I put together 15 things that you need to be doing in order to maintain, accelerate and grow your business.  None of these are pushy sales tactics.  Let’s look at the ways that you can grow your business with a little heart and soul.

Be A Leader 

it’s time that you stand up within your business, stop hiding behind your logo or your brand and serve the mission and message that you are here to share with the world.  This isn’t about egotistically taking the lead in your business BUT it’s important that you start to spear-head the business, walk your talk and do your stuff.  I know that this stuff is super scary but it’s absolutely worth it and as soon as serving your mission and sharing your message becomes bigger than the fear then it will become a whole stack easier.


Be transparent, do the right thing (even when no-one is looking) and practice what you preach.

Magically Move Your Mindset

Your mindset is MASSIVE in your business.  It’s so often the element that’s overlooked BUT is definitely the element that can make the biggest difference.  When you sure up your mindset and start to align your mindset with the success you desire then you will start to sky rocket your results.  I know that mindset will waiver and some days you will feel on top of the world and other days, nah – not so much so.  If you need some help checking that mindset then there’s a page dedicated to over on the Coaching Rockstars website >>click here for more info<<


deliver and deliver with all your all.  You need to bring forth lots of value in your business both perceived value and actual value whether it’s free content, whether it’s content in exchange for a sign up or whether it’s paid for goods/services/programmes etc. Which takes me on to…

Quality Content – 

what does that even mean? Content is everything that you bring together for your business – videos, social media posts, blog content, articles etc etc.  Make sure you are using your content to shine a light on your business and show how amazing your product or service is.

Your Story – 

who are you?  Why do you do what you do?  It’s important that people are able to find out a little bit more about you.  It helps to build that know/like/trust factor, it allows people to relate to you and it allows you to showcase your passion.  I’ve updated my “about me” page on my website and you can take a little look at that for a bit of inspiration >>click here<< 

Unique You-Ness – 

do stuff your way!  Don’t simply blindly follow the strategy someone else has implemented or try to guess the strategy of other people by simply observing what they are doing.  Success does leave clues but NEVER tells the whole story.  Do stuff your way, allow your personality to shine within your business and be yourself (it’s much less exhausting than trying to be anyone else and you will NEVER fear being “found out”)

Empathy – 

know who your clients are, know what’s going on in their world, what they need help with and how they are feeling. Your client base are central to everything in your business and your ability to understand and connect with them will help you to help them.

Products –

yes, you need to have something to sell and you need to be aligned to your worthiness to be paid for your product/service/skill or talent.  When you think about the products you are going to offer it might be that you look at having a suite of products that serves different people within your crowd or it may be that you have signature products or services – it’s dependant on you & your crowd and there’s not a right or wrong answer.

Good, Consistent, Cold Traffic Plan – 

gosh, not that one seems to be the first one that sounds like marketing b*ll*cks.  What does it even mean?  You need to have a way for people to get to know you for the first time.  You need to be introducing new people to your business consistently so that you are able to start to nurture new relationships and ultimately increase your fan-base and customer base.

Be Addictive – 

you want people to want to come back and get more of what you have to offer.  It might be that you want them to drop back over to your Facebook Page to see what you have got going on or to your website to see what the most recent blog says.  You want people to want to connect with you and hear more.

Awesome Freebies – 

so this might be free resources that people can sign up to get their hands on or it might be your newsletter or special offers for subscribers and insider info via your newsletter.  It’s important that you build a list of subscribers.  List building is important but isn’t the be all and end all of your marketing – merely a piece in the puzzle.  Having a newsletter allows you to fall into the newsfeed of your crowd as & when it suits you and nurture the relationship you have with them even further.

Launch Plans – 

simply telling people you have a product to buy isn’t enough – whether that’s a physical product or a programme or online resource or a service – you can’t simply say “buy this” or you will get caught up in the noise and never stand out.  Why should I care?  What’s in it for me?  What will it allow me to be/do/have or achieve? Launching is about dressing your product correctly and having action steps to tell people about it.

Crowd – 

who are your crowd?  I know that stacks of people get caught in the whole ideal client concept BUT I do this slightly differently.  Take a look  >>The Ideal Client Thang Keeps Me Stuck<< and >>Do You Wanna Be My Avatar<< I am also a BIG advocate of serving the pants off your crowd.  They are who you are here to serve, treat them well, look after them and lots of the other stuff will automatically look after itself 😉

Fill A Want – 

what is it that your crowd want?  I often look at this as you being their Sally Sat Nav.  They want something in their world, it might be that they want to feel a certain way, be able to do a certain thing or get to a certain destination – whatever it is they want it!  We are much more likely to pay for the stuff we want rather than the stuff we need.  So often we don’t even know what we need, we just wanna get to that destination.  Show them the way and fulfil that want.

Now go serve the pants off your crowd 😉



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