I’m not going to get into the all out Woo Woo in this blog save to say energy is EVERYTHING.  Everything is energy and everything has a vibe attached to that energy. 

We know that energy makes us feel certain ways.  You know the time you walked into a room just after cross words had been exchanged and you felt that cliche kinda expression “you could cut the energy with a knife.” Yup, that was the vibe of the the energy in that room.  We also know that there’s energy that attracts us and energy which feels down right repulsive.

So, we know the kinda energy we want to send out there in our businesses.  Take a moment to think about (or even better, if you can jot down) a few words that you would like to catch the essence and vibe of your business.  You might go for things like energetic, motivational, inspiring, whizzy, exciting, high vibe, relaxing, peaceful, cathartic, honest, engaging, educational, thought provoking, spiritual (af or not 😂), fun, serene, buoyant, resourceful, empathetic, intriguing, wonderful – oooooo I could go on and on and on but I’m sure you can come up with your own too (let me know if you’d like the vibe words you’ve come up with). 

Once we know the essence of what we want to create in terms of the energy of our business we can start to look at where the energy in our business shows up and what we need to know about this shit 🙌

1. Your Energy Injection Into Your Biz

The energy you inject into your business is the energy that ripples out there into the wide world. 

I know it’s always one that makes my Rockstars stop and think but here’s a little run down; 

💡If you pop frantic energy into your business you make your business feel frantic 

💡If you’re sick and you pop sick energy in there then you make your business sick 

💡an energy filled with overwhelm and that’s the overwhelm vibe right there 

💡feeling angsty? Step away as that’s an injection of angsty energy 

💡feeling rah, then you’ll make your business roar (make sure it’s in a good way 😉)

💡 you’re vibe high? Then that’s the energy that you’ll inject in there. 

In essence, we are think about the ways that we show up and do our work on a day to day basis.  The energy that you place into your business is the energy/vibe that your crowd are going to feel.  It’s palpable and people get it.  Your energy is a HUGE magnet right in the centre of your business and that magnet can either be set to attraction or repulsion.  I know which one you want to set it to.  Shimmy back to the list of words you thought about earlier and see whether you feel you are showing up, at your desk, with that vibe shining out of you like moonbeams! 

2. Communication 

The languaging in your business is a huge source of energy.  The words & phrases you use.  The way that you communicate and open up to conversation. 

In business we are building relationships constantly.  Business is based on relationships and we are doing that with individual people all of the time.  I know that lots of my gorgeous Rockstars find that incredibly reassuring.  The times where things can feel a little faceless and we can feel like we are popping messages out there to many, many people it’s nice to bring it back to those individuals.  Equally, another one that allows a switch in perspective too is when we swap the word marketing to communicating.  Having conversations, chatting, musing. 

For me it’s incredibly important that the language I use in my business is exactly the same as the way I speak.  When I met people in real life I want them to have a sense of who I actually am and not have a disconnect to the communications they see online and the real life person behind those.  I don’t speak in a gramatically correct fashion so I ain’t arsed about getting all my grammar cock on in my communications.  

I want you to know that you already have a voice, you might feel like you’re searching for it but you can call off that search as it’s already there.  You speak with it each and every day.  You don’t need to move beyond that.  Sometimes your voice might get lost between what you know you want to say in your hand and your hands on the keyboard – a great trick to get round that is to start to voice record yourself speaking out loud.  There’s less of a gap then (voice to hands v voice coming out of mouth) for you to overthink things & get stuck. 

Again, think about the types of language you use in your business and whether or not, right now, they aligned to those words you came up with earlier.  

3. Imagery

Visuals have a big part to play when we come to looking at vibe and the stories you are seeking to tell in your business.  Again, imagery can make people feel super yummy and comfy or a little uneasy OR can totally make people wanna look away.  Now, the first 2 (yummy/comfy and uneasy) may well be things that you are seeking to portray within your communications.  None of us are going out there, no matter how HIGH VIBE, all pixies and unicorns and pretending that every single day everyone should feel tip top.  We know that that’s not reality.

What we don’t want is to 1) blend in with our imagery or 2) be repulsive with it 😂

Take a moment to think about your raving fans, your gorgeous tribe (your followers/fans) and consider the types of imagery that they may well be seeing on a day to day basis.  Are you simply becoming one of many sharing the exact same thing OR have you started to bring about your own style and excitment in your imagery?

If you are using stock photography then it’s important that you’re not using the same images that you are seeing out there over and over again.  Consider the style you’d like to have within your business – image types, colours etc.  Make sure that the imagery is catching YOUR vibe and energy too.  A great little exercise to help with this one is to shimmy your way over to Unsplash.com type in some of the key words you have written down and download some images that really catch your eye.  Set a timer for 20 minutes so that you don’t get lost in the task for forever.  Then take a little look at those images and see if there’s commonality between them.  Is there a key style, colour, genre etc?  How can you use those bad boys in your business.

If you are getting your own photographs taken then it’s also important to think about the vibe you’re seeking to achieve with those.

Here’s a little video I did after my last photoshoot that talked a little bit about how we view those images and what we are thinking about….

4. Video

A super clear way to show your vibe and the vibe of your business is through people getting to see you.  People can create a relationship with someone who’s talking to them much quicker and deeper than through the written word.  

I know that for lots of people that initially feels super scary. 

I get it, I really do. 

The key to starting to get your mojo rolling with video is PRACTICE!! AND don’t avoid the practice.  I work with lots of my gorgeous Rockstars to start to get to a level of comfort with video and live videos and really really quickly it becomes their favourite form of content because 1) it’s super impactful 2) they get to create content quickly 3) ultimately they feel a deeper connection with their audience. 

I set up little private Facebook Groups for my lovely Rockstars to practice in.  You could perhaps recruit a buddy to join in with you and you could both practice your videos in a safe enviroment.  The more you do the easier it is. 

The other thing that you can do is to start to record video, grab your phone and record 10 videos (you don’t have to use them) but it will get you to used to seeing your face on the screen and start to get more comfortable with the actual action.  

When you are getting started you can also do videos that don’t have you in them.

Make sure you start to relax as you get your videos out there into the world.  If your bum cheeks are clenched then that will be palpable too.  Remember, you’re talking to one person, enhancing one relationship and supporting that one person with the video you’re creating. 

5. You

I can’t impress this one enough!!!! 


Your energy is THE most important consideration here.  Yeah, I’ve touched on it throughout the points above but I feel I can’t leave without really & truly driving this one home 🙈  Your business will not continue to grow and evolve, to become increasingly profitable and thrive if you are putting yourself at the bottom of a huge to do list. 

Self employment DOES NOT equal self neglect. 

Please, please, please make sure that you are getting enough rest (7-8 hrs sleep per night would be ideal, as well as time away from your work and days off 😉), you are feeding yourself yummy and nutritious foods (not grabbing because you’re too busy or forgetting to eat all together), you are hydrated (get that water bottle on your desk and get sipping girlfriend) and that you are moving your butt.  

I’m so so so so so passionate about this one. 

If you want more help them pop me a little message on social, an email or hit the “contact me” tab here on the website as I may well have some free resources that will support you to move forwards with this bad boy. 

So, here’s to the energy in your business 🙌, you’re in control of it and with your attention on it then you can make it however you want it to be.  Remember those words, keep your vibe top of mind and go out there and serve the pants off your crowd. 

I’d love your thoughts on this one and if there’s anything you’d add – head to the comments below and we will keep the convo going. 

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