I asked the gorgeous Beckie Coupe to pop over and join us to talk about Simple Ways you can get your Instagram rocking….

With all the changes on Facebook and the ongoing battle that businesses are facing with ever declining organic reach, it’s not surprising that many people are turning their attention to Instagram.

Instagram can help you connect with your ideal clients, bring together a community around your brand and build your biz. But where do you start? And how can you start to build traction on Instagram?

Here are 3 simple steps that you can take right away to supercharge your Instagram account and start seeing results.

1. Nail your bio

You don’t get a whole lot of space in your Insta bio so you need to make it count! What you include here will play a role in making sure the right people can find your account and making an impact so that they want to hit that follow button.

Give some thought to what your crowd really care about. What do they need to know about you in order to make the decision to follow you? Keep it simple and try to boil it down to 3 / 4 words or short phrases that tell people what you do and who you serve.

You can also use your bio to draw attention to the link on your profile and prompt action. For example, I’m using emojis to point to my link which gives people chance to sign up for a free Facebook strategy guide. So they can get value from me before they even go any further.

2. Get clarity on your content

Having a strong ‘theme’ on your Instagram account is about more than making your posts look pretty and consistent, with things like colours, filters and styling.

Before you get hung up on the styling of your posts, get crystal clear on what your message is and what your account is going to be about.

Think beyond the obvious; rather than merely showcasing your product or service in post after post, how can you use your posts (both the visual element and the caption) to help and support your audience? How can you communicate the message that lies behind your products or services to make meaningful and long-lasting connections on Instagram?

For example, Buffer are a social media management tool. But there Instagram posts have nothing to do with tech or even social media.  Instead, their theme could be summed up in one word – freedom.  By saving you time, Buffer gives you the freedom to work anywhere, as well as the freedom to have adventures.   By using this theme to guide their posts, Buffer creates an emotive, memorable and engaging feed!

3. Think through your hashtags

If you’re making your hashtags up as you go along or you’re sticking to the same set of hashtags all of the time then you are missing out big time!

Getting your hashtags right means that more people will discover your content. And if you can really get them spot on then those people will be the RIGHT people… one’s that are genuinely interested in your message and have the potential to become paying customers.

A great starting point is to think about hashtags from your crowd’s point of view.

What are hashtags are they likely to be popping into the search bar?

Which hashtags are they browsing?

Which hashtags are they using themselves?

Once you’ve got a list of potentials, take a look at what comes up for each of the hashtags that you’re planning to use.  There’s nothing worse than using a hashtag thinking it means one thing, only to later discover that it’s being used with an entirely different meaning (sometimes with eye-watering results!).

Of course there’s a whole lot more that goes in to building up your presence on Instagram but following these 3 simple steps will lay solid foundations and prime your account for success!

If you’d love to learn more and be guided through the next steps towards cracking the art of Instagram then you can find out more about my brand new Instagram programme >> right here <<

Beckie x

Beckie is the founder of Infinity and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs. 

She works with soulful entrepreneurs to give them the confidence to use social media and truly make it their own.  To show up, stand out and shine online.  To shout their message from the rooftops, attract their dream clients and create a business and a lifestyle that they adore!