Ok, so I’m not going to go down the super boring path with this one, I pinky swear.  I’m current re-designing my website and I wanted to share with you some of the things that I think are ridiculously important when it comes to a banging web presence.

Your website is the home of your business.  It’s the place that is “mothership” and all your other platforms should plug back into that there portal.

It’s a place that should truly reflect your business, what it’s all about, what you stand for and absolutely throw out the essence of you.

So let’s dive into the things it needs…

A Vibe

Your site needs to have a personality.  It needs to inject your brands personality all over it and it needs to be omitting an aroma of awesome.  

I think about my website as a machine of regeneration.  You enter the website with an angst, a specific problem or a curiosity and I want the website to work you through to being inspired, grabbing something actionable or basically coming out of the other end feeling a whole stack better.  

So the vibe works in a couple of ways.  Firstly it needs to be super YOU! Having a website that you don’t love means that you would send people there, you’d be embarrassed to, right?! You need a website that reflects your brand, for sure BUT also your ethos, what you stand for and the message that you want to pop out there to be world. 

It’s a look – YES 

It’s a feeling – YES 

It’s a message – TOTALLY! 

➡️ What do you want people to feel entering and exiting your mothership?

➡️ Does your vibe reflect YOU & YOUR BRAND? 

➡️ Do I get a sense of the ethos/values and what you stand for from the site? 

Navigatable BUT Sticky

Is it super duper easy for me to find my way around?  Can I find what I came looking for?  In this sense we are looking at a couple of factors ~ 

➡️  Do you have a good menu bar? 

➡️ Are all the links in the menu bar navigating me to the right place? 

➡️ Do you have any broken links? 

➡️What happens if I click on a link for a page that’s not there anymore? 

➡️Is there a prominent search bar/functionality? 

➡️ If I click on images where do they take me? 

We need to make it super easy for our crowd to find their way around a website.  I’m sure it’s happened to you before, you’ve landed on a site, you’ve believed it’s exactly where you wanna be BUT the site has been super clunky, you couldn’t find anything so you ran for the hills (exited the site) ~ you don’t want that to be your crowd’s first experience of your business do you? 

In terms of making your site sticky, you want your website to create a web.  You want them to spend more than 30 secs on your website and to take more time.  There’s nothing worse than someone going into a shop and walking straight out is there? The website equivalent is a click in and then a sudden disappear.   I’ve been showing my gorgeous Rockstars what they can do to make their site sticky in the Supernova Growth Capsule (a little more on that later as it’s a fabby one). 

The  Three Considerations

There are 3 things that we need to keep in mind in terms of our websites role within our business. 

Meet & Greet ~ people may have their very first experience of your website on any given page on your website.  That may make you feel 😱BUT it’s absolutely true.  People may enter your site through a Google Search and a page may well come up that is deep within your site.  This isn’t to be overwhelmingly scary.  This is just a reminder that your first impression could be anywhere.  They may have never seen you elsewhere before, you need to be able to form a relationship with them and, once again, they need to be able to navigate around your site with absolute ease.  

Nurture Relationships ~ people may be heading to your site from social media (any of the platforms you have a presence on), your newsletter or may have been before.  Your website needs to be continuing to provide solidity for them (whether that’s in terms of value or interest).  It can keep you top of mind, it can allow them to get deeper into your work, advice, ethos, community and what you stand for.  

Conversion ~ progressing that relationship further.  Conversion may be in terms of providing you with their email address/signing up for your newsletter or offers or alternatively a purchase.  Ultimately your site is there to make money and you mustn’t be making it super difficult for people to buy from you. Stop hiding the prizes! 

In essence, your website is a machine, it’s a relationship enhancement combobulator which is design for form and nurture relationships and take people from strangers to customers.  

Ping Around

Speaking of your websites role in pinging people around the site you also need to consider whether it can take them off to follow you in other places too. 

You website is a more stable home.  People need to get there and remember it’s there and that’s why making it super easy for people who arrive on your site to follow you on Social Media is so important.  

Staying top of mind and making it easy for them to return to your site is the goal here so a follow on social media or a sign up to your mailing list means that you can be in their eye-line on a regular basis and encourage them back to the mothership. 

Core Pages

Core pages within your website are the mainstays that people expect when they arrive to a website. 

We are thinking about; 

✔️ Your Homepage 

✔️ An “about” page that gives them more juice on who you are and what you’re all about 

✔️ A resources page/freebie sign up kinda area 

✔️ An info page – blogs/articles 

✔️ A “shop” page/a place to buy or book 

✔️A contact page to get in touch. 

Hmmm, Interesting 🤔

So, I never want you to read an article and go “oohh yes, I need to think about those things” and then scoot off for them never to cross your mind again until some far flung day in the future when you say “jeez, I was meant to do that.”  

Here’s the practical takeaways; 

➡️ Take an objective look at your site with these things in mind.  Grab a brew and a notebook and just spend 10 minutes as a user taking a look around 

➡️ Perhaps ask someone else to take a look around for you.  If they aren’t the kinda person who would normally buy from you then don’t give it a whole stack of gravitas but you often pick up some epic little titbits all the same. 

➡️Observe how you use other people’s websites

➡️ Look at which websites you love and which you loathe and ask yourself why

➡️Grab the “No One Wants A Webshite” Ebook below (it’s free) 

➡️Join the Supernova Growth Capsule where we have a whole unit dedicated to bitesized steps to optimising your website..

No One Wants A Webshite

Dive into the ebook which takes you through all the things you need to consider when having a little review of your website or when you’re bringing together a website for the first time.

Great little ticklists, actionables and thought points mean that it’s super easy for you to navigate a job that often feels overwhelming.

So, there’s no need to either (1) get your knickers in a knot trying to navigate it without a bit extra guidance or (2) pop it at the bottom of the to do list to never see the light of day again.  

Supernova Growth Capsule

If it’s time to really step into growing your business in a sustainable way then the Supernova Growth Capsule is perfect for you! 

Why care?  Well in this case we have the step by step guide taking you through implementing changes on your website, the things to consider, the easy ways to keep people on your site longer and examples of how this all can look in your business. 

Why else?  You get to be part of an amazing community of entrepreneurs who are so supportive and every month we are looking at different elements of developing your biz. 

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