We are joined by the very gorgeous Kathy Payne who is bringing us a guest blog about easy hormone health hacks for us busy peeps!!

You’re a very busy woman – spinning plates, juggling. A business. Another job in some cases. Maybe a partner and kids. A home. Other commitments. And that’s before a social life or squeezing in some super self care.

I’m knackered just thinking about it.

I’m a Hormone Harmoniser. And Fertility Booster. A Wellbeing Fairy Godmother for Women. A Health Coach. I’m also a biz owner, wife, furbaby Mum, Domestic Goddess, student, blah blah, blah.

You are likely tired, stressed, sleepless, sometimes cranky. I sometimes am.

But you’d really like to do something about your weight, energy, food cravings, sleep patterns and mardy mood swings. ALL related to hormones, by the way.

You do want to look better and feel better.

I use food, lifestyle changes, detoxing your life and natural therapies to balance hormones, boost health and happiness.

You may be rolling your eyes, thinking “I don’t have the time or energy for kale and kettle bells!”.

I hear you sister.

It can take time, effort, investment to boost your health, hormones and happiness. And you may not have any of those in spades right now.

So how about if I ease you in gently? How about I teach you a few health hacks to get your started on the road from hormone-y to harmony?

I pinky promise they don’t take much time or effort.

And you don’t have to change your eating habits … FOR NOW * winks *

1. Stop Buying Drinks in Plastic Bottles

Did you know that most plastic bottles contain a hormone and fertility harming chemical called BPA? BPA “pretends” to be the hormone oestrogen in our bodies. It disrupts the balance of oestrogen and progesterone in our bodies and can lead to oestrogen dominance.

Symptoms include bloating, headaches, weight gain, wacky periods and PMS, mood swings, tiredness, low libido, memory trouble.

I’m guessing you don’t want your menfolk taking in fake oestrogens either?

It can leach from plastics into drinks. And into food from plastic cartons, some tin cans (have BPA in the linings) and storage containers.

It leaches more at higher temperatures so with hot food and warm drinks or water bottles left in warm places.

Stop buying drinks in plastic bottles…

…which leads me to…

2. Filter Your Water (and Drink Plenty)

Did you know that tap water can contain toxic chemicals? Some that are health and hormone harming.

Take no risks. Install a water filter at home or buy a jug water filter. The jugs and filters are not hugely expensive. Drink it. Cook with it.

Water hydrates, transports nutrients through the body and helps us metabolise stored fat. Yup, good for weight management.

Drink plenty. 8 medium glasses a day is pretty good.

3. Watch What You Slather on Your Skin

I’m talking large organs here. Skin.

What we slather on it, ends up in our bodies. Choose wisely. For you and your family.

If you’re choosing high street and supermarket brands of toiletries and cosmetics – even high end and expensive brands – you’re very likely taking in hormone disrupting and health harming chemicals.

The list of such chemicals is huge. I’ll choose JUST THREE

– Parabens. They are found in cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes, shampoo, deodorant, laundry products and more. Again they mimic oestrogen. And aren’t easily processed or detoxed by our bodies.
– Fragrance. The label “fragrance” hides a multitude of sins. Including hormone disrupting chemicals.
– Phthalates.. Found in personal care products, food containers, some kids toys and plastic wrap, phthlates have been linked to hormone changes, low sperm count, less mobile sperm, birth defects, obesity, diabetes and thyroid irregularities.

Choose natural organic if you can. But beware not all products that are labelled “natural” or are marketed that way, are free from chemical nasties.

I favour Neals Yard, but there are many good brands and small suppliers out there.

4. Relax (for 10 Minutes)

When people tell me just relax, why does it make me want to punch them in the face? Hard.

I’m joking …slightly.

When we’re busy and over-whelmed we get stressed. And in this crazy modern world, stress can be low level and pretty persistent. Which throws hormones out of whack.

It increases cortisol (stress hormone), robs us of progesterone (a sex hormone and a calming hormone) and increases grehlin (the hunger hormone).

Now I could tell you to find yoga classes, go to a spa, take a holiday …all would be fantastic, but may not be realistic right now.

So, start with 10 minutes of relaxation (or more if you can manage it). And do stuff that’s free.

Take a bath. Listen to calming music. Do 10 minutes of yoga. Listen to a short, guided meditation. Walk around the block and – if possible – walk barefoot on the grass.

It makes a difference. It creates a pause. It’s super self-care.

Everyone can find 10 minutes. “Steal” the time from unnecessary life crud like scrolling through Facebook or ironing!

5. Go To Bed (Earlier)

This is probably my number one hormone health hack. And it’s totally free.

We really need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night to get a healthy, hormonally balanced body. Truthbomb.

Lack of sleep can disrupt the hormones that control your weight. And hunger.

Plus it’s restorative, We’re repairing when we sleep. Enough sleep keeps us younger and fitter for longer. Every women wants that, right?

And decent sleep means we’re less tired and cranky and lacking energy.

Go to bed half an hour earlier for starters.

If you have any questions on these tips or any other hormone health hacks, I’m your gal.

I have set up a super supportive and FREE group called Hormone Health HQ for the Perimenopause Posse and Menopause Mavens. It’s for late 30s to 50s with some sort of hormone havoc giving them sucky symptoms.

You can ask questions, find loads of hints, tips, articles recommendations. You can get support and share your experiences.

You’ll be very welcome.

Click the link to join > http://bit.ly/hormonehealthhq
Love, Kathy x


Kathy Payne is a Booster of Fertility. Calmer of Hormones. Soother of Modern Life Madness. A Women’s Health Coach with special interests in women’s cycles, fertility, hormonal health, pre/menopause, stress and energy. She’s a reformed former overweight, unfit, exhausted, sick and cranky corporate stress-bunny.

Kathy works face-to-face in Norwich, UK or worldwide via Skype and also offers a range of online classes and courses to take you from hormone-y to harmony.


Website – http://www.kathypayne.co.uk

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kathypaynehormonehealthandfertility/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/iamkathypayne

Twitter – https://twitter.com/iamkathypayne