless and how we must side step by feeling of fear. Well YOU DON’T. It’s ok to feel the fear. It’s ok to feel anything but fearless but you MUSTN’T EVER let the fear stop you.

So, if you don’t need all that shizzle what do you need?

  • You need to be willing to step beyond your fear and self doubt.
  • You have to be prepared to learn new things
  • You need to be open to asking for help when you need it
  • You will need to be willing to learn lots about yourself
  • You will need to know your mission and your message – what’s the business all about and how can you bring that message together into words or videos etc.

You will need to work on who you are talking to – who are you here to serve? Who are you most able to help with your products or services? What are their common problems? Where are they stuck? What do they need help with? What are the outcomes they seek or the problems they need solving.

You need to START. You’ll never start until you start.

Register yourself as self employed – in whatever way is applicable in your country. Google it, find out, don’t fall foul of the stuff that you MUST do by law.

Set up your social media platforms.

Get started.

Share your message.

Serve the pants off your audience.

Learn how to grow your crowd.

Make it happen.








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