Let’s have a low down of the annoying bits, the little funny bits and other little stories that only coaches would understand.

In At Number 1 – Can I just pick your brains!

Eeeekk!!! Often an expression that brings us out in a cold sweat – someone is after something for nothing again.

Brain picking is very common.

Brain picking can be absolutely fine BUT also absolutely infuriating. If you added together all the time that you had your brain picked and you charged a little for every hour would you be rich by now? Remember that your zone of genius, plus the way that you teach that specialist subject and your experience is what makes your business unique. It’s what sets you apart.

Now, it’s perfect to give people a snippet of this and to show them the ways that you teach and your area of expertise. That’s essential. That helps you to enhance the “know, like and trust” factor. Your crowd get to see how you work, whether they warm to you and your teachings, whether you are the perfect person to help them AND trust that you are the person that they want to learn more from. If you give away all of your advice and assistance for free on a 1-2-1 basis what you are doing is devaluing your offerings, ripping off your paying customers (because if they had more front then they could have been able to get your help for free) and wasting oooddles of time.

We don’t want that now do we?

There are times when a swap of knowledge can work REALLY really well. Recently I have swapped some Facebook marketing for a friend in exchange for a sales page designed. This was a fab swap. I took my zone of genius and helped her business and she took her zone of genius and helped mine – there was fair exchange.

So what do you do when someone wants to pick your brains?

Marketing IdeasYou can sign post them towards some help you have on your YouTube channel or website? You can provide them with a little snippet and sign post them to work with you? What you mustn’t do is feel that you have to give all of your advice away for free AND you mustn’t feel that you have to justify why you aren’t helping them for free. You are running a business. It’s important that you run the decisions of whether to help someone for free through a little test. Would a CEO of a big company do this work/give away this much information for free? I am all for giving lots of information away for free but make sure that I do this in a leveraged way so that I can take an hour of my time and help LOTS of people with that hour. I might write a blog, record a podcast or a video or put together some really content rich Facebook Posts or run a live class for my crowd. That way I can help lots of people all at the same time.

In At Number 2 – Can You Just Show Me How To…..(fill in the blank)

Recently this one brought up an interesting one for me! Let me paint the picture.  My business is my passion.  I love what I do.  I love to help women to develop their online coaching businesses and allow them to make a difference to lots of people whilst still making some wonderful profits themselves.  I want to empower them to capture their passion, love what they do and serve as many people as they possibly can whilst still making money.

I am happy that I have the blend and balance right in my business.

BUT this week someone called me on it.  I had been asked on 3 separate occasions to show someone how to do something, they are not one of my lovely Rockstars and haven’t worked with me in the past.  I politely declined and said that this particular thing would take me some time to teach them and in fact was part of the programmes I teach to my clients.  I said that it would be unfair for me to give away this information for free when my really loyal and fantastic customers had paid in order to work with me in this way. The reply was that I shouldn’t see it as being unfair but should see it as nurturing a relationship with them for the future.

I give away lots in my business for free.  I do regular free Masterclasses, I have freebies available all of the time on my website, my podcast is completely free, my YouTube channel, I give lots of advice via my blog and Facebook page too.  On top of all of that I also spend lots of time over delivering to my lovely Rockstars within my programmes.

What are your thoughts at this juncture?

This is my business, these are my boundaries and attempting to bully or guilt me into changing them isn’t going to work.  Perhaps a few years ago I would have caved.  I wouldn’t have respected my boundaries and therefore others probably would have been able to push me into doing things for them that weren’t really aligned with what I do. I shan’t be pushed to change my boundaries and my integrity for anyone.  I really don’t care who you are!

The moral of the story?

Content IdeasRespect your own boundaries Don’t be bullied into doing stuff you don’t want to do Remember that giving away stuff for free is all part of nurturing your crowd but I would always advise that you do that in a leveraged way and that you can make your own judgement call on anything you do above and beyond that. Your integrity is important in your business and don’t let anyone stamp on it. You are in charge, it’s your rules!

In At Number 3 – People Around You Might Not Get What You Do

There is a classic episode of Friends where Rachel and Monica are seriously contesting the ownership of the best flat with Chandler and Joey with a quiz. A long running saga has lead into this of no-one having any idea what it is that Chandler does for a living. Unsurprisingly the flat is lost when the question that arises is “what is Chandler’s job?” Silence and flapping ensues. No-one knows! Made up jobs are banded about. What does Chandler Bing do for a job? In case you are interested this is what Google told me – Chandler works as an IT procurement manager with the specialisation “Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration,” which he takes up as temporary work, and albeit working in the industry for years, thoroughly loathes. To be honest it is still not a whole lot clearer!

Anyhaps, the things is that I have been accused of this recently. My brother said to me “Emma’s like Chandler.” I was certainly a little taken aback and unsure what he was talking about. Was he implying I was a little awkward socially or a “try hard, not succeed” kinda joker. Eeekk – what was he saying? It transpires that he said that no-one in the family really knew what I did. Had no real idea what my business was all about. This was a time of me not taking my own advice. Eeeekk!!

Does everyone know what you do?

You never know who will need your help and assistance. According to recent data everyone on Facebook (and there is an awful lot of us now) have about 400 “friends.” This network means that the ripple effect of your message can be massive.

How can people refer you to their friends if they have no idea what you do? Are you even really clear on what you do? I am not talking about you spending time with every member of your family and each and every one of your friends and taking an age to explain in intricate detail exactly what you do BUT broad brush approach to what you do, an elevator type pitch if you like, will allow them to know whether they should be even mentioning you if a conversation arises with one of their network that you could assist with.

The power of people knowing is that ability to tap into other networks, is to be referable, is to have an unpaid sales force who will help spread the word about you and your business. If you are really specific in what you do then you become more spreadable. People are able to refer others to you. You become really easy to refer to because people know how you can help others.

So, here goes, I am Emma Holmes,  founder of Rebels & Rockstars and I help, mentor and advise business owners, coaches, mentors, consultants and teachers. I help them to grow fabulous business which are aligned with their values and passion, show them how to continue to love and enjoy their business and still make fabulous profits. My zone of genius is taking those lovely clients into a fantastic online leveraged business model, allowing them to work the hours that they want and make the profits that they desire. No compromise. Your turn….

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