I adore transformational change.  I adore working with my 1-2-1 clients to create HUGE shifts in terms of both their business and where they are in terms of their mindset, confidence, clarity and the way in which they are showing up for both themselves and others. 

This is a little case study about one Rockstar I’ve been working with on a weekly basis over around 3 months now.  

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty….

Where Did It All Begin?

Case studies can often seem unrelatable. You can almost have the flippant “ack, well it’s alright for them because…” kinda feeling.  I get it and I understand, that’s why I want to paint the real picture of where we started; 


This gorgeous Rockstar had had stacks of things going on in her world that had totally changed everything for her.  She’d gone from being able to work during each and every school day, organising her own time and having the energy to crack on and get stuff done to a whole stack of events that had drained her of any structured work time, taken her focus elsewhere, had increased her stress levels hugely.

When I work with Rockstar business owners 1-2-1 it’s ALWAYS bespoke.  

Life can’t be left at the door whilst we concentrate on business. 

We were in a place where; 

➡️ time was incredibly tight 

➡️ life stuff needed to have place in our sessions to ensure that she was supported, heard and didn’t have those things bubbling under the surface and feeling unsaid 

➡️ we needed to look at time where she didn’t work but that she nourished her.  At the very beginning she couldn’t think of anything that she would have the energy to do that would bring her any joy. 


It felt like one thing after another.  When you’re in that place it’s really hard not to feel like the confidence is draining for you by the millisecond.  

We started with; 

➡️ Confidence at rock bottom


Her business had taken a back seat (totally understandably).  

➡️ She had an old list that hadn’t had any attention for some time 

➡️ She hadn’t managed to post on Social Media except the odd drop in here and there.  Consistency had disappeared 

➡️ She’d lost the confidence in her creativity 

➡️ She’d lost the confidence in her ability 

All in all she felt fairly rubbish. BUT, it doesn’t need to be this way.  It was time to tap into some support, it was time to get back on the pony and it was time to not do all this all by herself.  It felt like a battle when she was solo, together we could make it easy to implement, step by step, focusing on what’s important and having shoulders to climb on. 

I DID NOT DO THIS FOR HER.  Full credit to her.  She showed up each and every session.  She was open and honest ALWAYS and she implemented what I asked her to do (which was designed for her, her business and her audience).  

What We Did 

My job is to get an absolute feel of where things are right at that moment, the moment that we start to work together.  Some of this is through the way we chat during that first session, the questions I ask and the vibes I pick up along the way AND the rest is super intuitive, I just know 😉

THE most important thing was that we took things STEP BY STEP.  Overwhelm is so so so so common and particularly when there’s stacks of other shit going on it’s about the small implementable steps that make a difference. 

We concentrated on building confidence again, with the little wins along the way. 

We made sure that she started to bring herself at least a little bit up the list of priorities – certainly promoting her to ahead of the spiders in her household and ensuring that she had time to replenish and feel joy again. 

I take care of holding the overall vision of the direction we are heading in and then distilling that into the tasks of the week.  The tasks for each and every week weren’t huge because it was vital that they were manageable.  

The strategy was bespoke to her business. 

✔️  We looked at distilling her offering and created a new offer which she could focus all of her attention on.  We looked at having ONE THING for sale so that the messages weren’t scattered and confused.  The intention moving forwards to to include additional offerings but at the very beginning it was vital that she had one thing that she could get her teeth into, micro focus her attentions, create momentum and that was profitable. 

✔️ Re-igniting her social media.  There was resistance to Social Media and it was important that we looked at posts/videos etc that she would enjoy producing.  The energy that you put into your posts is palpable. 

✔️ Re-engaged her email list by sending out newsletters that were both valued based and that talked about her new offering 

✔️re-looked at list building, which had been non-existent for a while

✔️ looked at the easy wins 

We were focused on quality, value, forming relationships and having a stonking offer to convert people into customers. 


£218 per month income to £2K + per month income 

Only one space left in 2019 by August. 



I asked on Social Media what you’d want to know so I’m going to dive into those questions right now (if you have any additional questions then shout up too). 

How to know when to do the things she did. Timing. Scheduling. Etc. The order in which to do things … so you’re not depleting your energy in the wrong places… identifying the when and the how…

We worked on this together.  It was vital that I didn’t give her too many tasks at a time and that we micro focused on those tasks that would create the biggest impact.  My advice here is always to look at the times that you are able to inject your energy into your business and what tasks can you schedule into those times that will ① allow you to focus on money making activities ② help to create and nurture relationships with your crowd ③ provide your crowd with quality & engaging content ④ help you build your list.  Make sure that you audit the tasks that you do regularly to make sure you’re not simply going through the motions in your business and simply following the “well, I’ve always done this” ethos. 

How to identify a “this could work/will work” project (or approach or idea or strategy) from all the other ideas that invariably pour in…

It was essential that we worked with focus.  Yup, entrepreneurs always have stacks of ideas and most entrepreneurs hold themselves back by scattering their focus to a gazillion different things at the same time.  We looked at bring together an offer that was impactful, that she could get behind and believe in (confidently take to market) and excluded everything else at the beginning.  

When you so NO to something it doesn’t mean you’re saying NO NEVER, you’re just saying NOT RIGHT NOW and you can pop it safely into a nest (notebook) so it’s not forgotten and can develop and grow. 

How much does she use intuition in her decision making … and when does she trust herself over the advice from others? Does she always? How does she balance those things?

At the beginning she didn’t trust her intuition.  We’ve worked on that by providing her with evidence of her capacity and capabilities.  We looked at each step as to how ideas FELT and whether there was any resistance and tapped into what she knew (but perhaps couldn’t readily access at the beginning). 

Is she naturally introverted or extroverted and how has either one helped her during this process? 

Like most people she’s a blend of the two.  We worked with her own superpowers to look at how we could take a business principle, pop her spin on it and make it joyful to implement. 

Were there any challenges she faced (other than time management) that required her to step outside of her introverted/extroverted self and what did she learn from those experiences?

In order to grow we have to step outside of our comfort zones.  It’s never as hard as we think it’ll be and having support around you to take those steps and celebrate them having been taken is super important.  

How to stay focussed and motivated. How not to get overwhelmed and down hearted if things don’t go to plan. 

Have you ever seen the MEME that often goes around on Social Media that shows a picture of a man in a diamond mine and he’s inches away from the diamonds when he turns around and walks away?  Lots of entrepreneurs do this. 

It’s essential that you trust the process. 

It’s vital that you don’t hide the message. 

It’s important that you are consistent in your offering and that people see it. 

Having support is obviously super useful to get through a launch and keep cracking on.  

Things never happen as quickly as we want.  As entrepreneurs we are naturally impatient and inclined to having internal paddies when we don’t immediately see stunning results. 

Committing to continuing up the hill means that you reach the top quicker and then the downward slope starts to provide you with the results you want. 

The mental hurdles you’ve helped her overcome

Confidence and overwhelm would be the biggest two on the list. 

Overwhelm is all about it feeling massive, too many steps, too much.  We broke it down to be super bitesized and achievable, there were tasks to focus on DOING and ticking off the list.  Ticking them off meant progress was being made, making progress made her more productive. 

Confidence ~ we had to work (again step by step) to provide her with evidence that she was more than capable, able and in fact a Rockstar Badass at what she does.  

How did she keep on top of it all?

It’s easy peasy when it’s step by step lovely.  It’s about not looking at anything with it’s enormity and getting task focused. 

How she got people to work with her

We went with one great offer, consistent messaging, focusing on the benefits and dealing with any resistances head on that her crowd may have.  

How you kept her accountable

You don’t get away with your BS working with me.  The action lists are to be completed.  We talk weekly for our scheduled calls together and things are delivered through throughout the week on messenger or in a space we share online together.  

I’ve been doing this a long time now and it’s about me working with the individual and knowing what they need.  I can’t run their businesses for them and I can’t make them do it but I can make them want to do it and make sure they don’t get in their own way along the way.  

It’s all about me being invested in them and their business as much as they are. 

When did she know it was time to take the training wheels off

It couldn’t keep going as it was. 

She was feeling so broken and deflated and her business wasn’t going to improve on it’s own.  YES, she needed to increase her income but she also needed it back for her.  

What do I want you to take from this?? 

➡️ a huge shift is achievable, wherever you are right now 

➡️ remove the scattered approach and focus in

➡️ get support if you need to 

➡️step by step is essential 

I want to say ~ I don’t do this FOR people, I can’t build your business for you.  I will meet you and show you the way, make it implementable and joyful but you gotta show up and do the work. 

If there’s anything else you’d like to ask then do shout up in the comments below (or over on social). 

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